5 ways you make manifesting harder than it needs to be

do you make manifesting harder?

A couple of days ago I emailed a private lesson to my Secret Club of the Universe subscribers about April 7th being the most significant day of the year for manifesting the transformation you want in your life. It was the most important email I’ve sent out all year, and I was not surprised by the responses of those who shared their struggles with me.

Struggles with manifesting change, getting unstuck, or experiencing some transformation that we deeply desire are challenges we can all relate to and are the big ones to overcome to get our energy moving in the right direction.

It’s no fun being stuck, feeling like we can’t get ahead, and knowing there’s something bigger out there calling to us when we can’t find it. But guess what. You’re not alone. Sooooo many women struggle with similar challenges.

In fact, overcoming those challenges, no matter how badly you seem to want to, is the hardest part of getting your manifesting mojo revved up, but sometimes you make manifesting harder than it needs to be.

5 Ways You Make Manifesting Harder Than it Needs to Be

In all the work I’ve done with clients and students, I have noticed a handful of common themes that present themselves as challenges to manifesting and creating the life that you want.

And I can certainly relate because I had many of these blocks when I first decided I wanted to change my life and started doing personal development work. Maybe you can relate to some of these:

  • I’ve tried and it’s not working.
  • It’s hard to be positive all the time.
  • I have to work hard to make stuff happen.
  • I have no one to talk to about this. People will think I’m crazy.
  • This only works for some people.
  • I’m just stuck and can’t get anything to happen.
  • I’m asking for help/changes, but I’m not getting any answers back.
  • I watched ‘The Secret’. Why can’t I get it to work?

I don’t know about you, but I’m nodding my head yes to every one of these things as I write them. I remember feeling these uncertainties and challenges at one time or another and how alone I felt in my struggles to change my life.

These are so common and you’re not alone. I don’t want you to struggle with any of these issues any more than you already have (and I’m sure you don’t either), so let’s talk about 5 ways you make manifesting harder than it needs to be.

1. You ask at the wrong times. Sure you can set an intention, start something new, say a prayer, or a create a goal at any time, but there are times that are energetically better for setting intentions and times that are better for releasing. Times that are better for taking action and times that are better for harvesting. Doing any of these things at the wrong time energetically is like swimming against the tide — it’s very difficult.

Actually, riding the tide is a great analogy. Think of the tide coming in. It gives itself to you. It chases you. It lays itself at your feet. Energetically this is when you want to call things in to yourself because they will easily be carried in on the incoming tide.

When the tide goes out, it retreats. It pulls away. The water becomes shallow. Energetically, this is when you want to release things and allow them to be extracted from your personal energy fields by the retreating water.

The Universe provides these energetic gifts to us to use in our every day lives if you know how they work.

2. You aren’t making space for things to come in. If you have only ever gathered things in to you or taken things on. If you have made for yourself a bunch of unfinished business, physical clutter, and unhealthy relationships, or you are overwhelmed by responsibilities, you eventually run out of room to bring in new things. You spread yourself too thin. Your receiving channels get clogged up and your energy comes to a screeching halt.

This is absolutely horrible feeling and it makes manifesting anything seem completely impossible.

Part of successful manifesting includes releasing the old, the excess, and the junk that you don’t want anyway to make room for what you DO want.

Releasing also clears out your clogged receiving channels and refreshes your energy into a moving state again so that you can attract the things you most want in your life.

3. You don’t stick with it. Manifesting is an art and, like any other art, takes practice to perfect. It takes time to understand, at a Soul level, how to set your energy and send it out into the Universe so that you get back what you want. If you don’t continue to practice, you will not develop the skill to sustain your abilities.

I once worked with a client for 3 months. Her life turned around completely in that 3 months — I mean, a complete 180 degrees. She was the happiest she’d ever been with a great job and saving to buy her first house. The Universe was graciously showering her with everything she asked for. It was amazing! When we finished our 3 months, she said ‘well, I don’t think I have anything else I need to work on’ and that was that.

Not 3 months later, she was back to square one. She lost her job. The house she wanted fell through. Bad things were happening to her. She was miserable. The problem? She didn’t stick with her manifesting techniques long enough for them to become second nature. Her new belief system was not yet set, and she didn’t know how to overcome her every day human obstacles and keep her energy at a high vibration.

It takes practice and persistence to transform your life. If you want to start this work, stick with it for at least a year.

"Every artist was once an amateur." Ralph Waldo Emerson

It can also take time for the Universe to deliver what we have asked for. Miracles occur daily, but we are still 3-dimensional beings living a 3-dimensional existence.

When you send up a clear request for something you want, the Universe goes to work immediately on your behalf. But sometimes delivery of what you want means that certain things have to align for you to get them. For example, to marry your Soulmate, you might first have to get a divorce from your current spouse. Or, your wish involves meeting someone who lives overseas and the Universe has to set you both in motion for your paths to cross.

My dad is the best manifestor I know. Long before I knew anything about this stuff, I would watch him set an intention for something and release it into the cosmos to happen whenever the time was right. Once he released his wish, whenever he thought about it, he’d just smile and see himself enjoying whatever he’d asked for. And then one day it would happen. It might take 2 or 3 years to get what he wanted, but it always shows up without effort on his part.

4. You lead with your head. You can’t think your way to manifesting what you want. Sure, it starts with a thought about what you desire. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It’s really about the energy you send out into the Universe.

Let’s face it. Nobody asks for problems, depression, anxiety, or the like. The stuff we ask for is all stuff that makes us feel good. Feel good energy is high vibrational energy. So if you want to attract high vibrational things, you need to raise your own vibration to match whatever you want.

In order to do this, you’ll want to focus on feeling things like gratitude, abundance, and love. Plus, you’ll want to have practices in place — like drawing mandalas or meditating — that get you out of your head and raise your vibration as well.

5. You worry about the ‘how’. Your job, when manifesting something is to:

  1. ask for it
  2. raise your vibration to match it
  3. be grateful for it in advance
  4. recognize it when it comes whatever form it shows up in

Your job is NOT to decide or worry about how something will come to you. That’s the Universe’s genius work so let it do it’s thing. You are part of an elaborate and ornate, living, breathing chess game. The Universe is the master chess player moving everything around as dictated by the signal — the energy — each individual is sending out.

Once you send out the high vibrational energy that matches something you want, step back and let the Universe work its magic to get it to you. Otherwise, your trying to control how you’ll get something just gets in the way of you getting it.

Do your part and let the Universe do the rest!

Manifesting, creating change, and experiencing a transformation you want doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be very easy if you allow yourself to work in the flow of the right energy.

I’ve really enjoyed this conversation with you today! If you find yourself feeling guilty about one or more of these ways you make manifesting harder than it needs to be, remember that you’re not alone and with a little work, it’s all fixable!

Much love,

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