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Have you ever read a book or listened to a speaker (usually a professional psychic) who talks about communicating with his or her spirit team or group or council? As in a whole group of spirit guides that work together with a single person?

We all have guides — multiple guides, but do we all have groups of guides that work together as a unit to communicate with us? I don’t think so. I mean, maybe, but not that I am aware of.

And that bothered me. I wanted that help. I wanted to take my relationship with my individual guides to a new level. I wanted my own council.

So I created it. (And that’s something that anyone can do.)

I created it by declaring my desire to the Universe to have a council and then inviting all of my spirit team to come together and sit on it.

At first, I would envision us meeting in a board room and sitting around a conference table. But I quickly realized that that was so sterile and uncomfortable that I asked us to meet somewhere else.

I let myself release that vision and asked for a more appropriate place to meet.

That’s when I saw 11 stones, large enough to sit on, around a fire. I sat on the stone at the front of the circle with my animal guides and asked my spirit guides to take their places.

At that time I had 5 guides that I knew: Mana Desai, Paul, Parker McKenzie, Morphique Zackby (what??), Angel Amy, Isis, and Viamizani. Don’t ask me about their names. I only write down what they say when they show up!

They took their places around the fire and as it turned out the males sat on my left and the females on my right.

At that time there were 3 males and 2 females, so 5 other open spots around the circle.

Paul was the first guide I met. I was introduced to him when I had a reading done by a psychic at a festival.

She described him as 6-foot tall, blond hair, blue eyes, surfer dude. I didn’t think anything of it, until about 6 months later when I had another reading with her and she described him exactly the same.

I mean, she used the words “surfer dude” again and everything.

I know, I know. You might think she was just repeating something to me that she knew she had said before, but not true.

The first reading I had with her was at a festival where she was booked up doing 15-minute readings one after the other all day long. She had never met me before.

She would have no reason to retain when she told me, and there was nothing about me that stood out for her to remember.

In my reading 6 months later, she didn’t remember me from Adam, so when she described him exactly the same way, I was floored (and a believer).

Paul is a life-long guide who is here to help me take action and do things (without thinking about them so much). Ya know, just do it as they say.

But he didn’t sit in the first seat to my left, because it’s Mana Desai who I communicate with the most. He’s my “right-hand man” (or left-hand in this case).

I met Mana while in an inter-dimensional hypnosis workshop to meet a guide.

The instructor of this workshop is a professional psychic and hypnotist, and she guided the group into a hypnotic state and down a path to meet a guide.

Meeting Mana in this way, without anyone telling me about him, was powerful. He just showed up.

As I was going under in hypnosis and traveling in the journey to the space where I would meet my guide, a group of letters flashed in front of my inner eyes.

I saw “MA” “NA” “DE” “SAI”. The syllables flashed before me so fast, like 1, 2, 3, 4, and they were gone. But they had burned an imprint in my memory in that instant.

In my hypnotic state, I remember thinking ‘I have to remember that!’ It was so clear and so powerful in that moment.

I did end up seeing him embodied in human form in that journey, but it was those letters flashing in front of my face that made the impression.

He’s been with me ever since and he’s the one I talk with the most. He sits directly on my left.

Next there’s Parker McKenzie. He came to me while I was doing a shamanic journey with a recorded audio.

I passed through a crystal cave where the guardian of the cave gave me an important crystal I was to work with and sent me on my way.

I entered an old-fashioned, personal library in a formal house, and met Parker.

The interesting thing about Parker is that he’s tall and thin, has a British accent, and wears a monocle.

I think he’s from the 1800’s and reminds me of some sort of Sherlock Holmes-type guy. He sits next to Paul.

Morphique Zackby (what a crazy name!), I think he came to me in that state between sleep and waking when your brain is still in theta mode and you’re highly open and susceptible to receive communication from the other side.

With a name like that (which totally popped into my mind in that theta state), I can’t be making it up. I’m not that creative!

It was so clearly a communication that my eyes popped open in realization of the contact and I had to write it down immediately. He sits to the left of Parker.

To my right is Viamizani.

She is a beautiful tall, thin, light dark-skinned person. Maybe from Egypt.

She wears a long, green, flowing, chiffon dress with 1 shoulder bare and a gold serpent bracelet that wraps around her upper arm.

She wears her hair in a formal pony tail and has a tremendous amount of poise.

She is a voice of strength and reason. Feminine yet fierce. A goddess warrior power personified.

Next to her is Isis. Honestly, I don’t know much about Isis, but she comes up ALL the time for me and so she is part of my council.

I resonate with something about her energy or her archetype and so I don’t question her presence, but welcome it.

Beside her is an empty seat, then sits Angel Amy.

She came to me very clearly in a dream and I knew she had come as one of my guides to sit on my council and so there she is.

She radiates a very sweet, pink energy — lots of love and support. She will enclose me in her wings with the best angel hug when I need it. The seat to her right is empty.

Ashwe spirit team
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The last guide to join me has been Ashwē.

He sits to the left of Morphique almost directly across from me. I see him as an Indian Chief with a big headdress.

He’s very serious and communication with him is difficult because he doesn’t speak english, yet there’s a kindness in his eyes and an eagerness in his energy to help me so I’m glad he showed up.

It was only recently that I learned why he’s here. (you can read that story here)

So there are 2 seats left to fill. Who will take those seats I wonder? Who is on his or her way to show up at just the right time, and what will he or she be coming to help me with?

I am calmly, casually, and eagerly awaiting their arrival. When they get here, I’ll welcome them with open arms. Until then, I’ll save their seats.

Which of your spirit guides do you know? How did you meet? Do you have some sort of council? Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to meet your spirit team.

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