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soul crisis

48 signs you’re having a soul crisis

soul crisisI have some special invitations for you… two Monday nights ago on Facebook Live I did a live journaling ritual with the Gibbous Moon. I recorded it so that I could share it with you.

Then, this past Monday I did a live fire ceremony on FB Live. Although it was short, it was powerful and many people had healing experiences or heard something new that helped them along their journeys.

There’s no need to sign up or do anything special. Just click here for the journaling ritual or here for the fire ceremony (they’re on different pages). Bring some tea and your journal, and give yourself some quality “me time” to dive into your own Soul.

If you want something better in your life… if you want to figure out why you’re here and get more grounded and balanced… this is how you start.

tea time

I’m extending this invitation to you because of the escalating level of crisis happening in the world — and I’m not even remotely talking about politics.

I’m talking about the alarming number of women I have met who are experiencing their own personal soul crisis and don’t know what to do about it. Worse, they don’t even know what choices they have nor do they feel empowered to make the changes they need to feel better.

These women — you included — are smart, powerful, wise, amazing, intuitive, soulful, creative, and more… yet they are stuck. So stuck that their level of anxiety can make them feel like change is a life or death situation — and I can totally relate to that feeling — as in, something has to change, or I’m going to die.

Some people call this a midlife crisis. Other people call it a Soul crisis or an awakening. Still, others call it a stage in the feminine lifecycle.

Whatever you call it, it can really drain the life out of you and make you feel desperate.

DISCLAIMER: Not everyone is stuck. You might not be. If you aren’t, congrats! You are one of the rare few and should be sharing your secrets on not being stuck with the world. 🙂

If you are, keep reading…

But what if you don’t know? What if you feel like something is missing, but you don’t know what? What if weird stuff is getting your attention and you have nobody to talk to about it for fear that they will think you’re crazy.

You’re not crazy, my dear, and something IS missing. You’re probably having a Soul crisis.

48 Signs of a Soul Crisis

soul crisisHere are 48 obvious and not-so-obvious signs to tell if you’re having a Soul crisis (or heading toward one) and need to start making changes in your life NOW to save your sanity, heal your heart, and fill your Soul.

{1} You are frustrated because you feel like something bigger is calling to you, yet you don’t know what it is or how to access it. You would take the next step if someone would JUST tell you what to do!

{2} You feel like you’re in limbo waiting for something to happen… and it’s not happening.

{3} You’re just fumbling along without clarity or guidance instead of moving forward with certainty.

{4} Material possessions don’t excite you like they used to. You are starting to crave simplicity in your “stuff.” In fact, you can’t think clearly with all the “stuff” that you’ve accumulated in your space and you just want it gone. Experiences, contributing to the world in some way, connection, and relationships are becoming way more important to you than “stuff”, but you don’t even know how to start clearing it out.

{5} You want to prioritize yourself and show some self-care BIG TIME, but you have no idea how to fit that in or do it without feeling guilty.

{6} Angels, spirits, oracle and tarot cards, psychic readings, energy healing and other alternative, spiritually based methods of living and being are really calling to you. (The old status quo isn’t working so well for you anymore)

{7} You feel like the Universe is calling to you, asking you to step up, to do something important, but you are clueless as to what that is.

{8} Every time you try to make a change or even just think about doing something for yourself something happens to sabotage your plans — a kid or dog gets sick, work urgently needs you to work overtime, husband can’t find his keys to go to work, there’s a fire in the kitchen, a scheduling conflict comes up, a surprise expense happens, the car breaks down… *pay special attention to this one. This is 100% your subconscious mind lovingly sabotaging you from moving forward because you are hitting your programmed upper limits!!

{9} You used to be creative, and you would LOVE to include creativity in your life again because it makes you feel so good, but how can you possibly fit that in when so many things need your attention?

{10} The need for change is feeling more and more urgent, but you’re trying all kinds of things that aren’t giving you any direction or clarity and you feel like you’re just spinning in circles. You feel like there should be somewhere to start instead of this jumping around stuff that you’ve been doing.

{11} You really want someone to show up in front of you and say ‘this is what you need to do’ but that never happens. (ahem… until now :))

{12} You’re trying really hard to get your business off the ground, but you just can’t seem to get traction or make any money and you’re feeling like (1) a failure or (2) like it just isn’t meant to be or (3) you aren’t good enough to make it work. (all 3 are false, by the way)

{13} There’s not enough time for yourself because it takes away from time when you could be working / making money / focusing on your business / working toward goals / taking care of family needs / {insert anything else that makes itself more important}.

{14} You KNOW you are intuitive but you don’t trust the answers you get. In fact, you don’t always know when you’re getting answers until it’s too late (ya know, AFTER you didn’t listen to your little voice).

{15} You feel out of sorts and out of place in your life — like nothing is working right and there’s nowhere you really belong.

{16} Your business has come to a screeching halt.

{17} You feel like you don’t have much of an identity anymore.

{18} You don’t know how to figure yourself out.

{19} Your marriage or relationship isn’t working for YOU or it’s stuck in a rut (and you’re afraid to face this or admit it). The other person may be just fine with where things are at, but you certainly aren’t seeing eye to eye let alone feeling supported in your needs or wants. **this is another big one to watch out for. More women go through this than you can imagine. It’s a scary feeling and it has to be addressed. 

{20} You feel unsupported, unheard, invisible, alone.

{21} You struggle with taking care of yourself. You are more comfortable spending time and money on other people.

{22} You are a people-pleaser or a perfectionist and that’s been going on for too long. It’s starting to really stress you out.

{23} You struggle with expressing your needs.

{24} You struggle with expressing who you are. Actually, you aren’t sure who you are right now. You’ve lost sight of yourself.

{25} You KNOW you are here for a reason, that you have a purpose to serve, but for the life of you, you have no idea what it is.

{26} You’ve tried doing some programs and classes that haven’t helped you work toward the changes you need so you feel like there’s no hope for getting any help.

{27} You feel like you’re a burden, and that makes you feel (more) guilty.

{28} You feel like you’re not good enough or not worthy and you feel shame around that.

{29} You lack any sort of direction on what to do with your life next.

{30} You have a desire to expand, to have fun, to experience life, to connect with people, but you’re mostly alone. You have nobody who shares this desire with you and no support to pursue it yourself.

{31} You feel depressed, anxious, afraid of failure, and you’re not sleeping well.

{32} Things feel chaotic, hard, and overwhelming.

{33} You struggle to stand up for yourself which makes you feel worse about yourself.

{34} You feel guilty when doing things for yourself, yet it’s becoming more and more urgent for you to take care of yourself.

{35} You’re exhausted, worn down, burned out, and lacking motivation because you’re trying so hard and nothing is working to change your life in the way you need.

{36} You feel like you’re failing at life.

{37} Your emotions are all over the place and you’ve had (or are on the verge of) a meltdown. You are super sensitive and everything feels personal toward you (even if your rational mind knows it’s not).

{38} You have some deep and scary stuff going on in your life and your relationship, and nobody to help you face it. You have nobody to talk to about anything for fear that people will judge you or think you’re crazy.

{39} You feel split between different parts of yourself. It would feel so good to be whole, integrated, and to be your true self, but you don’t know how to get there (or who that is).

{40} You have a voice inside that needs to come out and be heard. How do say what you need to say and who’s going to listen anyway?

{41} There’s a painful struggle trying to find the balance between doing what you think you *should* be doing and trying to fulfill what your Soul is aching for. The urge to follow your heart is growing rapidly.

{42} You feel unorganized, unable to follow through on projects, like your life is spinning out of control which puts you in total reaction mode.

{43} You have physical pain and extreme fatigue because of the vicious cycle you are in with overworking and caring for everyone else, and not taking care of yourself — and you know that has got to stop.

{44} You have some deep, dark secrets either about yourself, your life, your childhood, or your marriage that are eating you alive on the inside. You want them to be healed so you can quit carrying the burden of them. You need relief and fast.

{45} You have neglected the few friendships you have and feel like you have no support system — no one that ‘gets’ you.

{46} You’re out of balance and ungrounded and the only thing you can seem to do is to tip the scales drastically the other way. You can’t seem to get your footing under you and slow things down.

{47} You are miserable at your job. The people are driving you crazy. There’s too much negativity around you. You’re doing work you don’t enjoy for someone else instead of doing something you feel is meaningful and contributes to the betterment of others.

{48} You feel lost and you just want someone to show you the way.

Take a breath…

How many of these do you relate to? 

How many of these do you know are true in your heart, but you didn’t want to admit or acknowledge?

Each one of these feelings is A LOT to carry around by itself, but if you have a bunch of them going on at the same time, your emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and probably financial burdens are too heavy to sustain for very much longer before you crash and burn. I am sending you massive amounts of love and support.

The good news is that all of these things that are coming up for you now (especially in a big way) are coming up because they are ready and asking to be healed. 

I want you to sit with this for a while and feel into where in your life, in your body, in your Soul things don’t feel right… or settled… or balanced… or true.

In the next post, I’m going to share my simple 4-step process to heal and change your life, and get out of the Soul crisis you’re either in or headed for.

So think about where you are and where you really want to be instead, and I’ll help you get there.

We’re in this together. <3

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