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developing your spiritual gifts

A guide to developing your spiritual gifts

developing your spiritual giftsAre you interested in developing your spiritual gifts?

The thing that I most want you to know about developing your spiritual gifts is that they aren’t something that someone else has to give you. You don’t need to earn them. You don’t need anyone’s permission to use your gifts. And they don’t exist outside of you somewhere.

Your spiritual gifts are imprinted on your soul and are with you from the moment you enter this world. When they begin to develop and show themselves is up to you.

Some people are late bloomers and don’t start to experience their spiritual gifts until later in life (like me).

But it doesn’t matter because they show up at exactly the right time.

The thing is we often don’t recognize them because we think of gifts as something we will naturally and automatically have full use of, but the reality is that they are gems hidden within the beautiful messes that we are, and they have to be developed and coaxed out into their full bloom.

Oracle cards can help us unravel the mysteries of our spiritual gifts and provide guidance and insight into how we make the most of them.

How to Play

In my Weekly Wisdom oracle card offerings, I use the format of

1} Intention: Choose a card that represents the main topic or subject of our exploration.
2} Insight: Choose a card to offer some insight and information into the topic.
3} Spirit Action: Choose a card that offers an action you can take to work with the energy of the topic.

(To learn about this format, read this before picking your cards below).

Using the questions below, choose your oracle cards — one from each row — to receive your reading for the week then scroll down for the reveal and your messages.

The questions for this week are about developing your spiritual gifts:

Intention: What is one of my spiritual gifts?
Insight: What is blocking me from my spiritual gifts?
Spirit Action: What is something I can do for developing my spiritual gifts?

Note: don’t let the spirit action stay in a nebulous form. Use the information you receive to take a physical, measurable action in your life in order to integrate the teachings from the oracle cards into your being. This is called embodying the wisdom.

The Reading

Before you begin, you’ll get the best answer if you first take a moment to connect to your higher power. So get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and let your thoughts fall away.

Say: “I connect to (my higher power / the Universe / God / my higher self / Creator / All that Is) and ask to be guided to the message in the cards that is for my highest and best good.”

Then open your eyes, scroll down, pick your cards, and read your messages.

developing your spiritual giftsYour job is to pick THREE (3) cards — one from each row.

Pick a number, a letter, and a shape for your reading, and then scroll down below for the reveal and to receive your special message for the week.

Don’t forget to share your selections and how your message resonates with you on our Facebook page.

The Reveal

developing your spiritual giftsNow let’s dive into each section to craft your realignment message for the week.

Intention: What is one of my spiritual gifts?

developing your spiritual gifts*these cards are from the Keepers of the Light* oracle deck by Kyle Gray

RadhaRadha – Soul Flame
You have the spiritual gift of Soul Flame.

“Rediscover a lost part of yourself. Experience relationship harmony and healing.

“The Hindu goddess Radha is the divine feminine counterpart and twin flame of Krishna. She is considered to represent ‘Shakti’, the divine feminine and creative spirit of the universal life-force… She is dedicated to supporting all those who seek relationship harmony and healing. At one point she learned what it was like to be separated from Krishna, and so she can also bring great haling to those who are suffering the loss of a partner or a separation.”

One of your spiritual gifts is bringing harmony and healing to relationships whether your own or helping others achieve the same.

Forgiveness and seeing through the eyes of love and compassion are important skills for you to develop and use for your own healing in relationships so that you are embodied with the wisdom of relationship harmony.

Remember that another person cannot make you whole; only you can do that through a loving relationship with yourself and that may require finding lost parts of yourself and bringing them back “home” to create the wholeness you need to heal.

Since this is one of your spiritual gifts, that means this is a superpower that exists within you that you can use to help other people do the same.

Healing yourself and your relationships of all kinds and learning to develop your ability to do so will help to bring your spiritual gifts to life and bring you inner happiness through serving your purpose.

BrigidBrigid – Inner Strength
You have the spiritual gift of Inner Strength.

“Move back to wholeness. Recognize that you have the power.

“Brigid is a Celtic goddess of Ireland who is closely associated with fire and the time of spring. She is the twin flame of Cernunnos. She was so well loved by the Celtic people that when Christianity came to Ireland she was adopted as a saint of holy wells and other holy places. She is a powerful figure who helps us channel our energy into something that is important for our growth. And as she herself has lasted through the ages, she adds longevity to our journey so that we can reach a deep state of wholeness. You can call on her to bring her sacred flames to burn away anything that’s not serving you, to bless any new projects you have in mind and for support with fertility.”

One of your spiritual gifts is the ability to take “new projects, opportunities, and fertile ideas” and grow them from an idea into something bigger than you had imagined they could be.

This includes the ability to make positive changes in your life and see them through to fruition so that you reap the fruits of your labor.

And you have the ability to inspire and guide others to do the same.

People need help navigating through the sea of ideas and noise to home in on their soul desires and do the work necessary to bring them to life.

The rewards are beyond imagination when we can do that and it’s a gift of yours to help others see this work through to reap the bounty of their work.

This is due to the spiritual fire growing within you and the power of your soul when you harness that fire.

Learn to access and harness this soulful fire of yours and you will be able to joyfully serve your purpose by lighting the way for others.

The ShekinahThe Shekinah – Sacred Self
You have the spiritual gift of Sacred Self.

“Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life.

“The Shekinah is the twin flame of the Holy Spirit. It is the female aspect of the God-particle or creation energy. ‘She’ is more of an essence than a being, but has the ability to show ‘herself’ in ways that we will understand. She is acknowledged in the sacred teachings of Judaism and also called ‘the Sophia of Christ’ in the Gnostic gospels. She is a powerful female voice of spirit who is here touring about equality and to help the world move on from the ‘male-only’ image of God. She reminds us that God is all loving and all accepting. Whenever she appears in a reading, she points out the change-makers, the love-creators, and gift-sharers of the world, who are here to unite all hearts around the world.”

This one is part of my sacred purpose in this lifetime so I love when she shows up in a reading.

One of your spiritual gifts is the ability to unleash the wild, divine feminine in all of its forms and aspects.

This includes everything from the feminine living in harmony with the natural cycles and at peace with nature, to the wild women shaking things up to change the world.

There’s every state of being here from the yin, calm, quiet to the wild, raw, untamed and they are all needed.

Because what this really is, is loving women back to a place of knowing and honoring their true, authentic selves without filtering themselves through someone else’s reality for them.

This is women being at their very best because they are themselves.

You are on this journey yourself and you have a unique ability to use your soulful experience on this path to help others awaken to who they really are.

Insight: What is blocking me from my spiritual gifts?

developing my spiritual gifts*these cards are from the Enchanted Map* oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

coming apart#46 coming apart

What is blocking you from your spiritual gifts is that you’re trying to hold it all together and control way to much stuff. You can’t control your life and go with the flow at the same time, and it’s only the flow that can take you to the places you are so longing to go!

Drop the masks of who you think you “should” be or who others have told you to be.

Let the things fall away and die off that don’t suit you, or that you know are stopping you from advancing on your journey.

We worry so much about what others will think of us and our lives that we try desperately to hold it all in until we have ourselves “together” and feel confident showing up.

But guess what. No one is perfect and it’s only when you start showing up with all of your so-called flaws, weaknesses, fears, and vulnerabilities that you bust through those walls that are blocking you in.

It’s only in stepping out and letting yourself be seen as you are that courage starts to build.

It’s only in loving yourself that your world truly starts to change.

In order for you to get unblocked from your spiritual gifts, you have to quit trying to control things and find your flow.

Let the Universe guide you because It will lead you to the things you desire the most.

slow and steady#12 slow and steady

Patience, my friend. Patience. As the saying goes: “slow and steady wins the race.”

What’s blocking you from your spiritual gifts is being in too much of a hurry in your life that you don’t even notice all of the miracles around you all the time.

The Universe is standing there handing you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but you’re too busy worrying about everything you can possibly think of to worry about, that you haven’t noticed.

The Universe brings you — DAILY — opportunities to grow, and change, and make different choices, and feel better, and work with your spiritual gifts, and live in love, but you’re busy noticing what you don’t have, what hasn’t yet shown up, the problems, what you don’t like, and getting bogged down in the drama that you aren’t seeing the trail of gifts the Universe has left for you.

You’re too busy trying to figure out tomorrow and the next day and the next, that you aren’t being present to what IS right now. And that is sad.

If you want to get unblocked from your spiritual gifts, then you have to change your perspective.

Stop going a million miles an hour worrying about what everyone else is doing and turn your loving attention toward ‘right now’.

What is being offered to you as an opportunity to make a different choice right now?

What is beautiful and wonderful and lovely in your life or in your world right now?

What do you have in abundance right now?

What love are you giving to yourself and others right now?

You’ll get more juiciness out of life if you’re living in the moment, right now.

And your spiritual gifts aren’t something that you have to earn and be given by someone else at some later point in life.

They are innate within your soul, your spirit, your energy and they are available to you right now.

coming to life#29 coming to life

What are you waiting for? What’s blocking you from your spiritual gifts is waiting for someone else to pass them down to you or give you permission to use them.

Nobody is born an expert. One of my favorite quotes is this: “Every artist was once an amateur.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

And oh how true that is! Someone else doesn’t have your spiritual gifts sitting in a box waiting for you to claim them. You were born with them. They exist within your soul and you have access to them now.

But the thing is, just like with learning how to ride a bike, you have to learn how to use them. Start with a beginners mind and be curious, play with them, invite them to put on a magic show for you in your own life.

Learn how to LIVE your spiritual gifts so that they are part of your daily life.

And how do you know what your spiritual gifts are? (Other than scrolling up and pulling a card) Ask.

Ask your Higher Self. Ask your spirit guides. Ask your angels. Ask YOURSELF. You already know the answer.

And if you’re too afraid to claim your spiritual gifts out loud in the world, that’s why it’s good to start living them in your own life for yourself. Let them work their magic on you first, and there will naturally come a time when you are ready to start sharing them with others.

If you want to get unblocked from your spiritual gifts, then invite them to show themselves and start working with you in your own life. Talk with them. Talk with your Self. Play with them. Be curious. Explore. Imagine them as your friends like a child would.

Stop waiting and claim your gifts. They are yours already and they’re waiting for you.

Spirit Action: What is something I can do to develop my spiritual gifts?

developing your spiritual gifts*these cards are from Wisdom of the Oracle* deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

all that glitters#16 all that glitters

This message is two-fold so make sure you read all of it.

Have you ever heard people talk about having shiny object syndrome?

Where they get distracted by every shiny new thing they see? It’s pretty common nowadays in our overly busy society that prides itself on multi-tasking (don’t get me started…).

Anyway, this advice might seem contrary to what you’ve been told before, but if you don’t know what your spiritual gifts are, then go toward the shiny object!

Ok, you might need to do it in a more-controlled way so that you can still function in your life and work, but what I mean by ‘go toward the shiny object’ is to be curious and let yourself explore lots of things.

Your spiritual gifts will be things that you are naturally drawn to, are good at, learn easily, do naturally (without trying very hard or thinking about it very much), or that other people ask you about frequently.

You may not experience ALL of those things when finding and building your spiritual gifts (for instance, it may be something you love and are drawn to, but you have to really work hard to learn how to do it well), but you can be curious and give yourself permission to go deep into learning about the things that attract you.

How else will you grow if you don’t explore and experiment?

Don’t worry about spreading yourself too thin.

You can practice a little bit of discipline and go toward the shiny objects on the weekends or in the evenings so you can still get your work done when you need to, but the point is, try all of the things that are interesting so you can get a feel for how they work in your life.

That said, if you already know what your spiritual gifts are (or at least have a good idea), then you’ll want to put your blinders on against shiny object syndrome and narrow your focus.

Otherwise, here’s what happens.

When developing your spiritual gifts, if you’re having to really work at it, you may think it’s not for you, and then you see a shiny object that looks way more fun and easy so you go in that direction.

But the gift you were working on before the shiny object won’t let you go.

So, you keep dabbling in it, you can’t stop doing it, AND you’re not getting any better at it.

So you get frustrated and can’t be sure this is your spiritual gift at all.

What’s happening is you’ve found your gift, but instead of persisting and working through the challenges, you get side-tracked and you stay in that challenge phase for even longer.

If you know your spiritual gifts and want to really develop them, you have to narrow your focus and put your heart and soul into the gifts you know you have.

to the sea#7 to the sea

Emotions are wonderful things and they can really weigh us down and cause us to act much differently than we want to act.

We store emotions and traumatic experiences in our bodies, in our tissues, in our limbic system and, if we never clean them out, they eventually overload us, cause us lots of pain (physical and mental), and shut us down (when it gets extreme).

Overloaded emotions can also cause us to be overwhelmed, unfocused, unable to make decisions, unclear about what we want, feel like victims of our circumstances instead of creators of our own lives, unable to build businesses, feel bad about ourselves, and struggle with money.

Emotions are powerful forces that can be used for growth and expansion or to keep us locked away in wasted lives. (That sounds extreme, but I’ve been there and it’s a real thing).

Developing your spiritual gifts requires that you start working on cleaning up your old emotional wounds.

Get closure on old experiences and relationships that you have locked away and refused to address.

Heal your heart. Face your fears and understand what’s really and truly scary to you so you can become stronger and learn to comfort yourself.

Heal your relationships with your parents, your family, your children, your friends, and mostly with yourself.

Dive in deep to find out what you’re holding onto inside of yourself and do what is necessary to let it go and heal the space where it had been.

Healing your emotional wounds is one of the most powerful and profound things you can ever do for yourself and this alone will affect and change every single area of your life – your health and your finances included!

the fates#17 the fates

There are some things you can change and some things you can’t.

There is power in knowing the difference and wisdom that is gained when you put your energy and efforts only toward the things you can change, while letting go and accepting the things you can’t.

This is another message about trying to control the things you can’t change…

The only things you can really change can be found when you look inside of yourself.

You can’t change someone else (you can help someone who wants to change, but you can’t do it yourself).

You can’t change events that have already happened (you can heal them, but that’s different).

In those cases, there is only acceptance, healing, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Developing your spiritual gifts requires you to go within to access the acceptance, the healing, the forgiveness, the unconditional love, and to give up control of trying to change the things you can’t change.

Accept yourself.

Heal yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Love yourself unconditionally.

Stop needing to know why.

And let go of everything else.

When you start practicing this, then all of the constriction you have caused yourself by trying so hard to change what can’t be changed starts to loosen up and you return to a sense of ease and flow.

And from this inner place of ease and flow everything around begins to change too. This is the birth of a new, lighter, brighter cycle of life.

Putting it all together

What do you think about your reading? Is this helpful? Do you recognize these messages in your life? Where in your life needs attention right now? What is this pattern teaching you about yourself? What spirit action will you choose to change your patterns and upgrade your life?

If you’d like to dive deep into the journey of developing your spiritual gifts with someone to help you decipher the messages and find the direction your soul is asking you to go, book a personal, 1-on-1 reading with me.

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