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How to Set a Powerful Inspired Intention for a Magical Year

set an inspired intention

A word of the year is nice, and it can help to snap you back into focus when you need it.

Goals are also great to have, but they tend to keep us up in our heads logically thinking of the steps we need to take to achieve them (and then there’s that whole striving energy that’s attached to them).

And resolutions? Well, those are just silly because they tend to be vague and unmeasurable anyway.

None of these things provide that deep connection to what your Soul truly wants, nor do they bring you into alignment with your Soul, your Spirit, or your True Self.

To be in true alignment–your life, your goals, and your Soul’s desires — you need to set an Inspired Intention.

I recently did a free workshop on setting your Inspired Intention and it was so powerful, I want to share it with you.

So, what’s in the workshop?

First, it’s a journaling process to help you clear out the old to make space for what you want to call in, and then creating the intention statement that represents that Soul-deep desire for what you want.

For that reason alone, it’s a powerful, life-changing process.

But in the journaling process itself all kinds of other good stuff happens too.

Like, you learn what your Soul really wants for you.

And here’s a hint: when your Soul wants something that you aren’t giving it? That’s when you feel that sense that something is missing. That’s a clue that you need to go on a little hunt for why you’re here and what’s going to fill you up.

And how do you figure out what your Soul really, really wants? Well, there’s one question, and I call it the magic question, that reveals your truth. You know this truth because, when you discover it, you feel it as truth in your body.

You know how when you find the exact right dress, shoes, lipstick, rug, painting, car, house, or whatever and you feel that instant and unmistakable YES! about that thing? That’s how it should feel in your body when you figure out what your Soul wants and that’s what the magic question helps you to get to.

When I ask magic question at the right point in the intention setting process with my clients, the truth comes out. Up to this point, before the magic question, the person setting her intention is usually telling me about the outer things in her life that she wants: a better relationship, her dream job, her own business, to cure an illness, a group of close friends, more free time, a nicer house, a child…

But those aren’t the Soul-deep desires. Those are symbols of the real desire.

So, what’s the magic question? It is this:

How would your life be different if…?

  • How would your life be different if you had a job you loved?
  • How would your life be different if you were in a relationship with someone who totally gets you?
  • How would your life be different if your business doubled in size this year?
  • How would your life be different if you could heal your {fill in the blank}?

When we dive into this question, that’s when the truth comes out. I hear things like:

  • ‘I wouldn’t feel so alone. I would feel connected to life.’
  • ‘I would feel safe… like I had security in my life.’
  • ‘I would feel like my true self, like I know exactly who I am.’
  • ‘I would feel heard, understood, and supported.’
  • ‘I would feel successful and worthy.’
  • ‘I would feel like an equal partner in my marriage.’

NOW we’re getting somewhere! Those underlying feelings are what your Soul really wants. That’s your truth.

But without knowing your absolute truth first, reaching outward for all those things that you think you want won’t fulfill you, but if you know your truth first, then you can reverse engineer how to fulfill those feelings. AND you can get what you want.

See, your Inspired Intention excavates what it is that your Soul really wants so that it becomes your North Star and it guides you toward fulfilling that deepest desire.

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And, in turn, you align more with who you are, why you are here, what you are meant to do, and who you will become. All because you got in touch with what your Soul wants and set an Inspired Intention to move toward it.

Powerful. Life-changing. And a little bit of magic.

If you want the full experience of setting your own Inspired Intention, the workshop is free. Sign up below, download it, and change your own life.

What’s your Inspired Intention? What was the most powerful part of the process for you? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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