8 Ways to Improve Your Manifesting Skills Energetically

The Law of Attraction works 24/7/365 no matter what. In order to attract what you want into your life, you’ll need to practice manifesting. I have 8 ways for you to practice and improve your manifesting skills energetically (because we all know it’s about energy anyway).

By the way, watch the video and get the details about these 8 tips to boost your manifesting skills. In the video I tell you I have 7 tips, but then I thought of a bonus tip on the spot!

Manifesting is an energetic skill – taking energy from the nebulous and etheric and bringing into physical reality. You’re working with invisible energy to start, so you have to find a way to work with that energy.

Here are the 8 tips to work with the invisible energy and help bring it into form in one way or another in your life.

ONE: Get Creative

Meaning paint, draw, sketch, doodle, color, play music, arrange flowers, craft, create a new recipe, etc. Do something to flex your creative muscles.

You might think you’re not an artist, but I promise you, you have creative muscles that can be developed.

Creativity helps to access your inner world through your right brain. It gets you out of your thinking mind and into your creating mind. It opens up new possibilities and helps you to express yourself in ways that you may not have words for.

When your creative juices flow, you start opening up to new ways to create, and that includes creating new things in your life including anything you want to attract.

TWO: Use your Imagination
manifesting skills - imaginationWhen working with the energy of the Universe, one of the best things you can do is to see what you want to manifest before you actually have it. By doing this, you’re creating what you want to attract in your mind, and then allowing the Universe to rearrange so that what you have created in your mind can come to you in your life.

Visualize what it would look like to have what you’ve asked for. How would your life be better with the thing or the transformation that you want? What would your days look like? What would your home look like? How about your relationships? Your finances? Your career? Your love life? Your body?

If you manifested what you ask for, what clothes would you be wearing? What kind of car would you drive? What kind of people would you hang out with? What activities would you do?

Visualize all of the details of your success and you’ll boost your manifesting skills by a thousand* percent. (*just an estimate :))

So the stronger your imagination, the more clarity you have in your visions, and the stronger your visualization skills become to manifest whatever you desire.

THREE: Doodle or Color

manifesting skills - doodlingA little bit more specific than “get creative”, in that with doodling, you are literally just drawing scribbles or random shapes or doodles on paper without thinking about what you’re doing.

Doodling is a magic skill that quiets your left brain and gives your creative right brain complete license to create for you.

Studies show that people who doodle while they listen to a lecture retain 29% more information than those who just take notes.

Doodling helps keep you in a state of pure listening because it keeps you in a state where your mind (left brain) can’t wander. So when you want to manifest something, if you can keep your thinking brain busy from worrying about all the things that can go wrong, you can align your energy to call in whatever it is that you want.

FOUR: Assume!

You know that old saying: when you assume you make an ass out of “u” and “me”? I say BAH! on that.

If you went out and put in an order for new furniture, what would you do when you got home? Would you start moving things around to prepare for the new furniture (because you assume it’s coming since you ordered it)? Or would you do nothing and just be surprised when it shows up?

If you asked your best friend to do you a favor and she says yes, would you immediately start asking other people to do that same favor because you don’t think she’ll really do it? Or will you move on to your next thing because you assume your best friend will follow through?

I bet, in both cases, you would assume that what you asked for was a done deal.

When you want to manifest something, the Universe hears you. It starts finding things that match your request and rearranges your life to deliver what you ask for right back to you.

So when you put in an order, assume that it’s coming. Be so sure that what you have asked for is coming that you only speak of it as if you already had it.

FIVE: Gratitude

Then, be grateful for it. In fact, be grateful for everything. Don’t just be grateful for what you’ve asked for, but for everything good, bad, and otherwise. Be just as grateful for difficult situations that become lessons for you as you are for having a place to live and food to eat.

Gratitude boosts your manifesting energy and brings you more stuff to be grateful for.

SIX: Practice feelings

Not only do you want to visualize what you want and to express your gratitude for it, but you also want to get into the joy of having it.

Feel how good it would feel to manifest what you’ve asked for. Feel the emotion of that joy in your body and in your heart. How would you feel expanded? How would you experience the happiness of it in your body? How would you share it?

The biggest places that people feel feelings in their bodies are in the throat, chest, heart, solar plexus, stomach. Tune in to these places and see if you can feel the feelings of the emotions there. Also check in with your legs, arms, hands, feet, head, eye brows, ears, neck, shoulders, etc.

Tune into your own body and feel where you feel your joy, your success, your freedom. The more you feel your joyful emotions, the stronger the signal you send out into the Universe to speed up your manifesting process.

SEVEN: Get in alignment with the energy of the bigger cycles

manifesting skills - moon cyclesThere are some big cycles out there that we are working in: day & night, the seasons, the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, and the other planets — specifically Mercury when it’s in retrograde.

Getting in alignment with the natural cycles is a powerful manifesting skill because you’re working with the energy that’s in flow instead of against it. And there’s no point in swimming up stream if you aren’t a salmon.

This particular item is so important to me, that I created a Moon Planner so that I can keep myself in the flow of the Moon cycles (because there’s a lot that I want to manifest!) and I want to share it with you.

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(BONUS) EIGHT: Raise your vibration

Here’s your 8th tip: raise your vibration. This one is probably the most important.

And that’s because you are ALWAYS manifesting. Always. Without fail.

When your vibration is low, you are manifesting low-vibration things back to yourself. When your vibration is high, you are manifesting high-vibration things back to yourself; and guess what. Nobody ever asks to manifest low-vibration things.

All of the things we want, whether new cars or houses, better careers, deeper relationships, more money, healthier bodies, personal expansion, discovering your true self, or anything else, are high-vibrational things.

So, raising your vibration will, by default, improve your manifesting skills and help you start manifesting better stuff into your life.

And the bonus of all this is that every other item on this list (#1 thru #7) raises your vibration.

So, no matter what, if you want something better in your life, if you want to live to your fullest potential in an easeful way, practice the things on this list to improve your manifesting skills and start creating the life you adore.

What tip (mine or otherwise) has brought you the most success with manifesting in your life? Share with us below so we can try too!

Lunar Planner
Beginner's Guide to Manifesting with the Moon

Download your Free Moon Planner for getting in the feminine flow of energy to manifest a life you adore.

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