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A simple 5-step process to change your life

I recently shared with you 48 signs that you might be having a Soul crisis for all the women out there who are experience what feels like chaos, the unknown, and an urgent need in their lives to change something soon or they might die (that’s how urgent it can feel).

If you’re feeling something unsteady in your life, like you’re being called to something bigger, an anxious feeling in your gut that something is missing… go read that post immediately… then come back here to figure out what to do.

If you are experiencing a Soul crisis (or headed in that direction), even with the incredible weight you’re carrying around about it, there is hope.

There is a way to get out from under those mountains and move forward.

You totally can change your life to one with a free heart, a filled cup, a purposeful soul, an awakened spirit surrounded by love, support, connection, and high vibrations.

Sound too good to be true? Or impossible to achieve? It’s neither of those things.

It’s also not easy.

To actually create the life you dream of (instead of the one you feel stuck in) is, however, really very simple. It’s really just a 4-step process.

Here’s the basic path you can follow to start changing your life right now in a simple 4-step process:

{1} Decide on and declare to the Universe what you want.

4-step processWhat do you want anyway? What kind of relationship? What kind of job?

What kind of house do you want to live in? How do you want to feel in your life? What do you want to have? Who do you want to be?

Can you articulate all that with crystal clarity? Can you visualize it? Can you feel in your body what it would feel like to have what you want?

Have you given yourself permission to ask for it? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you don’t yet have the clarity on what EXACTLY you want.

What if you don’t know what you want?

Take the time to be still and ask questions. Keep digging. Keep asking yourself. Allow what’s true for you to rise up within you.

You have to give yourself permission to have desires even if they seem selfish. You have to give yourself permission to prioritize yourself, and to feel worthy of getting what you want.

The most important thing is to understand what your Soul wants for you. That’s where you find the most peace when you follow your Soul purpose.

As you’re digging for your Soul truth, remember that to get to the root of what your Soul wants, you need to ask the Magic Question.

{2} Face your demons.

4-step processUntil you acknowledge the things that are wrong, they won’t get fixed.

I know you would love to ignore them to get them to go away because it seems less painful that way, but sorry, that doesn’t happen.

You have to acknowledge what is and what was (if it’s something that’s stopping you from moving ahead) and then HEAL it with love. This is the only way to be truly free of a burden.

Your “demons” might be your behavior, your fears, excuses you make that keep you stuck, a bad attitude, a lack or limiting mindset, previous traumas (or even just plain old bad experiences), painful memories, victim mentality, too much clutter in your life, bad relationships, unhealthy habits, self-sabotaging energy, upper limits, etc.

Whatever is holding you back, keeping you small and your vibration low has to be acknowledged and healed. And healing it with love is super important.

This was a big one for me. I was being stopped in my tracks by fear of being judged, fear of looking stupid, fear of not being good enough, creating sabotaging events that took my attention away from the hard stuff, all kinds of limiting beliefs around money, lots of painful memories that were both mine and other people’s (empaths can have this one bad), AND a total victim mentality.

Ummmm, think I had a problem? I had LOTS of problems caused by all of these things and more.

As I started to acknowledge them (I even did a huge acknowledgement and closure ceremony to heal a bunch of things), my energy started freeing up.

I started making more connections with people. I started having more clarity in my work. My health started improving, and yes, I started making more money in my business.

Everything is energy and guess what. It’s all related. If you are having multiple issues in seemingly unrelated areas of your life, know that it all ties together and your energy dictates ALL of it.

{3} Give yourself an energy makeover.

4-step processThis is the healing, feel-good part!

Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors, body, and mindsets have to be upgraded to a higher vibration to match what you want to manifest. Like attracts like so if you want to attract high vibrational stuff you have to BE a high vibrational being.

Whether you’re in a Soul crisis or not, if you want to truly and fully increase your vibration, you have to do healing work on your whole being.

If you want to feel whole and integrated, everything about you needs healing and upgrading.

That’s not to say that every part of you is wrong or bad, but we ALL need healing in some ways. Healing is how you get to enlightenment too.

There are MANY ways to do healing work and the more varieties you use together — especially when they include support from others — the better your results.

There isn’t a 1-modality solution, and while you may start with 1 modality, it almost always leads to other integrations.

Some options for healing are Reiki, journaling, Soul Art, coaching, yoga, meditation, upgrading your diet, creating personal rituals, discovering your feel-goods + implementing your non-negotiables, Sacred Self Journeys, Moon Wishing, intuition development, meeting your spirit guides + building your council, learning your unique Soul language, Earthing, and more.

Pick one and get started.

{4} Do the work.

This has 2 parts: being and doing (i.e. The balance of yin and yang).

4-step processBeing” means to become who you want to be by accessing and developing your inner self.

This involves meditation, journaling, creativity, stillness, yoga, intuition school, psychic development, coaching, Moon cycle work, shadow clearing, healing, emotional clearing, mindset reprogramming, intunement, chakra balancing, grounding, and massive self-care.

This is weeding, fertilizing, and cultivating your inner landscape.

This is the energy makeover we talked about above. Only in this step, you are actually doing the work to bring more “being” into your life (that sounds weird).

You are actually BEING who you want to be before you actually ARE that person. That’s how you become.

Being is the yin half of development, and needs to be in balance with doing.

Doing” means to take the actions necessary to upgrade your outer environment so that it matches your new inner environment.

It’s the yang half of development and needs to be in balance with being.

Declutter, clean, redecorate, get rid of toxic people and relationships, make a vision board, behave only in a way that keeps your conscience clear, release baggage, study, learn, upgrade your career or business, act in alignment with who you want to be, bring more color into your life (literally), focus on connections and experiences that enhance who you are, give and receive freely, and love and respect money — yours and other people’s.

This is the physical makeover part where you change your outside world to reflect the new inside world of yours.

This will happen naturally as your inner world shifts, but some of it may still take effort, attention, and intention.

When there’s effort involved to make yourself do the outside work, then you know that there’s still healing of that part of your inner world to do.

Resistance, in this case, is a clear sign that more healing is needed.

And there’s a caution here: our egos tend to operate from a place of fear and keeping us small (as protection to us) so that’s where the resistance comes in.

When you change your subconscious beliefs and your new, healed, expanded, confident beliefs feed your ego, that fear and resistance go away.

And finally… did I say this was a 4-step process? Oh yeah, there’s one more really important step on your journey to creating a life you adore.

{5} Get support.

4-step processWhile the destination of where you want to be may be clear as a bell, the gap from where you are now to that ultimate destination may be a huge chasm full of tumultuous and dangerous rapids, creatures, and hurdles that you don’t want to face alone.

And why should you? It’s so much easier with someone to guide you, help you find the courage to take the steps,  support you along the way, and teach you the shortcuts so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every step you take. Doesn’t that sound better?

[Tweet “The most important step on any soul-based journey: get support. You don’t have to do it alone.”]

You can totally figure all of this out on Google if you have a few years, the self-discipline to keep starting over, and patience to experiment, but why put yourself through that when there’s someone who has gone before you and carved a path to the freedom that your Soul wants NOW.

The other thing is that without support, you can’t always see your progress so it’s easy to give up and quit.

We all want to feel better right now, and we often miss the little ways in which our life has improved or that we feel better.

It takes someone else — an advocate who has our best interests at heart — to help us see where we really have made progress so we can stick with it through the hard parts.

I struggled with this for years. I was miserable for years, and it took a lot of readings, energy work, studying, experimenting, crying, and a ton of money (about $18,000) to figure this out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on my healing journey (remember, they call it a ‘journey’ not a ‘destination’ — you never stop growing), but my heart feels good and my Soul feels fulfilled with the work that I’m doing.

I can clearly see all the stops you need to make on your healing journey, and I know how to release the old, stuck emotions and energy that will stop you dead in your tracks from moving forward.

I have learned to recognize limiting beliefs and upper limits, and the self-sabotaging behavior that is so cleverly disguised as being caused by other people. (Hint: it’s really your sneaky subconscious mind)

I work with tools and cycles that make life magical and help me tap into the power of the Universe to create my ideal life, and I know how to initiate other people into that magic of the Universe as well.

BONUS Step: Give yourself permission.

4-step processI’m adding on a bonus step in your healing journey because it’s the thing I see the MOST in my practice.

The women who feel stuck don’t have permission to take their own journeys. And who they need permission from is themselves.

So, I made you 2 permission slips (download them here).

One is blank for you to fill out. The other has the most common things that women deny themselves permission to do.

Use the one that feels the best to you. All you have to do is hang it up where you’ll see it as a reminder that you hold your own power to create change in your life.

You have permission to make positive changes in your life.
You have  permission to have wants and needs — and to make them known.
You have  permission to heal yourself.
You have  permission to be a priority in your own life.
You have  permission to get grounded, centered, and balanced.
You have  permission to be part of something bigger than you.
You have  permission to shine your light.
You have permission to follow your passions.
You have permission to find and serve your purpose.
You have  permission to step into your power, your brilliance, your happiness.
You have permission to invest in yourself.
You have  permission to get support to help you get there.
You have  permission to be you.

I have a way for you to tap into the world of healing and get the support you need. I’ll be sharing it with you soon.

With love + respect,

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