7 Creative Ways To Work With The Moon

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If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you know that I LOVE working with and teaching about working with the Moon cycles. Why?

For many reason, but the reason that calls me the most these days is its power for manifesting change using Divine Feminine energy.

The Moon represents the yin, the feminine, nature, attraction, “be”ing, quiet, dark, stillness, inner existence, and our emotional, feeling nature. It’s one of the places where the magic exists.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of the “hustle” — the masculine, pushing, doing energy — as being the ONLY way to build a business or “go after” what you want.

I really don’t want to hear another person say it’s hard work and long hours with no sleep. I call bullshit on that.

No, my dears, there’s another way.

Yes, going after what you want takes action and “do”ing, but not solely. There’s a better, more balanced way that utilizes the feminine wisdom and connects us with our true nature.

Enter the Moon…

Creative Ways to Work With the Moon

ONE. Gardening

Get this – you increase your harvest by planting with the Moon cycles (farmers have been doing this for eons). As a matter of fact, The Farmers’ Almanac still, to this day, has a Gardening by the Moon calendar.

Not only can you increase your harvest by gardening with the Moon, but while you’re gardening you’re also “Earthing” (if you work with no gloves or are barefoot) — rebalancing your body with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth. Pretty cool huh?

If you want to try gardening with the Moon, here are the basics that you need to know about when to do what in which Moon phase (say that 3 times fast!):

  • The New Moon is when there is balanced root & leaf growth. Plant above ground annual crops that produce their seeds outside the fruit (examples: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, grain).
  • The First Quarter Moon shows strong leaf growth. Plant annuals that produce above ground, but contains their seeds inside the fruit (examples: peas, peppers, squash).
  • The Full Moon is best for root crops such as beets, carrots, onions, and potatoes.
  • While the Third Quarter Moon is a resting period. This time is best for cultivating the land, harvesting, transplanting, and pruning.

TIP: Mow your lawn during a Third Quarter Moon to retard growth = less cutting the grass in the summer!

TWO. Fishing

creative ways to work with the moon
Image by lonely11 of 123rf.com

Am I surprising you by talking about fishing??

You can increase your catch by fishing with the Moon. Fish are most active when they are feeding. This happens at dawn and dusk, but also in a 90-minute around moonrise and moonset.

If you happen to also be on the water around moonrise or moonset when there’s a New or Full Moon, you’ll reel in a catch like never before.

THREE. Energy Management

creative ways to work with the moon
Image by Pixabay

The Moon basically provides an energetic map for us to follow. If you know which phases
are high energy and which phases are low energy, you’ll know how to plan out your activities.

To go even deeper into this, you can track your own energy with the Moon phases to see if you can find patterns within yourself of high and low energy, and adjust your activities accordingly.

According to the Moon phases, the waxing half of the cycle (when the Moon is getting larger and brighter), is more active and outgoing where the waning half (when the Moon is getting smaller and darker) is more passive and restful.

Notice when your energy feels big and when it feels small. Do these patterns align with certain Moon phases?

If you adjust your schedule and activities to work in harmony with these energies, you’ll find yourself more “in the flow” with less energetic and emotional struggles.

FOUR. Charging Your Crystals

creative ways to work with the moon
Photo by The Photo Forest

Crystals tend to lose their clarity, energy, and charge as we use them and they soak up energy.

Think of it like this: the dirtier and more clogged your air conditioning filter gets, the less efficient your A/C works. So you have to change or clean the filter in order to get it working at its best again.

Same with your crystals. They are our energetic filters and they get clogged and dirty too.

So every now and then, cleanse your crystals with sage or a bell and then set them in the Full Moon where they can be recharged back to their full awesomeness for you.

You can put them outside in the moonlight or in a window – either way works just fine.

FIVE. Releasing your blocks.

creative ways to work with the moon
Image by sifotography of 123rf.com

You can work with the Moon to find out what’s blocking you from achieving your goals, from moving ahead, from manifesting the life you want.

Ask the Full Moon to illuminate the shadows — what’s going on under the surface and stopping you in your tracks. Ask it to show you the invisible wall that’s in front of your path.

Ask it to shine a light on your behaviors that aren’t in alignment with your desires. Ask it to bring to the surface all of your limiting beliefs and upper limits.

Then listen.

If you get quiet, sit under the Full Moon and make space for the messages to come up, they will come. Have your journal handy and write out everything that comes up, no matter how big, small, insignificant, or unrelated it might seem. It all counts.

Once you’ve emptied the thoughts and feelings onto paper, conduct a small fire ceremony and burn the paper you’ve just written. Let it go. Let all of it go.

Set your intention — and declare to the Universe — that you are letting go of all that is holding you back, and burn the paper all the way down to ashes.

Watch the fire as it burns away all of your stuckness and then allow yourself to rise like the phoenix from the ashes, new and ready to begin again.

The Full Moon is a powerful force to help you release what’s unwanted, not working, and holding you back. Try it and let me know how it goes!

SIX. Cleansing and purifying your mind and body, and becoming a magnet for your desires.

creative ways to work with the moon
Image courtesy of Pixabay

I’m going to start this one backward — with the waning Moon…

In order to become a magnet that attracts your desires like crazy, you have to become really clear and really aligned. That means getting rid of everything that doesn’t serve you or that lowers your vibration.

This includes things like: ties to old & ended relationships, toxic relationships, clutter of all kinds, bad karma, broken items, negative people, toxic energy & substances, crappy food, bad habits, debt, illness, lack thinking, and anything else you want to reduce.

Just like #5 above you can work with the Full Moon and the waning half of the cycle to shed light on the low vibrational things in your life (that are only attracting more low vibrational things to you), and to release what’s not working.

Sometimes it’s “safe” to hold onto things that you don’t want because it’s less scary than the unknown of letting them go. But I promise you, it’s way better to let them go in the long run. Your life can only get better by letting go of the things that are holding you back.

Once you’re clear, you can then work with the New Moon and the waxing half of the cycle to attract and create the high vibrational things you want. The things you can attract can be:

  • things of a material nature (a house, a car, clothes, jewelry, money)
  • things to improve your life (a better job, a new relationship, travel experiences, more friends, starting a new business)
  • or things of a transformational nature (opportunities to rest and relax, yoga & meditation classes, new skills and abilities, clarity of mind and peace of heart)

Or whatever your heart desires to call into your life!

The Moon is the force that can cause you to have your own gravitational pull to gently attract anything that you want when you work in harmony with it.

SEVEN. Increasing your intuition & emotional wellness.

nature cyclesThe Moon represents the yin which is the dark, still, quiet, peaceful, feminine “be”ing , inner energy. It is a watery, emotional energy that helps you to feel and experience things in a deeper way.

It is the path into the inner wisdom, the knowing, the spaces in between, the magical undercurrent that hums through the Universe.

Working in harmony with the Moon phases taps you directly into that magical place of being and experiencing that magical undercurrent.

It is a soft, and gentle companion who will comfort you when you feel alone, and give you the strength to rise again when you need it.

Work with the Moon to express yourself, your feelings, your wishes, your desires, and it will whisper to you more than you ever imagined. 

The world is now in a sort of uproar. There’s a call for the Divine Feminine to wake up and rise and change the way we do things. There’s an easier way that’s more in the flow than the pushing, striving way of life that’s making us feel totally overwhelmed and exhausted.

Working with the Moon cycles helps you step into the flow and shift to the way of being that feels more at home in your own Soul.

You can change your life simply by working with the divine energies of the Universe. To learn how to work with the Moon cycles, download my free Moon Planner. Just enter your name and email address below to get started.

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