3 reasons to follow the magical moon cycles (if you want more magic in your life)

3 reasons to follow the magical moon cycles

The Universe is full of magic and mysteries, power and grace, miracles and gifts that are freely offered to us for the taking as long as we are willing and able to tune into them and acknowledge them for what they are.

What magic do you have in your life? What miracles do you recognize daily? What mysteries have you been offered to work out?

Much and many, no doubt.

It’s sad to see how so many people are so rooted to their earthly existence, so wrapped up in their talking, squawking monkey brain that they aren’t available to experience all the magic and wonder that the Universe has to offer.

But that’s not you. I know it’s not or you wouldn’t be here eagerly wanting to know how to add more magic to your life.

You’ve had a taste of it and you want more because these miracles and mysteries of which I speak touch you down to your Soul, and your Soul likes it so you want more.

I don’t blame you. The Universe offers exquisite gifts that are irresistible!

One of those magical, mystical gifts is the Moon and her magical Moon cycles.

The Moon’s magnetic pull is strong enough to influence the tides – that’s all the large bodies of water on the Earth. We are made up of more than 60% water.

If the Moon can physically pull the seas one way or the other, imagine what it does to you — your body, your emotions, your cycles, your power as well.

Because the Moon’s influence is SO strong on us, your life will flow with much more ease if you align with the magical Moon cycles.

Have you ever seen the warning for a rip tide? They tell you that if you get caught in a rip tide and you try to swim against it, you will tire out and could drown before getting out of it. You are supposed to swim parallel to the shore to ease your way out of the rip tide and back into calmer waters in order to save yourself.

Which would you choose: fight against the rip tide and risk drowning? Or, swim parallel to the shore with the flow of the water and ease your way back to safety?

Right. It’s the same with the Moon cycles. Brute force your way through life risking struggle and exhaustion. Or work with the energy of the magical Moon cycles and flow with grace and ease to find joy and peace.

To give you an idea of what the Moon can do for you when you align with its energy, I want to tell you about 3 powerful reasons to follow its cycles.

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1. Find balance.

Throughout the Universe we find nature seeking balance: light & dark, male & female, mountains & valleys, land & sea, and the Moon takes place opposite and in balance with the Sun.

The Sun is symbolic of the paternal yang, masculine, active, outward, bright, and loud aspect of guidance, where the Moon sits as the maternal yin, feminine, passive, inward, dark, and quiet aspect of influence.

The Moon is the nourishing, replenishing, receiving energy which is necessary to counterbalance the stress of our every day lives and she provides the energy, the symbolism, and the opportunities to receive and be nurtured back into balance.

What is needed is for our personal pendulums to stop swinging wildly and exaggeratedly into each extreme and get it to stay more in the middle — in balance. There’s more opportunity to be in the flow when you are in balance because you’re not pulled off course.

The Moon helps us balance the yang energy we experience all day with her sweet, nourishing yin energy that we so badly need.

2. Heighten your intuition.

The Moon is linked to our emotions, to the wise feminine, to the secrets behind the veil. Many goddesses are linked to the Moon. She, herself, is sometimes referred to as a goddess.

And she is a mystery in and unto herself. The Moon is referred to as a luminary even though she produces no light of her own. Yet, approximately once a month the half of her that is facing the Earth is fully illuminated by the Sun.

The dark side of the Moon, though, remains a mystery that we may never see. Think of the illumination of the Full Moon as the veil shielding the secrets of its dark side (much like the High Priestess in Tarot — the keeper of divine knowledge and wisdom — guards the curtain to the unknown).

One of the rituals you can do to absorb beautiful Moon energy is to draw down the Moon. This is a way of calling the Moon goddess into yourself and filling yourself with the illumination of the Moon so you can “see” and “sense” and “feel” and “know.”

All of those are your intuitive or psychic senses that bring you information and truth. So aligning with the Moon’s energy — merging with it — will increase your spiritual awareness senses and greatly increase your intuition.

3. Increase your manifesting powers. 

We all want life to go the way we want it to be. We all want to be able to wish for something and it (or something better) to appear. It’s a natural part of life and of being human.

It’s too bad that so many people aren’t aware of the powerful tools we have at hand to make things happen that we want.

One of the incredible tools available to you to help you manifest or create life as you want it to be and to awaken yourself is the Moon.

Here’s why:

The Moon pushes and pulls the tides in and out. It is THE celestial body that causes all of the water on the Earth to move in certain directions. As I said above, our bodies are made up of over 60% water (which is tied to your emotions) so you can be sure that the Moon influences your emotional state as well.

In addition, the Moon affects plant life. For centuries, farmers planted and harvested by the Moon’s cycles because, if they did, they would harvest larger, tastier crops.

If the Moon is strong enough to control the bodies of water on the Earth AND influence all plant life to thrive (or not), then wouldn’t you agree that you can accomplish more by living in harmony with the Moon than going against the grain?

Of course!

To really boost your manifesting abilities, you want to work with the 2 main phases of a Moon cycle: the New Moon and the Full Moon. When you work with these 2 phases specifically, you’ll also get more in touch with (and have a better understanding of) your emotions which will help with your manifesting as well.

Use the New Moon (when the Moon is completely dark) and the waxing cycle (when it goes from dark to full) to set new intentions, begin new projects, take steps toward making your desires happen, send your wishes out into the Universe with gratitude as if they have already happened. Do this consistently and regularly.

Use the Full Moon and the waning cycle (when the Moon goes from full back to dark) as illumination. Let the Full Moon put a spotlight on your life to show you what’s not working well and what you need to release.

Then use the Full Moon and waning cycle to release, let go of, say goodbye to, and shed anything that’s holding you back, that’s stopping you from reaching a goal, that no longer serves you. Let go of fear, unhealthy relationships, all kinds of clutter (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic), negative mindsets and anything else that you’ve had enough of in your life.

If you don’t love it or use it regularly, it goes because it’s holding you back!

Over time you’ll notice that shedding those old skins makes you feel freer and lighter with less burden. You’ll notice that you feel freer to speak out and be your authentic self. You’ll be more inspired creatively and be able to get guidance and answers from your own intuition. You’ll notice that life gets a little more magical as you awaken.

And your energy will feel clean so that you can send a wish out into the Universe and you start getting back what you wished for or even better!

That’s how manifesting works.

Manifesting is all about working with energy, and the Moon will help you clean and align your energy so that manifesting what you want becomes easy and natural.

Use the Magical Moon Cycles

Use the magical, mysterious, goddess Moon to help you become a more authentic and natural version of who you really are so that you flow more and struggle less.

Ask her to clear away anything that doesn’t serve you so that you can free your intuitive wisdom that’s buried inside of you so that you can hear and trust those intuitive impulses that you already get.

Embody a little bit of the Moon goddess energy every day — just enough to feel the connection of the Moon’s wisdom and support gently guiding you in the right direction.

How will you work with the Moon’s energy? And why do you want to? Share your Moon stories in the comments below with your Moon sisters.

Much love,
Soul Teacher