3 powerful techniques to faster, easier manifestation

faster, easier manifestation

I often feel like the word “manifest” or “manifesting” is overused and watered down so I decided to go back to its roots by looking up the definition and this is what came up:

1. (verb) to make clear or obvious to the eye or mind.
2. (verb) to display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrate.
3. (adj) of or relating to conscious feelings, ideas, and impulses that contain repressed psychic material.

Girlfriend. Wow. I looked at every dictionary entry on the first page of Google and not a single entry gave an example of manifesting physical items to make them suddenly appear in your life (although that’s the most common way we use the term these days).

All of the examples relating to the definitions above were about physically expressing your reactions to something. For example, “their sadness was manifest in their faces” or “love manifests itself in many different ways.”

How that last definition resonates with me is that it’s a powerful illustration of how you’ve created your life as it exists and have the power to change it — to create something new — as you want it to be.

Manifesting in that sense is that your life is the external expression of your “conscious feelings, ideas, and impulses” that also “contain repressed psychic material” (in other words, your subconscious beliefs). That is, your conscious thoughts and feelings AND your subconscious beliefs are what create your reality.

The definition that stood out to me the most, though, is #2: to display or show a quality or feeling by one’s acts or appearance. In other words, to embody whatever it is that you want to be, do, have, or create. Embody what you want. Wear the energy of what you want on the sleeve of your life. Give voice to your Soul and how it wants to be expressed.

That’s what manifesting is really about. Embodying NOW what you most want.

As soon as you have a thought about something, you have created it. That thing that you just thought now exists in your mind. The Universe begins to change the energy around your creation to make it so. It may take some time for physical reality to catch up, but it will.

Whether that thought is good or bad, positive or negative, your physical reality will catch up on a vibrational level to match what you’ve created in your mind.

What will help you the most with manifesting (however you choose to define it) is to understand this and to learn how to embody the vibration that will change your physical reality to match that vibration.

easier, faster manifestation

All you need to prepare your vibration for manifesting what you do want and releasing what you don’t want — or to embody the reality that you wish to experience — is a few simple techniques.

Practice these 3 techniques and you are well on your way to faster, easier manifestation which, remember, is the embodiment of an awesome life as you want it to be.

1. Practice feeling energy.

Feeling energy will get you more in tune with your vibration and intuitively teach you how to raise it.

The first thing you can do to start feeling energy is to tune in to your body and sense the physical feelings you have. Start at your toes and work your way upward.

You are likely to feel tiny, faint, or subtle sensations in different places as you move upward. When you get to your mid-section — the low belly, the abdomen, the solar plexus area, the chest, and the throat — you may feel emotions like happiness, anxiety, or peace.

Stop at each of the areas where you feel something and figure out what you physically feel. Is it a vibration? A humming or rumbling feeling? A tightness? An openness?

I am often physically restless like I’m full of excess energy. This causes me to be very wiggly, like always tapping or wiggling my feet and clenching my jaw. I do it unconsciously as a way to rid myself of the excess energy. But when I notice it and stop all movement for a moment, I can feel the energy. It feels tingly in the back of my legs and my torso. I often feel a hyperactive tension sort of feeling in my belly and solar plexus area.

So, first start noticing the energy in your body and figuring out what it feels like.

Then move on to other things. Your hands are very sensitive to energy. Start hovering your hands over things — your food, a tree, your pets, your spouse’s arm, the table, your angel cards, and anything else you want. What does that energy feel like in your hands?

Intimately getting to know what energy feels like in your own body is imperative to increasing your intuition because it helps you become in tune with the different vibrations your intuition sends you as information.

It also helps you to identify which vibrations feel good and which feel bad so that you learn what to increase and what to release. Releasing lower vibrational energies will help you manifest and embody your desired transformation much more quickly.

2. Visualize and imagine.

One thing I love reintroducing people to is to play and imagine wildly like a child. Have you taken a ride on a magic carpet lately? Try it. It’s amazing and my go-to method of transportation in my visualizations.

Have you ever wanted to talk to your spirit guides, and you do, but you don’t hear an answer? Have you said prayers, but you feel like there’s silence on the other end of the line? Have you tried to exercise your psychic senses, but you don’t see anything so you don’t think you can do it? Do you feel like you’re intuitive, but you don’t trust your intuition because you don’t know if it’s guiding your or if it’s your monkey mind talking back?

In short, you CAN talk to your guides and get answers. Your prayers DO get answered in some way. Your psychic abilities DO work. And your intuition is ALWAYS guiding you.

You just need to know how to tune in to get what you’re looking for. This is one of my favorite things to do with my clients.

The key to unlocking this magic and mystery is to use your imagination.

Have an imaginary play date with tea and crumpets for yourself and your invisible friends. Fly over an enchanted garden on a dragon. Pretend to be a medicine woman dressed in traditional garb sitting around a campfire and telling stories to your tribe. Or whatever other fantasy situation you can think of.

You don’t have to act these things out. You can simply close your eyes and imagine them. See things as vividly as you can in your mind’s eye, feel them in your body, hear them with your inner ears. Get as many of your senses involved as you can. The more involved they are, the more real your experience will be.

Visualizing and using your imagination are highly valuable skills that will unlock your intuition and psychic abilities. What’s more, you can visualize what it is you want to manifest. Whatever you want your life to look like, see it, feel it, hear it, taste it — experience it in your mind as fully as possible.

When you do this, smile and send out love and gratitude to the Universe for delivering your vision to you as if you have already received it.

Because once you think something, it now exists. The Universe then changes and adjusts your physical reality to align with the vision you created until the two — the vision and your physical life — merge together.

3. Learn how to use the Moon cycles.

We’ve talked about this before. The Universe gives us marvelous tools to use that make everything simpler and easier. We are fools not to use them when we want to transform and enhance our lives.

To experience yourself as the person you most want to be and the life you most want to live, you can align with the Moon and her super powers to help you easily and naturally shift your vibration to match your desired end result.

Here’s what the New and Full Moons can help you be, do, have, and create:

– have more money
– become healthier
– call the perfect healers or teachers into your life
– deepen your intuition
– express your authentic voice
– practice self-love and self-care
– transition into a new, rewarding, fulfilling career
– refine your body and physical appearance
– reduce your age
– release your fears
– increase your energy
– be inspired and inspire others
– become the healer that you know you are
– connect with nature and the earth
– fill the ache of something missing in your gut
– feel content, settled, peaceful, and happy every day
– develop your psychic senses and awareness
– communicate with your spirit guides and angels
– receive inner guidance at will
– make the right decisions easily and quickly
– let go of things that don’t matter and make room for the things that do
– start a new business
– step into your role as a leader in your community
– prioritize creativity and become wildly creative
– free your spirit like it was when you were younger
– heal your heart
– empower yourself with divine feminine power
– increase your inner knowing
– bring magic into your every day life
– feel connected to and supported by spirit
– align the separate parts of yourself into a whole, healed being
– free your inner wild woman and rebellious spirit to bring a spark of magic and fun back into your life (and those around you)
– enjoy life to the fullest
– deepen your relationships
– communicate with plants, crystals, and animals
– feel the heartbeat of the earth pulsing through your body
– shine your inner light brighter and without worry or fear
– become as successful as you want to be
– develop or enhance the ability to heal others
– call like-hearted others into your life and build strong, lasting relationships
– manifest and embody the person you want to be, the life you want to have, and the things you want to create

Need I go on?

There are so many reasons to work with the Moon cycles. Just becoming aware of the Moon cycles and taking a step toward working with their rhythms will transform your life into the realm of the invisible, magical universe where your possibilities are unlimited. And wouldn’t that be delightful?

easier, faster manifestation

The bottom line is that finally embodying who you truly were meant to be and experiencing all of the abundance that you were meant to have — faster, easier manifestation of those things — doesn’t have to be long or hard. There are powerful tools freely offered as gifts from the Universe at your disposal to help you grow.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and take a step into the magical world of energy so the Universe can deliver what you ask for. I’m always here to help and support you.

Much love,

P.S. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m reaching out more than usual right now because of the special time of the year. The astrological new year begins when the New Moon enters Aries on April 7th. It’s THE MOST POWERFUL TIME of the year for new beginnings and THE time for taking intuitive, intentional actions toward what you want.

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