3 Signs You Have Psychic Clutter + What To Do About It

Psychic Clutter
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Oooh, psychic clutter. It sounds serious! Well, it can be because ANY clutter can have nasty side effects, and psychic clutter is particularly bad because it affects the way you think about things, causes confusion, drains your energy and blocks your intuition. And, these are usually side effects above and beyond the actual clutter you’re dealing with that comes with its own problems.

So, how do you know if you have psychic clutter? The short answer is that you have psychic clutter whenever you have any clutter. But to make it a little more obvious to see, I wanted to share with you 3 types of clutter you might be dealing with and its psychic impact; in other words, the psychic clutter that comes along for the ride.

#1 – If you have space clutter, then you have psychic clutter.

Space clutter
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Why? Because space clutter is an overload of physical stuff. It clogs up your physical space and it’s dirty. When your physical space is all taken up, your energy has no way to spread out. There’s no space open for new things to come in so your life becomes stagnant and that leads to boredom and depression – definitely psychic clutter. Space clutter is also unorganized so you have to spend a lot of extra mental energy and time to find things. When – and IF – you finally find what you were looking for, you’ve wasted time, you’re tired, and your focus is weakened.

What to do about it: The answer is obvious, right? Clean up your crap! Create systems to organize and put things away. If there are things that are broken, throw them away. If you have things you no longer use, toss or donate them. And, are you hanging onto “sentimental” things you don’t want because you feel guilty getting rid of them? That’s a double psychic clutter hit! Release the guilt as you donate the item so that it can be used and loved by someone else.

#2 – If you have unfinished business and projects, then you have psychic clutter.

Unfinished projects clutter
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Why? Because every time you start a project or a task, you put a placeholder for it in your mind and in your energy field. When you don’t finish the project or task, that placeholder gets hooked into you in a permanent way until you either finish it or release it. You know how when you’re watching a DVD and you pause it, it freezes right where it is? If you don’t come back for 3 days, it’s still frozen in the same place. The same thing happens in your mental space when you start something and don’t finish it. Your psyche holds that space until you return to it. Imagine how many frozen spots you have in your mind right now with all the unfinished business you’re carrying around in there! There’s no room to start anything new and be successful with it while all your psychic energy is being used up.

What to do about it: You might think the only thing you can do about unfinished business or projects is to finish them. Sure, you can do that and that’s great. But nobody says you have to finish everything you start. You can also scrap projects that no longer interest you and wash your hands of unfinished business that you don’t plan on finishing. Make a list of all your unfinished stuff and cross off the stuff you don’t intend to complete. Then, declare closure on those crossed-off items and get rid of any physical evidence of those projects as well. With the remaining list, make a plan to complete each item one-by-one. And say buh-bye to your psychic waste!

#3 – If you have unhealthy or dysfunctional relationships, then you have psychic clutter.

Relationship clutter
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Why? Any relationships that you form whether romantic, platonic, casual, business or otherwise, can (and do) create cords of attachment. Unhealthy and dysfunctional relationships cause large cords that connect you with someone else. Cords of attachment from dysfunctional relationships are not healthy because they are caused by fear, neediness, co-dependency, anger or other low-vibration energies. These cords of attachment suck the life force energy right out of you and can cause you to be tired, foggy headed, depressed, angry or stuck – all of which affect your mindset in a negative way. And when your mindset becomes programmed in a negative way and you are radiating out to the Universe these low vibrations, you are attracting this type of energy right back to you. Like attracts like so you definitely don’t want your mind to be stuck in this nasty space.

What to do about it: Two pieces of advice for you on this one. First, put your own needs first and do whatever is necessary to say goodbye to unhealthy or dysfunctional relationships. You deserve better than to be stuck with people in your life who make you unhealthy in any way. Second, ask Archangel Michael to cut the unhealthy cords of attachment and visualize them breaking apart. Feel the heaviness from these cords drop away leaving you filled with renewed life-force energy. Are the unhealthy relationships in your life family members that you can’t remove? That’s ok. Just cut the cords of attachment to free up your energy field from being drained by your relatives. By the way, cutting cords of attachment does NOT cause physical harm to anyone, and it does not mean you can’t or don’t love these people anymore. It only disconnects their energy from yours so that you stop being emotionally, mentally, psychically, and physically drained by them.


You have psychic clutter
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I told you that I was going to clue you in on 3 types of clutter that cause psychic clutter, but there are 5 more that I want to mention so that you’re aware of them. The other types of clutter that cause psychic clutter are:

  1. information clutter
  2. body clutter
  3. energetic clutter
  4. mental clutter
  5. shadow clutter

We’ll talk about more of these other types of clutter in a future post, but for now, start clearing up the first 3 types. You’ll make huge strides in freeing up your psychic, mental, and emotional energy, and you’ll start feeling freer and lighter fast! 

What are your go-to ways of clearing up your psychic clutter when you’re feeling bogged down and stagnant? Share your tips with us in the comments so we can all lighten up.