Emergency Energy Management for Empaths & HSPs

emergency energy management for empaths & HSPs

Are you empathic or a highly sensitive person (an HSP)?

If so, then you’ve probably experienced times of overwhelm, anxiety, high stress, mood swings, and the like that threw you instantly off balance for no apparent reason.

This is because empaths and HSPs can absorb energy like a sponge which can alter their physical, mental, and emotional states of being in a heartbeat.

Let me give you some examples:

*You might be walking along having a great day when you walk into someone’s energy field who’s having a terrible day and your mood suddenly goes in the tank without anything obviously happening.

*Or you might suddenly find yourself in a situation that’s highly stressful for you, but seems normal to everyone else and your anxiety goes through the roof. (this recently happened to me – check out the video below)

*Maybe a friend unexpectedly loses her relationship and you go into a tailspin of sadness and depression because you’re feeling the pain she’s feeling.

*Or perhaps you have a difficult time going to the mall or places where there are crowds because you’re easily overwhelmed by too many people with all of the sensory stimulation happening at the same time.

Notice these are different types of reactions (2 are HSP reactions and 2 are empath reactions). Regardless, they are all cases where your energy flares up causing you extreme distress.

Being both highly sensitive and an empath, I’ve found that it’s super helpful to have tools in my energetic toolbox to ground myself and restore my energy when I’m having an energetic, emotional crisis.

I recently talked about an experience I had on an airplane that made me an anxious mess and required me to get out one of my most powerful tools.

Check it out:

So, now you know that one of my secret weapons for calming myself under extreme anxiety is drawing mandalas.

There are a few reasons this works so well:

1) It’s physical movement so it takes the focus off of my mind and my racing thoughts.
2) Drawing mandalas requires repetitive movement – drawing the same thing over and over – which is calming.
3) When drawing a mandala, you keep turning your paper as you go so you’re working with a circle or a spiral (since you’re starting your drawing from the inside and working your way out), and circles or spirals are healing and calming shapes.
4) Drawing mandalas is actually used as meditation.

emergency energy management for empaths

If you want to learn how to draw mandalas, you can download my free tutorial here.

There are other techniques you can use as well when your anxiety or emotion has gone through the roof and you need help calming yourself down. (lots of people gave lots of good suggestions on the video as well)

Making art.

Similar to drawing mandalas, making art is a process the requires the physical movement of your body which keeps your left brain busy enough that it can relax from your racing thoughts. It also accesses the right brain where you can access the doorway to your Soul and your inner wisdom to help you make sense of your situation and calm yourself down. And, art is a meditative process as well.


Using your journal as a sacred container for your experience, you can write about what’s happening in your body and what you’re experiencing. Think of describing the physical and emotional sensations as an exit path from your heart and brain, down through your arm and out your fingertips. Allow the emotion and the excess energy to be drained from your body as you’re writing.

“Exiting” breaths.

Close your eyes and tune into your breath. Feel your heartbeat (it’s probably racing at this moment). Notice what’s going on in your stomach, solar plexus, chest, throat, and head. Give each sensation a color. Gather up all of the anxiety, emotions, and sensations in your body and watch all of the colors come together to form a ball of colored light in the back of your mouth. On an exhale through your mouth, see the ball of colors being released with your breath. Then on the inhale, breathe in cleansing white light, calming lavender light, protective golden light, compassionate pink light, or whatever color feels the most soothing to you. Do this until your energy has been restored.


There’s NO better ally than the Earth when it comes to grounding. Earthing is the practice of touching bare skin to the bare ground and allowing the Earth’s electromagnetic energy to reset and balance your bodily systems. You can use bare hands in the garden, stand on the grass, or sit on the beach for about 20 minutes to ground, calm, and restore yourself.

Learning how to calm yourself and restore your energy when you have absorbed other energy is only one step in developing your empathic abilities or managing your highly sensitive nature.

Many people think that the only “defense” against being highly sensitive is protection. They live in fear of certain situations and people and do as much to shield themselves as possible.

When this is your focus, you’re harming yourself in 2 ways:

1) you’re living in a fear mindset which is a low vibration so you’re more likely to attract the energies that you don’t want to absorb.
2) you worry about shielding and protecting yourself because you’ve already taken in a ton of energy that you haven’t released. Therefore, you get triggered easier and more deeply by “normal” things.

Psychic empathy is a gift that can be used for many good things and to help you experience the richness of the world in deeper ways — unless your empathy has been out of control and has caused you overwhelming pain that causes you to shut down.

A highly sensitive nature shouldn’t cause you to be a hermit where you avoid people and situations that could be fun and joyful.

That’s why I created a program to help you clear your emotional path so that you can release the emotion that’s stuck in your body and become a clear channel for it to move through you. When your channel is clear, your frequency is clean and can be raised so that you don’t attract the low vibrations in the first place.

When your channel is clear, you aren’t as easily triggered by every day occurrences either. You’re actually less emotionally sensitive when you can feel the emotions and let them move through you as an observer rather than holding them in your body, and you’re psychically more sensitive because there isn’t energetic static in the way of the subtle information your empathic abilities allow you to receive.

I want to help as many people clear their channels as possible so that empathy becomes a gift rather than a burden. If you want help finding your core power so that you don’t get knocked over by every emotion that comes at you, then sign up here for more information.

I would love to help you be fully open in a safe, happy, healthy way!

Clearing the Path: Soul Clearing for Empaths + HSPs

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