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13 Sure Signs You are a Starseed

I am a starseed. How do I know? I just know. Actually, I don’t “just” know. I just KNOW. 
That’s how it really works and it’s what I want you to know above all else. You can read about all of the symptoms and signs that you might be a starseed, but at the end of the day, your intuition is the ultimate expert on whether you are or not (no matter what symptoms you have or don’t have). 
HOWEVER, when we’re first starting out and trying to figure out if we have stardust in our veins, it can be helpful to read a list of symptoms so that we get an idea of what it feels like in our bodies and in our lives to be a starseed (and sometimes it’s just fun to say ‘yep!’ to every single thing in the list).
So, I DO have a list of signs and symptoms below that you are a starseed. Read through it and see what resonates with you. 
There are more nuanced signs and symptoms than this, but this list is a good place to start. 
And if you want to really get to know where you came from in the stars, what soul gifts you brought with you into this lifetime, and what your star mission is on Earth, download my Starseed Oracle Kit and dive in. 

What is a Starseed?

First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what a starseed is. 
A starseed is an old and highly intelligent soul who is human in this lifetime and who originates from somewhere other than Earth. That could be another galaxy, star system, planet, dimension, parallel universe, or time stream. 
That means a starseed has had past lives in other places. 
Starseed souls are highly evolved and encoded with ancient wisdom from their star origins. They volunteered to come to Earth at this time to assist in some aspect of the ascension process. Each star system has its own set of gifts and skills, and all are needed at this time in the Earth’s evolution. 
Depending on how many different star origins and connections you have, you may be encoded with multiple gifts and skills that you have brought here to seed into the Earth. 
Unfortunately, the birth process into a human body causes amnesia for most starseeds and it’s not until the moment of starseed activation in your life that you awaken your starseed code. 
That is why so many starseeds struggle with fitting in and finding their purpose — they haven’t yet been activated in their human body, or their activation was recent and they have just started their journeys. 
If either of these is you, don’t worry. When your starseed code becomes active, you WILL find your purpose (actually, your purpose will find you). 
So, rest assured that if you are a starseed and you feel lost, it’s ok. Once you’re activated (meaning, you’ve had a spiritual awakening of some sort), your path will open up before you and your purpose will reveal itself over time. (and if you need support through this process, I have a private circle where we can help you with that) 

13 Sure Signs You Are a Starseed

Now that you know what a starseed is, let’s find out if you are one! 
How many of these categories below feel like a YES to you? You may not have all of them, but the more you have, the more likely you are a starseed.
You are “different.” You find it difficult to fit in to most groups of people (but when you find other starseeds or woo-woos, you fit right in!) You develop a deep bond with very few people. Some people think you’re weird. Electronics are sensitive around you. Appliances break, lights flicker, power surges, strange electrical things happen when you are around.
You’re a non-conformist or a rebel. Societal conformity (rigid work environments, hierarchies, organized religion, school, etc) doesn’t make sense to you. You are unemployable (or you have a hard time keeping a job) because being controlled by others in a work environment feels awful. You’re not good with time & are often late. Money eludes or challenges you (this would explain why you want abundance but have a hard time achieving it – we can fix this). You are spiritual, but you don’t resonate with (or can’t stand) organized religion. 
You are homesick for somewhere that you don’t know. You live in a constant state of longing for something you can’t quite put your finger on (I call this the “Soul hole”). You have the feeling that earth is not your home. You have vivid dreams about space and places that feel familiar to you even though you’ve never been there. You have the feeling that your biological parents are not your “real” parents, and/or you feel like the black sheep of the family.
You are wise or “wise for your age” or an old soul (and people tell you these things). You are highly sensitive, intuitive, psychic, and/or have paranormal abilities. You inherently understand things before you’re told about them. You’ve had near-death and/or out-of-body experiences like astral travel or sleep paralysis. You can read people’s emotions without speaking to them. You are highly empathic. You regularly experience deja vu and/or precognition. You have unexplainable memories. You had imaginary friends as a child. You often know things that others do not.
You feel foreign in your body (because bodies are so dense and heavy and you came from somewhere much lighter). You have low blood pressure and/or low body temperature not due to other health issues. You have sensory sensitivities: you’re highly sensitive to sound, light, smells, textures, the energy around you, or other sensations. You’re the epitome of ‘mystery diagnosis’. You need more sleep than the typical human. You are introverted and have no problem being alone. You have a cat-like features (almond-shaped eyes or cat-like nose) or bird-like features (like a thin face with a pointed, beak-like nose).
You prefer holistic healthcare and avoid western medicine whenever possible. You prefer to use herbs, reiki, acupuncture, sound healing, energy healing, cleansing, potions, and other natural options. You enjoy being nude and/or barefoot and prefer non-restrictive clothing. You are drawn to natural healing modalities & spirituality. You’re a natural healer.
You are drawn to the stuff of stars: metaphysics, paranormal, astrology, crystals, alchemy, quantum physics, sacred geometry, ley lines, numerology, tarot/oracle, science and space, astronomy, aliens, ancient civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, etc), the moon and stars, technology, science, or mathematics. You have natural abilities in telepathy, channeling, readings, healing, writing, art, music, or figuring out how tech gadgets work.
You “get” light language. You speak, sign, write, draw, design, or channel light codes, OR you are mesmerized when you see light codes others have created. You have a soul recognition when you see or hear light language even if you can’t translate the light codes to words. 
You are creative and you have a vibrant, busy, creative imagination. Creativity allows you to express yourself in a way that words can’t, and it helps you to channel your energy so that you feel “normal” in the world. 
You’re searching for your purpose. You feel like you have an important mission and you may remain lost or unclear regarding what your life’s mission or purpose actually is. No existing job or career seems like “it.” You are here to do something different, something special, something important so you keep searching. You know you are here to help humanity awaken and/or contribute to the collective consciousness ascension process in some way (even if you don’t know specifically how you are to contribute yet). You are happiest when you are helping, teaching or healing others, or making a difference in the world.
You love nature. You are peace-loving and wish to protect the environment. You love animals and animals love you. Animal cruelty is one of your biggest frustrations with the world and you cannot understand it at any level. You have great love, respect, and connection with nature in all its forms: Gaia, forests, mountains, the sea, etc. You have relationships or conversations with birds or trees. You are drawn to whales and dolphins.
And here are the two biggest tell-tale signs that you are truly a starseed: 
{2} When I tell you that you’re an alien (which is what a starseed really is) you feel RELIEVED because it explains a whole lot about why you’re so different.
{1} You intuitively know you are a starseed.
So… what do you think? Are you a starseed? 
If you are, the next question is: where did you come from? 
Let me know in the comments below what you know about your starseed origins and active connections

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