Accessing Your Soul Wisdom: 5 Secrets To Figuring Out What Your Soul Wants For You

This is what I call The Art Of Becoming – shedding the layers of who you were, who you thought you were supposed to be, or who society told you to be in order to become who you are meant to be — your true self serving your true purpose and living your life full of joy.

Getting to know what your Soul really wants for you is key to stepping into your authentic Self.

Who are you on this earth in this lifetime to be? Have you asked? Have you gone inward to access your source of true Soul wisdom? Have you tapped into your intuition? Have you listened to your heart to find out?

Here are 5 secrets to figuring out what your Soul really wants for you. Why are they “secrets”? They’re secrets because most people haven’t connected these simple (and sometimes obvious) techniques yet to connecting with your Soul wisdom and your higher self.

But they need to be common practice and widely known, so if any of these techniques help you, feel free to teach them to others, or share the link to this post. Let’s teach the world how to find their true selves (and discover wild happiness and true freedom in the process)!

soul wisdom

Ok, here are my 5 secrets to accessing your Soul wisdom:


Imagine your Soul as a “being” (because it is) that you can talk to. Close your eyes and have a conversation. Ask your Soul directly who you are here to become. Ask what your authentic self looks like and acts like. Ask what you need to learn to connect with your truth. Ask to be guided toward that authentic truth every day of your life…. and then be open to and curious about everything that comes to you that could lead you in the right direction.


This is the question I now use THE MOST in my own self-development and with my clients. It’s that powerful. Whenever you want something in your life, or you’re moving in a direction that you’re unsure about or want confirmation on, ask yourself this: how would my life be different if ______________________ {I had that thing… accomplished that goal… went in that direction… fill in the blank with what you want to know}. That one question gets to the Soul of the matter and highlights and amplifies your truth.


ask your bodyThis technique in particular is one that more people need to learn and use. Your body will tell you what’s right and real for you EVERY TIME. It will tell you your truth. IF you learn how to tune in to its messages.

The sensations, emotions, feelings, and gut instincts you experience in your body are all information. Your body reacts to your questions, decisions and movement, and provides information via those sensations, emotions, feelings, and gut instincts to you about what’s good for you or bad… about what’s right for you or wrong… about what is a high vibration and what’s not… about what’s healthy for you or unhealthy… about what’s safe for you or unsafe. See, tons of information can be learned from your body alone.

The trick is that the sensations, emotions, feelings, and gut instincts that are providing you with information can either be so subtle that you don’t recognize them, or they are so common place that you don’t pay attention.

Learn how your body is giving your information and you open up a whole new world to yourself to find out what your Soul wisdom has to say.


I have learned that my computer (which I LOVE dearly) often works against me. It takes a whole lotta discipline to stay on task when there’s a whole world of information available at my fingertips. There’s a whole lotta stimulation that triggers my brain non-stop with feel-good serotonin as I click on interesting links, or clean out overloaded, cluttered folders, files and emails. This is all great, right?

Right. EXCEPT when I sit down to write a blog post or create new content I want to create or come up with new ideas to offer to my clients or do the boring admin work I need to do or plan my schedule or send newsletters or write marketing copy or, or, or…

For the curious, the quick starts, the wanderers, the multi-taskers technology can be awesome AND it can cause us a whole bunch of trouble with distractions galore. So what I’ve learned to use as a tool to help me focus is to unplug.

Get away from technology and do something tactile — something with movement, something with my hands. Or go out in nature and activate my senses. When I do that, inspiration pours in, I reconnect to my truth and my mission, and my focus sharpens dramatically.

How does this relate to finding out what your Soul wants? If technology can  so easily distract you from what you set out to do, how on earth are you going to tap into the subtle messages from your Soul wisdom with all that noise going on?

Disconnect to reconnect. Unplug to get inspired. A little goes a long way.


express yourself

Do more than talk or wonder about it. Get creative in how you express yourself and how you access your Soul wisdom.

Use words to speak about what’s important to you and to have interesting conversations that spark your curiosity about your purpose in life. Access feelings and emotions to journal about the things in your heart that feel important and questions in your mind that want answers.

Stand for something that’s important to you or that you’re curious about. Have non-negotiables in your day to care for and develop yourself.

Create art to speak without words. This one is key to getting to your truth. Art goes in through your right brain to access your primitive, emotional, limbic system, and lets you express things that you may not have words for. If your Soul message isn’t yet developed enough to understand it with words, then art is a powerful way to get to that message and bring it out so that you can work with the energy of it and find words to make sense of it.

All of these techniques access your Soul wisdom in different ways and will help to bring out different aspects of your truth. Sometimes your truth doesn’t come all at once, it comes in bits and pieces like a puzzle you have to put together.

That’s ok, as long as it comes and you keep working on that puzzle. You’ll get there.

What’s your favorite technique for accessing your Soul wisdom? And how is that wisdom helping you connect with your truth? Share with us your secrets in the comments!

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