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common starseed species

7 Common Starseed Species

If you’ve determined you’re a starseed, the next thing you want to know is where you came from to help you determine your soul gifts and your mission. 

Starseeds come from other planets, stars, galaxies, parallel universes, dimensions, or time streams, and each species has a “personality” or a common set of characteristics.

Here are 7 common starseed species and a bit about their personalities. See if you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions as that will assist you in understanding where you came from. 


common starseed species

The Andromedans are the nomads. They love freedom, travel, and adventure. They struggle with any kind of commitment. They don’t get the “rules” of society (time, money, hierarchy, etc). 

They guard their emotions so they aren’t easy to manipulate emotionally, but they’re easy going, chill, gentle, fun, and they put others at ease. 

They are natural healers and like expressing themselves freely. They tend to be the quiet warriors working in the background to restore freedom and empowerment to people. 

They tend to be artists, teachers, freelancers, and spiritualists. 


common starseed species

The Arcturians are what I call the professors. They are highly advanced beings intellectually, emotionally, mentally and are deep thinkers.

They are drawn to all kinds of science, technology, math, music, and metaphysics. They love to meld science + spirituality, and they are partial to sacred geometry & other advanced spiritual technologies. 

They are compassionate, but reserved and not really in tune with their emotions. 

They have the gift of telepathy. They don’t fit in with regular humanity, but are leaders & teachers to it. They are the next level up and here to guide us to the New Earth.


common starseed species

The Lyrans are the athletes. They are very masculine in their energy and have a lot of physical energy. They enjoy physical activity and pushing their physical limits. They are very grounded and pursue their dreams fearlessly. 

Lyrans live life to the fullest. They love good food, drink, music. They are also very intelligent, fearless and risk-takers — although they are not reckless because they are very old souls and have been here a million times (this is old hat to Lyrans). 

They are freedom fighters, fighting for causes they believe in, and with their strong work ethic, they won’t stop until the job is done. 

The Lyrans are natural leaders and fiercely independent. They may have many lovers  and difficulty settling down due to that independence. 


common starseed species

The Vegans are interesting because they broke off from the overly masculine Lyrans and settled their own colonies where they could focus their energy inward & develop their spirituality. They were our original mystics. 

However, Vegan starseeds on Earth are quite different. They are the life of the party — friendly, outgoing, and magnetic. They understand human emotions well and are kind-hearted, sensitive, empathic, and caring. They will do anything to help others, especially children. 

They are thinkers with many interests, and busy bodies because they love learning. They are creative, artistic, talented and intellectual as well, and they often run out of interest before finishing what they start leaving much undone. 

They overwhelm themselves with all of this so they tend to be confused, undecided, and inconsistent; However, they are peaceful and content within themselves. 

They have gypsy hearts, love traveling and exploring (especially alone) and they get restless when they can’t pursue their interests. Their passion and happiness matter to them a lot and the live their lives in pursuit of that. 


common starseed species

The Orions are the intellectuals. They’re a lot like Mr. Spock from Star Trek — very logical, linear, and emotionally cold. They like to analyze and dissect information, and they need proof in order to believe something. 

They spend a lot of time trying to understand people and their emotions, but they try to do so logically. Because of their weak emotional bodies, they can struggle in relationships. They’re also highly sensitive to energy, don’t like crowds or socializing, exhaust easily, and need lots of alone time to recharge. 

They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and they hold rigid beliefs and opinions. They try to sway people to their beliefs and opinions with logic. Despite being non-emotional, they have great senses of humor and wit, and are clever – people like them.

Orions are also into self-mastery. They are competitive and strive for perfection so they can be very critical of themselves and others. They have will power and self-discipline, motivation to build things they enjoy, and they always complete their projects and tasks. They easily take on responsibility and enjoy leading and inspiring others. 

One of the benefits of being detached from their emotions is that they are able to create physical abundance and consciously manifest their intentions with ease.


common starseed species

The Pleiadians are the cosmic hippies. They love animals & nature, are harmonious and deeply compassionate with a love of life. They have natural healing abilities and are emotionally and spiritually evolved.

Pleiadians are non-conformists who don’t understand or play by the rules of society (time, money, social structure). They have strong personalities, are stubborn with unshakable spirituality, and they follow their own inner wisdom easily. They reject being controlled and are not susceptible to peer pressure. They are highly intelligent & spiritual, often individual thinkers and teachers of the truth. 

They are highly intuitive, sensitive, empathic, psychic, and creative. They prefer to be in the creative worlds they create or they can get bored easily.  They can communicate with a planet’s consciousness to introduce new evolved ideas and forms. 

They tend to have body and health sensitivities to light, heat, food, low body temp or blood pressure, they tear up easily, etc, but they can replenish their energy easily. 


common starseed species

The Sirians are the cosmic rebels of society. They are standoff-ish and guarded. They do not easily allow others into their inner circles. They are serious until they get to know you and then they can be quite silly and fun. They are open-minded, but stick with their truth until they are convinced another path is better and then they will jump. 

Sirians are calm and adjusted. They are the rock that holds everything together under pressure. It’s not easy to anger them and they don’t like confrontation. They also don’t like looking at the past, preferring to be future oriented. 

They have strong intuition and problem-solving skills, and are creative with a busy imagination that often makes them look forgetful, uninterested, & aloof when, in truth, they’re just off in their minds somewhere. They are often alternative looking in their self-expression. 

Sirians are salt of the earth type people, have strong connections with animals and nature, and embrace the ways of the earth. They appear wise beyond their years and are the healers, shamans, priestesses, or mystics bringing advanced technologies to earth. 

Which of the 7 common starseed species are you? 

So, which one(s) do you see yourself in? More than one?
It’s very possible that you have been incarnated in multiple realms before, so if you see yourself as more than one starseed type, trust that that’s your truth! 

Would you like to know more about your starseed origins and active connections? I made the Starseed Oracle Kit for anyone who wants to understand more about who they are and why they’re here. 

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