Spiritual Self-Care Through the Coronavirus

spiritual self-care through the coronavirus

Let’s talk about spiritual self-care during this time of the coronavirus.

This needs to be discussed because much of the world is going into a panic – at least here in the US the panic and anxiety are ramping up.

And if we leave that unchecked that’s when we get into trouble – individually and collectively – as stress and anxiety are so bad for body, mind, and spirit that it makes us more susceptible to illness. 

The news is blasting us with all the ways we should be protecting our bodies from harm (and I hope you are being conscientious about this), but fear is spreading and they aren’t talking about the wellness of our minds, our hearts, or our spirits. 

So… how can you care for yourself spiritually as the world learns how to maneuver through the coronavirus? I have a list of tools for you to keep in your toolbox and use when you are feeling stressed or anxious.  

💎 Ground yourself. Send roots down from your feet or imagine a golden thread descending from your core down into the center of the earth. Draw the earth’s energy up into your body and let it circulate through you clearing anything that doesn’t belong. 

**If you are triggered by someone or something (coronavirus related or not), always ground yourself before you react/respond.

💎 Earthing. Earthing is touching the bare earth (dirt, grass, sand) with your bare skin for 20 minutes. The earth’s electromagnetic energy gives your body a charge that helps you to feel better fast. 

💎 Cut your cords. Cut your cords of attachment from any negative thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, fears, or people. Having cords of attachment with something low vibe syphons off your precious energy leaving you with none of your own resources. 

💎 Clear your energy. You can do this with:

  • smudging yourself with smoke from herbs (like sage or incense)
  • sound + vibration (like a singing bowl, a chime, chanting, or clapping),
  • water (like a shower or a swim)
  • a salt bath
  • a restorative crystal healing session
  • essential oils

💎 Get in your body. Being up in your head disconnects you from your body and your intuition. Being in your body is the way to connect with your inner wisdom and get your own guidance. To get in your body, move your body with yoga, dance, a jog, a hike, a fitness session, etc.

💎 Meditate. You can meditate in silence, with music, follow a guided visualization, or do a moving meditation (like a slow, mindful walk or drawing a mandala).
**you can search YouTube for any kind of meditation you want.

💎 Pray. Lean on your faith and give up your worries to your higher power. 

💎 Make art. This is my favorite spiritual self-care practice. Intuitively make art. That means doodle, sketch, draw, or otherwise express your feelings and energy using creativity. Splash paint randomly on a canvas or draw random shapes on paper. (no art skills necessary for this). Art is amazing for releasing energy and communicating with your inner wisdom in a deep way.

spiritual self-care through the coronavirus 2

💎 Gratitude breathing. We learned this in our getting to neutral exercise. Put your hands on your heart and tune into your breath while speaking things you are grateful for. 

💎 Journal it out. Ask yourself: is there anything I need to clear? and then write it out. Let it all out on paper. Express yourself fully without censoring yourself. Then call in your higher self to offer you the loving truth. 

💎 Pull cards. Ask things like: 

  • What is the lesson for me here?
  • How can I rise above this worry/fear/anxiety?
  • What is my higher self perspective on this?

💎 Limit your exposure to the news. Let’s face it. The news is great for raising alarm. You can check in every now and then to stay up-to-date, but don’t let yourself be consumed by it. Feed your mind with love instead.

💎 Feed your body the nutrients it needs to be strong and healthy. Feeding your body for health is also a spiritual practice. Feed it the nutrients that keep your energy clean and your mind clear.

💎 Get support. Whether that’s through your tribe, family, friends, coworkers, FB community, clergy, a coach, a healer, or someone else, if you need support, make it a priority to get it. 

There are so many ways you can quell the fears and anxieties that may be circulating through you at any time and take back your power. 

It doesn’t matter which one you pick (or if you choose something else that’s not on this list). It matters only that you take charge of your energy and thus your spiritual health and wellbeing. 

You are here to be and do something more, and this is how you begin to move into your whole self: practice exquisite self-care of your body, mind, and spirit, and keep your energy clear. 

If you feel affected physically, energetically, or emotionally by all the hype around the coronavirus, what are you going to do to care for yourself spiritually through this challenging time?

Share your practices with us in the comments below. Lots of love to you!

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