How do I get what I want?

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How to pull the card with the best answer for you: Take a moment to tune in to your inner wisdom, your truth, your intuition, and let those things guide you to receive your best guidance.

Step 1

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and first ask yourself ‘What do I want?’ Let the truth of what you want rise within you.

Step 2

Then when you’re ready, take another deep breath and ask yourself, ‘How do I get what I want?’ then open your eyes and pick the first card you notice.

Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t hem-haw. Trust what you see and pick a card.

Your intuition WILL guide you to pick the best message available if you get quiet enough to listen. :)

Once you pick your card, scroll down for the big reveal, then let us know if you resonate with your message!

YOUR QUESTION: How do I get what I want?

how do i get what i want

The Big Reveal

how do i get what i want

These cards are from the Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

Card 1 = #9 Treasure Island (R)
Card 2 = #46 Regeneration
Card 3 = #1 Yang (R)

#9 Treasure Island (Reversed)
The Law of Attraction card that shows results from positive thinking and bringing your dreams into fruition. Reversed it warns of the view of limitation and a sense of not enough in your life. Do you have the core beliefs of a victim that focuses on disappointment and failed expectations? Do you fear that growing will cause others to cut you back down? Are you afraid that you’ll lose the things you’ve acquired so you hold on tightly to what you have? When you do you miss opportunities to grow. This card challenges you to change your perception of your life from limitation to a perception of abundance. Find the abundance around you – it is everywhere that you look in your own life. Claim it and make it your own.

#46 Regeneration
You’re getting second chances now at things you thought were dead and gone. They are back stronger and more authentic than before. Whatever you may have perceived as a loss or failure is now being replaced by something better and more powerful. Look at your second chances and step through these doors of opportunity at the wonders that are waiting for you on the other side.

#1 Yang (R)
Yang is the masculine energy of doing, taking action, movement — any energy that propels you forward. But in the reversed position, you’re being asked to consider if the action you’re taking is impulsive or aggressive. Are you acting without thinking? Are you chasing something that you may not really want in the end? That’s a waste of energy and a consequence of getting something you didn’t really want in the first place. So take a breath, take a pause, let your intuition evaluate the action you’re about to take to know if it’s really something that moves you toward what you really want or not.

What do you think? Does this resonate with you? Share your results with us in the comments below and share this with someone who needs to tap into their intuition.