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your clairs explained

The clairs explained – opening to your psychic senses

your clairs explained

Your Clairs Explained

Just as you have your 5 physical senses — sight, sound, taste, touch, smell — so, too, do you have inner senses (your psychic senses) that pick up information about the world around you.

Sometimes known generically as the 6th sense or ESP (extra-sensory perception), you have at least 6 inner senses, and there are many different psychic skills that can be developed from using these inner senses.

The inner senses where you receive information are most commonly referred to the “clairs.” Clair means “clear.”

And just like your outer, physical senses, some of your clairs may be stronger and more developed than others.

Here are your clairs explained. Which of these show up for you?

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. You know your clairvoyance is working when you see images, pictures, or visions in your mind or your third eye using your inner sight. You are seeing these images with your mind’s eye. Some people are more visual than others and so see images in their mind very clearly. Others aren’t so visual and so won’t see images, or the images won’t be very clear or easy to see.

Interestingly, you may have heard a psychic called a “clairvoyant” which just means he or she is a “seer” of things that can’t be seen with the physical eyes (or known through the physical senses).

Clairvoyance is not my strongest sense, so while I do see images often, the images aren’t usually very clear and they appear as if they’re way in the back of my mind.

These images are still very telling and very important, so no matter how clear and sharp or dull and vague the images are, pay attention to them!

Clairaudience means clear hearing. This one is interesting because it can be hearing a voice inside your head through your inner ears OR tuning into external noise at just the right moment.

It might sound like someone talking in your ear, only the sound is inside of your head. I once met a spirit guide this way. I was just starting to wake up so I was in that hazy in-between state where your brain is still in theta waves. I heard a very loud whisper in my ear — only the sound was inside my head! It said ‘Viamizani’.

At the same time I saw a vision (clairvoyance) of a dark-skinned woman, Egyptian, I think, wearing a long, green, one-shouldered dress. She had long black hair and a gold arm band in the shape of a serpent wrapped around her arm. She was introducing herself to me.

Even though I was barely awake, my eyes popped open and I sat up in bed. I have to write that down, I thought. And so I did. She has been on my council of 11 ever since.

What makes this clair sense so interesting is that it can pick up external sounds too.

Many years ago I was in a psychic development class and the instructor has placed items in paper lunch bags. We partnered up, each with a lunch bag, and we were to practice using our psychic senses to figure out what was in the bag.

I was partnered up with the instructor.

All the other partners were finished – we were the last ones left. I held the lunch bag and she was to guess what was in it.

It got super quiet in the room as everyone watched us. And all of the sudden I thought, that clock on the wall is SO LOUD. That’s gonna give it away.

And sure enough, a minute later, after staring at the lunch bag, she said “it must be a clock because all I can hear is that clock on the wall.”

Now, you might think well, she’s the teacher and she filled the bags so of course she knew what it was.

But she had no way of knowing which bag I chose, or what the other partners had guessed.

She used her sense of clairaudience to pick up the external sound of the clock on the wall — and more importantly, she recognized that sound as information — to determine the answer. Cool stuff!

Clairaudience can also show up as tuning in to a conversation nearby where someone is saying exactly what you need at that moment, or a song popping into your head for no apparent reason.

Claircognizance means clear knowing. This is the only inner sense that doesn’t have a matching outer/physical sense.

Claircognizance is happening when you have thoughts that aren’t yours (meaning, you wouldn’t normally be thinking these thoughts and nothing triggered them), or when you just know something and you don’t know how you know.

For example, when I am reading oracle cards, I’ll notice different elements on the card which starts a train of thought for me. As I start talking about that train of thought, it becomes clearer and stronger and is always accompanied by a certain feeling in my solar plexus. But no other sense shows up in this case — I’m not seeing visions or hearing anything. It just shows up as thoughts.

When you know things and you don’t know how you know them, that’s your claircognizance speaking up.

Clairsentience means clear feeling. Feelings can show up in multiple ways.

You can have physical feelings (sensations) in your body that can be information. For example, if your knee starts hurting when you’re around a certain person and you have no known knee problems, you could be tuning in to the other person’s knee problems.

You can also have emotional feelings through this sense. Picking up on others’ emotions is known as empathy, and it comes in through your clairsentient sense.

If you suddenly feel anxious, nervous, or angry for no reason, that can be your clairsentience picking up those feelings from someone else nearby, or even those feelings left over in the environment.

What I love about clairsentience is that this is how your intuition communicates with you. Notice the next time you feel like you’re following your intuition. What physical sensation shows up at that time? It’s clueing you in that your intuition is communicating with you.

Clairgustance means clear tasting. This is one of the less common clair senses.

Ever get a taste in your mouth of something that you aren’t smelling or eating? For instance, maybe you taste maple syrup when you haven’t had pancakes in 3 months, but pancakes were your granny’s favorite Sunday breakfast.

These mysterious tastes can be psychic information announcing a spirit visitor or providing insight on the question you have asked.

Clairalience means clear smelling. It’s the other not-so-common psychic sense.

Ever smell something that isn’t there? For example, suddenly you smell roses when you’re indoors and there are no flowers around; or suddenly you smell cigar smoke when you’re the only one home and nobody in your household smokes.

This can be psychic information about a visit from a spirit or clueing you in to things you want to know.

These are the basics of the 6 clairs explained: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairailience. Everyone has these inner senses (in the same way we have the outer senses). How strong they are can vary.

You may have one clair sense that’s super strong while the others are weaker. You may have a combination of clairs that are strong for you. For instance, my claircognizance and clairsentience work together as my strongest senses, clairvoyance would be my second strongest sense, and the others don’t show up much. (I don’t think I’ve ever experienced clairguastance).

Other Ways to Receive Information

In addition to the clairs, there are other ways you can receive information about a person, item, or environment, and even though these may or may not come through your psychic senses, all information you can receive can be helpful.

Emotion. You can often tell the emotion that someone is experiencing either by looking at them, by feeling their energy, or by feeling that emotion yourself when there’s no other reason to feel it.

We touched on this above. Feeling someone else’s emotion is called empathy and it comes in through your clairsentient sense.

If you are empathic — or an “empath” — then you experience this on a regular basis (and it could be causing you problems. If so, read this). (LINK: emergency energy management for an empath)

Empathy is similar but let’s look at it in reverse.

When you feel something in your body, emotions, thoughts, or energy fields that isn’t yours, you are empathically picking up information from another person, animal, plant, spirit, or the energy left over in the environment.

Have you ever experienced someone else’s trauma? You aren’t alone. Read this story and tell me if you relate.

Body language. This might feel like cheating because you aren’t receiving this as psychic information; it’s coming in through your outer sense of sight.

But if someone’s body language is catching your attention, then there’s energy attached to it as well that you are picking up on. So, a person’s body language can be very telling information about what’s going on with him or her.

For example, I was once doing a reading for a woman whose oracle cards were showing that there was a lot of chaos in her life and that she couldn’t focus or get caught up.

As I was reading for her, she kept looking out the window, over at the door, around the room. She was distracted by every noise and every visual stimulus that caught her attention (which was everything!). It was so telling as to why her cards were showing me chaos in her life. So, I brought that to her attention and was able to use that information — her body language — to help her understand how to take back her power and get herself together.

External triggers are things in your environment that get your attention. This is one way that Spirit (Creator, your spirit guides, your higher self, angels, etc) gets your attention and sends you information.

External triggers can be sounds that get your attention, lights flickering, unusual animal behavior, batteries dying, noticing someone who just entered a room (even if you can’t see them), etc.

Pay attention to your environment because Spirit will use every method available to communicate with you!

I was getting a reading one time, and I was sitting with the reader in her office with the door closed.

She stopped what she was talking about and told me that she noticed that Sally, the energy healer, had just come in to the office next door. And when things in the environment caught her attention she knew it was important to pay attention.

“You should go get reiki from Sally. As in, today wouldn’t be too soon.” She used the distraction of Sally entering the building to deliver important information to me that I desperately needed in my healing.

External triggers can be powerful, helpful information so when something catches your attention, be curious about what it wants you to know!

Be Smart and Own Your Power

Some disclaimers about this article. These are your clairs explained, how they work, and what kinds of information they pick up. However, nothing in this article is medical advice. Hearing voices in your head can be mental illness. It can also be your ego, monkey mind, subconscious mind shaming you, keeping you small, and reminding you of your limiting beliefs. Tasting and smelling things that aren’t there can be a symptom of a medical illness.

If the information you receive from these inner senses makes you feel bad about yourself, is ugly, is shaming you, hurts, causes physical pain, causes stress, tells you to hurt yourself or someone else, or otherwise feels bad, then it’s not psychic information. It’s a different problem and you should seek medical or psychological advice, get counseling, or work with a coach on the limiting beliefs and your mindset.

Psychic information will feel neutral (or maybe exciting because you actually received something). It may cause you to be curious and interested. And when it’s for you personally, it will help you in some way even if it’s showing you challenges or blockages you may have.

Be smart and own your power so that you are always following what’s in your own highest and best good.

Now that you’ve had all your clairs explained and you know all the ways that you can receive information from the Universe, which of these ways work for you? Which of these ways do you want to work on and develop? How have you experienced your clairs?

Share your stories with us in the comments!

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