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A Challenging New Moon in Libra

🌑 New Moon in the cardinal air sign of ♎️ Libra on Oct 16, 2020.

Diplomatic and social, the Libra New Moon typically offers us the opportunity to seek ⚖️  balance in the areas of partnerships, justice, and legal issues.

But, this particular New 🌑 Moon occurs just three days after Mercury goes retrograde (joining Mars, Uranus, and Neptune) which could slow us down and mess with our vibes…

…And it could be a 🔥 heated one as it is aspected by 3 challenging planets: Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, locked in its own power struggle, and could stir up 😡😖😤 “anger, resentment, frustration, and the abuse of power and authority” according to AstrologyKing.com, as well as conflict and fear.

And remember that the US presidential election happens on Nov 3rd during the Moon cycle 🌔🌗🌘🌓🌖 that starts with this New Moon in Libra energy.

However, the New Moon in ♎️ Libra also aligns with two very fortunate fixed ⭐️ stars — Spica and Arcturus — both of which bring success, renown, riches, and other good stuff. 🤩

So the potential for both kinds of power —

(1) healthy, authentic success and riches achieved by genuine hard work and determination.

(2) ruthless abuse of power that “results in polarization, extremism, conflict, and violence.”

— exist within this New Moon and the whole Moon cycle.

And with it comes the  “transformation of the existing structures and systems” both in the external world, and also within ourselves. “These changes have the potential to root us into our personal power and inner authority, guiding us back to ourselves, to our connection to Nature and Mother Earth” says MoonOmens.com.

🦋 Transformation at the root level means that “many of us will feel inspired to make different choices, as we will have the chance to understand the real motives behind what we did in the past” continues MoonOmens.com, and this is where true inner power comes in — when you can consciously make different choices in order to grow. 🌱

Personally, Libra ⚖️ energy can reveal where we are out of balance in relationships and over-giving of ourselves. The New Moon calls us back to ourselves to choose a different way. ☕️“When we are ‘full of ourselves’ then we can pour into others,” says Tanaaz of ForeverConscious.com.

And in order to come out of this New Moon feeling empowered, use the New Moon energy for patience, reflection, and inner work, and the Libra energy to promote peace over frustration, diplomacy over aggression, and harmony over drama.


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For this new moon (and all new moons), set some time aside to write ✍️ out your Moon Wishing (ie. your intentions). Share one of your intentions in the comments.

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