Why destroying is a must if you want to manifest (and how to do it)

creating & destroyingCreating and destroying. The circle of life.

The seasons – spring creates new life, summer enhances and sustains it, fall starts the destruction process and winter finishes it.

The days — the sun rises to create a new day — this particular day has never existed before. The sun sets to destroy that day at the end of it. It will never be again.

A baby is born = creation. An elderly person dies = destruction.

I desire a cup of mint tea. The tea — in the form in which I can drink it — does not yet exist. I create it by heating water and inserting a tea bag containing tea leaves and the flavors that I want. I have created this cup of tea. I then drink the tea, effectively destroying it. That particular cup of tea no longer exists and will never exist again.

I work at my job to create money for myself (my paycheck), and then I spend that money ultimately destroying it as it existed for me.

I spill some juice. I have created a mess. I clean it up. The mess is now gone — destroyed — to never exist as it was again. And the juice that was created, will never exist in its previous form again either.

Interesting how we participate in creation and destruction all day, every day, yet we don’t claim it. We don’t own it. Heck, we don’t even realize it.

We don’t want to be known as destroyers – especially those of us who are light workers, sensitives, or even just caring people. Destroying doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t sound good.

But, get this. If you aren’t consciously destroying, then you have a one-way flow of energy that eventually gets clogged up, backed up and stopped.

destroying to manifest

Creation can’t continue to be created, if space is not made for it by the destruction of something else. A vessel can only hold so much before it can’t hold any more. At some point, you have to empty the vessel.

So, if you’re having difficulty manifesting what you want in your life, then you may be having difficulty with destroying that which is done, consumed, no longer needed. You’re holding on to everything and you’re just plain full. There’s no room in your energetic fields for your manifesting energy to create.

In that case, it’s time to look at your creating and destroying mindset and how you can implement this cycle in your life.

Working with the cycles of Moon

One thing you can do is start working with the Moon cycles. They are the essence of creating and destroying energy that you can tune into to help manifest things into your life.

There are 8 phases in a Moon cycle, but there are 2 phases, in particular, that are the essential energies you need.

The first of these 2 phases is the New Moon. The New Moon carries creation energy and is all about new beginnings, new projects, birthing whatever you want to bring into the world.

The New Moon occurs once per month (about every 29.5 days) and is when you set your intention about what you want to create.

From the time the New Moon starts all the way up to the Full Moon is the waxing cycle (when the Moon is getting brighter and fuller) when it’s best to call things into yourself and your life that you want to create.

The second of the 2 phases is the Full Moon. The Full Moon starts the waning cycle (when the light of the Moon goes from Full back to dark again) and is the best time for releasing, destroying, detaching — banishing and sending things away from you that you no longer want or need in your life.

You need to be in the flow of both of these energies in order to keep your energy fresh and moving, to keep your vibration clean, to make yourself an attraction magnet for what you want.

Your assignment

So, here’s your assignment. Keep track of the New and Full Moon dates and start working with their energies.

On the New Moon set an intention for something you want to create or call into your life. Write this intention down somewhere you can keep track of it as it comes into your life.

On the Full Moon identify something you no longer want or need in your life (believe me, there’s plenty of clutter of all kinds to get rid of). Once you identify it, work with the destroying energy of the Full Moon and banish that thing from your life. (Release it with love)

Something fun you can do with releasing and destroying on the Full Moon is to identify a feeling, a mindset, a blockage, an emotion, a relationship, or anything else that you want to be free of, write it down on a piece of paper, and then conduct a fire ceremony ritual where you burn the piece of paper, effectively destroying your ties to that thing. It’s a powerful process!

Have questions about working with the Moon cycles? Post them below so I can help!

Much love,
Jennifer Blumenthal



Image courtesy of Pixabay