4 Ways to Raise Your Vibration + Lift Your Mood

raise your vibration
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It’s really easy in these dreary, cold days of winter to feel down, get depressed and let your vibration drop, and that feels no good!

Remember that everything in the universe is energy and that “like attracts like.” If your vibes are low and that’s what you’re sending out into the ethers, then that’s exactly what you’re going to attract back.

And nobody wants to attract that junk!

So, as a little encouragement and inspiration to help you keep your vibrations flying high through these last few weeks before we start seeing the tulips and daffodils raising their little heads up toward the warm sunshine, I wanted to share my top 4 ways to raise your vibration. Make it a point to do at least one of these per day and you are sure to be the light shining among the dreary.

Ready for a little internal sunshine? Here we go.

#1: Sing

The sound that we make out of our mouths is caused by the vibration of our vocal cords rubbing together. Since your vocal cords are inside your throat and chest, when you make sound from your mouth and those vocal cords start vibrating, you actually get a massage!

Plus, singing is a proven way to release stress AND those feel good endorphins in your brain that improve your mood.

Sing in the shower or in the car on your way to work.

Have a family sing-along.

Sing to your pets.

Whatever. Just sing it loud and sing it proud!

Oh yeah, if you’re gonna try this one on a cold, dreary day, make sure it’s a happy or upbeat song.

#2: Smile Big

I know this one sounds obvious and boring, but check this out.

This is an almost INSTANT way to cheer you up and raise your vibration: smile as big and goofy as you possibly can.

Include your whole face in the gesture – raise your eyebrows, widen your eyes, stretch your lips back to your ears and show as many teeth as you can.

In about 2 seconds you feel really silly and that turns your big fake smile into a genuine one which instantly lightens your heart.

Want to increase the effect?

Enlist a friend or your spouse and grin at each other like this.

I guarantee you this will lighten your mood and raise your vibration.

My hubby and I do this when we’re stressed or need a boost and we’re laughing in just a few seconds. It works!

#3: Visualize

Ok, here’s one for the woo-woo new agers (like me).

Find a comfy chair, set your timer for 5 minutes, close your eyes and visualize your vibration raising.

You can visualize this in whatever way you want.

Imagine a balloon floating up higher and higher into the air…

Imagine a thermometer with the mercury inside going up higher and higher…

Imagine a bright white light shining in the center of your heart and watch that light get bigger and bigger until it surrounds your body, and then your house and then your neighborhood and then the planet…

As you visualize, get your body and emotions involved.

Feel the vibration in your body, feel it getting higher and get excited about it!

Visualization is a great way to make all kinds of cool things happen in your life.

#4: Pets

My absolute favorite way to give myself a boost when my vibes are low is to play with my dogs.

Dogs and cats (all animals really – especially our domesticated friends) are magical when it comes to making people feel better.

Did you know that service dogs are brought into children’s hospitals and nursing homes just to make the patients feel better?

It’s been proven that petting a dog lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress AND lengthens your lifespan over time. How cool is that?

My dogs are total clowns and they always give me a good laugh when we play (and then lots of good kisses to let me know how much they love me) and that ALWAYS lifts my spirits and my vibration.

So, don’t despair in these last few dreary weeks of winter. Spring is coming!

Keep your spirits up and your vibes high by practicing my favorite techniques here.

They really work. (I would never steer you wrong)

A great side effect of raising your own vibration is that high vibes are stronger than low vibes and your good mood and cheery demeanor will become contagious to those around you.

So, go ahead and raise your vibration and spread a little love around.

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What’s your most powerful way to raise your vibration or improve your mood? What works for you? Share your secrets with us in the comments below.