5 Fun Practices for Developing Your Intuition

There are many ways of developing your intuition, but as with all of the things I try to do in my life, I have some fun ways of developing it that I want to share with you.

You don’t have to be on a spiritual journey that’s serious and heavy. In fact, the more fun you can have, the more lighthearted you are, the higher your vibration is, the more you will recognize Spirit speaking to you!

So, as you go inward and learn about yourself, find ways that you can have FUN doing it!

Here are 5 fun practices for developing your intuition:

1 – Look for signs, synchronicities, and messages

signs synchronicities messagesLet me start by saying that not everything is a sign, nor should it be. But it’s really fun when you do get signs and you recognize them!

And what better way to start getting signs and messages than to look for them?

So, what would count as a sign?

Really, anything that grabs your attention unexpectedly.

For me, it’s finding feathers or pennies on the ground. How about rainbows, artwork, carvings, the way a tree grows, repeating numbers, weird animal behavior, a certain song on the radio, seeing the same image everywhere you look.

None of those things is significant unless it catches your attention for an unknown reason, and then MAYBE it’s a message.

So, when you notice something that you wonder is a message, there are 2 things you can do to find out if it’s a message or a sign.

  1. Ask yourself if it’s a message. Go inward and feel into what it feels like. Do you feel like it’s a message? Good. Then it’s a message.
  2. Google it. Seriously. So many people have written about symbology that you can find all sorts of stuff online. Try “angel numbers”, “horse animal totem”, “rainbows in dreams”, “tree meaning”, etc. Read what you find and again, evaluate how it feels to you.

Does what you found resonate with you? If so, great. Message received.

If not, then don’t worry about it. Either it’s not a message, or you haven’t found the message yet.

If it sort of resonates, then pay attention to it and be aware of when that same symbol comes into your life again. The more you see it, the more information you’ll get.

Signs, messages, and synchronicities help you attune yourself to the quiet whisper of your intuition so that you can recognize it when it comes in.

2 – Your feel-goods and non-negotiables

What are you doing that feels good regardless of its purpose or what anyone else thinks? What self-care, self-development, self-love, inner work do you have in your day that is non-negotiable?

Some of my feel-goods include pulling an oracle card. Sometimes I just need more information… or confirmation to know that what I’m doing is right… or to know what’s in my way that I need to work on. I can be as busy as all get-out, but sometimes it feels good to stop everything that I’m doing and pull a card.

Or meditate. Or go to dance class. Or make art. On my busiest days, sometimes taking an hour or two to make art helps me be the most productive I can be. It clears out my channels and releases all of the twirling, overwhelming energy in my energy fields so that I can settle into what I’m doing.

One of my non-negotiables is visualizing my business as being successful. In the video I mention how my husband somehow gets out of dog duty 5 mornings a week, so when I get up to feed the dogs, while they are eating, I prop my feet on my desk, close my eyes, and visualize all different ways that my business is successful.

Work does not start until I do my visualization. It’s non-negotiable because I know how important it is for my energetic success. My husband is amused by it, but that doesn’t matter. I’m doing it no matter what.

Your feel-goods and non-negotiables help you to tune into your own messages about what’s important for your wellbeing. They also help to raise your vibration so that you are a finely tuned antenna to pick up messages from Spirit.

3 – Be wildly creative

wildly creativeThrow caution to the wind and create something. Sling paint. Color and draw with crayons and markers. Make fun decorated cookies. Plant a garden.

Whatever your creative outlet, do it. Don’t worry about the end result. Just trust in the process.

Creativity clears out your filled up channels so that messages can come through. It empties out excess energy and emotion that gets stored up in the body. It heals and aligns and guides.

Your creation itself can also be a messenger. Check out the shapes, colors, textures, repetitions, neatness, and hidden symbols in your creation. It can speak volumes if you know how to listen.

4 – Imagine like a child

imagine childI love this one! Go find your imaginary friend and have a date of tea and crumpets in your imagination. Sit in the forest and have conversations with the animals and the trees. See what they say.

My favorite that I shared in the video is that when I do visualizations where I have to go somewhere, I like to imagine myself getting there on a flying carpet!

I imagine what the carpet looks like, and how it feels underneath me as I sit on it and it flies through the air. I can feel the wind blowing my hair back and the joy in my heart. It’s so much fun to imagine!

And here’s a tip: the crazier and more outlandish you can imagine stuff, the BETTER, for 2 reasons.

  1. You are strengthening your inner senses so that they easily pick up even the smallest of information and transmit it to you so that you recognize it.
  2. By imagining crazy stuff, you are learning to work outside the realm of “normal” so that you recognize information from the other side.

Imagination is SO important in developing your intuition, so imagine, visualize, and make stuff up in your head to play with!

5 – Get in alignment with the natural cycles

nature cyclesWe live in cycles within cycles. There’s day and night, the seasons, the wheel (solstices & equinoxes), the moon, the sun, the feminine lifecycle (maiden, mother, queen, crone), and the cycles of life, death and rebirth. And don’t forget women’s monthly cycles. We are creatures of cycles!

The Moon cycle is my favorite for a few reasons. The Moon is the representation of the feminine, or the yin. She is us. She governs emotions and females are certainly emotional beings.

Like us, she rises from darkness into full, bodacious bloom, from a part into a beautiful, expansive whole for all to see… and what a powerful symbol that is.

The Moon also provides us with a path to manifestation, and she shares with us her energy to help us create whatever we want.

Aligning with the cycles and with nature is a powerful force to develop your intuition because you harmonize with the energy of the Universe so that you can flow and attract what you want.

If you want to learn how to work with the Moon cycle, you can download my Free Moon Planner called ‘Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting with the Moon’.

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Bonus: watch the video to hear about how the underlying energy of the Universe is like being in a secret club and let me know if you agree!

What are your favorite fun ways to work on your intuition and how have your practices helped you? Let us know in the comments so we can all awaken together.


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