7 Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Vision Board (+ a spring new moon ritual)

energetic vision boardYou might be wondering why I’m writing about your vision board in April.

I mean, isn’t that something you’re supposed to make in January for the New Year? Well sure. You can do that.

But right now (starting yesterday) is the most potent energy of the year for building a vision board that jumps into manifesting action.

Why is the manifesting energy so potent right now? Glad you asked. 🙂

First, it’s a New Moon. The New Moon is known as the time of new beginnings. It’s when you set intentions for what you want to call in to your life, as in, your dreams and desires.

Then, the New Moon in Aries is the start of a new astrological year (happy new year!!). It takes a whole year for the New Moon to transit each of the zodiac signs so this is a once-a-year opportunity and it’s calling us again — right now — to begin something new.

Then, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s a quick-start, fiery, independent, pioneering energy. Aries is bold and fast moving so when you put a request out to the Universe during the Aries New Moon, it’s set into motion quickly.

And finally, this is the first New Moon of spring. And as we know, spring is all about new beginnings, birth, new life, planting seeds, getting started.

There’s qi — life-force energy — that emerges during spring and gives life and vibrancy to everything.

This is a magical diamond — New Moon, Aries, Astrological New Year, Spring — of powerful and fast manifesting energy that you don’t want to miss.

But here’s the kicker. Aries is a quick-start energy, yes. And it’s a quick fade energy too. Aries is off to the next new thing before it even thinks about finishing what it already started.

And that’s where Taurus comes in. Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and it’s a much slower, more sustainable, strong, foundational energy that will help to manifest things over the long haul.

And the Moon is in Taurus now.

So how do you take advantage of this energetic gift from the Universe? You make a vision board, of course!

So your Spring New Moon ritual is to simply make a vision board.


Not any old vision board. An Energetic Vision Board.

Before I introduce you to the Energetic Vision Board, let me tell you about 7 mistakes that could ruin your vision board.

Mistake #1. Putting images of things on the board that you think you should want, or that you’ve wanted in the past (even as recent as yesterday) but aren’t really feeling at the time of making your board.

Your vision board works best when it’s full of things your heart and Soul desire. These may or may not be things your ego wants, you’ve wanted in the past, your significant other wants, or that you think you *should* want.

Also, if there was something you wanted in the past (even as recently as yesterday), but aren’t really feeling at the time you make your vision board, don’t include it.

Anything you put on your vision board that isn’t a current heart or Soul desire DETRACTS from the power of your vision board, DIMINISHES the clarity of what you really want, and LOWERS the vibration of what you’re sending out to the Universe.

Don’t put stuff on your vision board unless it’s a true heart or Soul desire.

Mistake #2. Not including yourself on the board

What’s the most important thing on your vision board? You are, silly!

If you’re making the vision board, then yes, it’s implied that it’s for you, but how much more powerful it becomes when you include a representation of yourself right on your board!

You cast your line with your unique signature out into the Universe that it can hook onto and send what you want right back to you when you include yourself. So do it.

Mistake #3. Not including images that represent other people on your vision board.

Unless you want to do everything alone, you might want to consider including images that represent other people on your vision board.

This can be images of other people, or scenarios that represent other people.

If you want a romantic partner, then represent that on your vision board.

If you want students, friends, or a community, then represent that on your vision board.

To represent people on your vision board, you can include images of people (duh) OR scenes where people would be. For example, a dinner table with multiple place settings or a campfire with multiple seats set around the fire pit.

Remember, you get what you ask for so make sure you’re being clear about what you want.

Mistake #4. Leaving off abstract images you love because they aren’t pictures of “things”

Have you ever come across an abstract image or the background of an image that you absolutely love but you don’t include it on your vision board because it’s not a “thing”?

This is a mistake!

Your brain works on a deep emotional level with images.

Even if you don’t know what an image means when you look at it, if it provokes feelings or emotions in you, then it means something to you at a subconscious level and it will benefit you in some way to include it on your vision board.

Mistake #5. Excluding your feelings from your vision board.

What do you want in your life? Everything is fair game for your vision board.

Including how you want to feel.

If there’s a way that you want to feel — happier, zenful, beautiful, abundant, lighter, more peaceful, loved, generous, grateful… then make sure you include images that represent those feelings.

When you choose an image that makes you feel [insert your feeling here], and you’re feeling that feeling when you choose the image (which, you will be, or why else would you have picked that image for that feeling?) the Universe knows how to translate the image you chose to the feeling you want.

In other words, your feeling in that moment infuses the image with that feeling and the Universe knows what you mean.

Mistake #6. Only including material items on your vision board.

Yes, you should include material items on your vision board if there are material items you want (and who doesn’t??).

But that’s not all you should include.

If you want people in your life, include images that represent people on your vision board.

If you want love in your life, include images that represent love on your vision board. Want to give love? Or receive it? Or both? Include images that represent the direction you want love to flow.

If you want abundance in your life, include images that represent abundance on your vision board.

If you want better health in your life, include images that represent health on your vision board.

The same goes for the healing you want to happen, experiences you want to have, contributions you want to make to your world, gifts you want to share, and skills you want to gain.

If you want it, then include images that represent it on your vision board!

Mistake #7. Not representing money on your vision board.

Money is awesome. It makes the world go ‘round.

Of course it’s not the only thing, and for many, it’s not the most important thing.

But it’s the universal symbol of wealth/prosperity/abundance and it is the generally accepted method of exchange around the world for the things you want. Money makes getting what you want a whole lot easier.

Money doesn’t buy love or happiness or freedom, but it is a resource that expands your opportunities and possibilities of finding those things.

Money is a marker of the health in many areas of your life. In other words, if you have a money problem, then you have a health problem, or an emotional problem, or a relationship problem, or a business problem, or a mindset problem, or an energy problem, or a chakra problem, etc.

In other words (again), if energy doesn’t flow in your health, or emotions, or relationships, or business, then money won’t flow in your life either. Money needs clear channels to flow.

So if you want abundance, health, or flow in ANY area of your life, then including money on your vision board is a powerful signal to the Universe.

Abundance is the birth right of every human being on the planet. It’s not greedy or selfish to want money (or “more money” or “a lot of money” for that matter).

Money provides the opportunities to pursue everything else you want.

Don’t be afraid to put money on your vision board.

So now you know what mistakes NOT to make when creating your vision board.

So how DO you use the magical New Year, New Moon energy to make your most powerful vision board yet (and from here on out)?

You make an Energetic Vision Board.

Introducing the Energetic Vision Board

I currently have 3 vision boards hanging up in my office.

The first is specifically for Wise Oracle Academy – this one is only about a month old and has started playing out already. The school is open and the first class is working their way through the curriculum.

energetic vision boardI made sure to include school references, groups of women, empty seats to invite in new people, and lots of symbolism and empowerment words and phrases on the board.

energetic vision boardThe second oldest is one that I made after working through The Lotus & The Lily* 30-day self-development, deep-dive journey.

I have manifested many things from this board including community, positive changes in my health & body, more money in my business, advancements in my career, and a strengthening of my intuition.

And I’m surprised, because I haven’t reviewed this board lately to notice all of the stuff that has been showing up!

The last Energetic Vision Board that’s still hanging in my office is from early 2017. The bottom of this board says “the roadmap to happiness” and that’s exactly what it has been.

energetic vision boardThis past year I have been more creative, more connected to Spirit, more in touch with my “peeps”, having more ‘friend-time’, in an amazing mastermind, taking the best training classes, working full-time in my business & making more money, and making more time for self-care.

So, is there more happiness in my life this year? Oh yeah!

energetic vision boardOh, and there’s one more thing on this Energetic Vision Board that has come to fruition.

An image of a colorful, healthy salad that says ‘rev up your metabolism’. Well, in the past 6 months I have lost 9 pounds — this is the FIRST TIME I’ve been able to lose weight in the last 9 YEARS!

Did I mention an Energetic Vision Board can help you manifest weight loss and renewed health?? SCORE!

So what makes these Energetic Vision Boards more powerful than the rest?

Well, there are 3 elements I have added that upgraded the standard vision board to a super-charged Energetic Vision Board:

Element #1: We start by getting clear on what your Soul wants and setting an intention. The intention focuses your Soul energy like a laser beam to send out to the Universe.

Element #2: We trace your body on the base of your Energetic Vision Board in a way that creates a container of wholeness to bring ALL of you to the manifesting party. This provides a bridge between the inner and outer worlds.

Element #3: We “read” your completed Energetic Vision Board using a special map containing the 9 essences I have created to see where the magic is in your desires and pick out places we can take next steps toward manifesting your desires.

When you add these energetic elements to a regular vision board, you amplify the magnitude of the energy signature that gets sent out into the Universe with your desires and laser-focus the energy to deliver what matters and deliver it fast.

There’s really no telling how long it can take to manifest what you’ve asked for because each person is different with different energy, different blockages, and different levels of clarity.

But by:
(1) getting more clear on what your Soul wants (the intention),
(2) mapping your body on the board to bridge the invisible and material worlds,
(3) and reading the “instructions” that are coded by your Soul into the board you create,

you’re amplifying and laser-focusing the energy to deliver exactly what you want faster and easier.

How does that sound? Would you like to get to where you want to go sooner so that you have more time to live your life with your newly manifested abundance?

If so, I invite you to check out the mini course I created for you called ‘Super-Charge Your Manifesting Powers with the Energetic Vision Board’.mock up energetic vision boardIn it you’ll find complete details on how to properly make an Energetic Vision Board including the 3 magic steps you need to include to super charge your results.

The mini course includes:
* Step-by-step instructions to create your Energetic Vision Board
* Deep writing Soul prompts to help you create a powerful intention statement that magnetizes you to quickly attract what you desire
* An exclusive “Map” with your board’s 9 essences which help you decode the “instructions” coded into your Energetic Vision Board from your Soul
* The one question to ask each of the 9 essences of your Energetic Vision Board to start taking positive action now toward manifesting your Soul’s desires.

These features are all conveniently packed into one simple and powerful workbook available for download immediately after purchase.

It’s available right now at a special introductory price of $19 so you can get started right now with your Energetic Vision Board during this magical, potent astrological new year energy to manifest your Soul’s most important desires.

So how will you tap into the Universe’s gifts and work with its powerful manifesting energy as we start the new astrological new year? What rituals and practices will you use to magnetize yourself to your desires and laser-focus your energetic signature?

Make it easy on yourself and use the gifts in front of you! ❤ Share your Energetic Vision Board with us on Facebook when you’re finished!

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