20 signs you’re a natural healer

20 signs you're a natural healer
Are you a natural healer?
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a healer? What does that term even mean and how do you know if you are one?
The term “healer” isn’t reserved for the elite. There aren’t many qualifications to be a healer other than a genuine desire to help people and a little training so that you know what to do to help them (and that part’s just helpful, but not necessary).
When I think of a healer, 2 types of people immediately come to mind: (1) a medical professional (think doctors, nurses, etc) & (2) a spiritual healer who works with people on the level of energy and/or the soul (think Reiki practitioners, shamans, intuitives, etc).
But there’s more to it than that, and I claim that more people are healers in some way than they may realize.
My favorite example is a client of mine, Chelley, who is a graphic designer and painter. In her professional work as a graphic designer she helps people create beautiful brands and graphical representations of themselves and their work. In her free time as a painter, she translates the energy of objects, people, scenes into beautiful works of art through her paint brush, and she teaches others to do the same.
Through our work together she realized that all of the work she does is to help people (& businesses) be better versions of themselves, to bring out the best in the world and to spread love through art & beauty. She realized that, although she doesn’t do traditional healing work, she’s still a healer and I couldn’t agree more!
So, might you be a healer too? You betcha.
I’ve compiled a list of 20 signs that mean you might be a healer too. Whether that’s a traditional healer, a spiritual healer or a contemporary healer spreading light and love in the world through a non-traditional way, the world needs healing.
So, please, go shine your light!
20 signs that you’re a natural healer:
  1. you really want to help people improve themselves and/or their lives
  2. you often put others’ needs ahead of your own
  3. you seem to know what people need to feel better in the moment
  4. you are interested in how the Universe works
  5. you are interested in how to work with energy
  6. you know there is something way bigger than you out there and you want to be a part of it for the highest good of all
  7. you are drawn to spiritual practices like meditation, journaling, art, yoga
  8. you’re interested in esoteric arts like divination, psychic abilities, palm reading, channeling and more
  9. you’re interested in tarot and/or oracle cards to communicate with your subconscious and higher self
  10. you own a set (or more) of angel cards
  11. you prefer to use alternative healing methods like acupuncture, herbs, essential oils
  12. you prefer to eat organic foods
  13. you can see, hear or know things that other people can’t
  14. you can feel energy
  15. you are fascinated by crystals
  16. you feel very connected to animals
  17. you experience a lot of “coincidences” (which are really synchronicities)
  18. you collect sticks or stones or leaves or other interesting things from nature, but you’re considerate to not take things still alive and growing
  19. you frequently find feathers or pennies
  20. you resonate with the word “healer” and desire to learn about healing work
These 20 things aren’t the only signs you may be a healer. There are many more signs (depending on who you ask), but these are a great place to start if you’re feeling healer-ish and want to know if healing is in your future.
Which of these resonate with you? Did you shake your head in agreement to more than 1 item? What are some other characteristics of healers?
Are you a healer? Quit hiding and step into your purpose!
Share with us what you think in the comments below.
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