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Intention vs Initiation

Most people are familiar with an intention, but do you know what an initiation is? (and are you going through one now??)

When we’re on a spiritual journey, we want it to go smoothly and to always be in forward motion (which is not how it happens, by the way).

So when something “bad” happens or we feel like we were flowing along in our growth and suddenly we’re stuck, or we take one step forward and two steps back…

Or even worse, that nothing at all is happening – we think we’re doing something wrong or that we’ve fallen off of our journey.

(Let me assure you that you can’t fall off your journey. You can’t really even get off track.)

It’s in those worst-of-times moments that you want to stop and ask yourself: Is this an initiation?

Because it just might be.

Intention vs Initiation

An intention is something that you choose to work on, to call in, to be with, to work with. You choose an intention for “yourself based on your conscious understanding of your personal desires.” (~Laura Hollick)

Meaning, you decide what you’re working on and then you make a plan to work on it.

More from Laura:
“Intentions serve us well to build inner confidence, clarity, and personal choice. Being able to state a clear intention is a powerful life skill for your individual empowered life.

So, when you want to do or achieve something, you decide what that is and you set an intention to go in that direction.

When you set a clear intention (which is basically a clear statement of desire), it gives you momentum to go in that direction.

And it allows the Universe, your guides, your higher self to get behind you and guide you to what you want.

An initiation, however, is chosen for you by the Divine based on what you want, what you’ve asked for, and why you’re here.

Again from Laura:
“An initiation is something given to you by the Divine. It may not be consciously understood in the beginning, as you may have to go on a [Soul Art] journey to unravel its brilliance. But, an initiation is something that life has presented to you as an opportunity for your growth and transformation, as well as the ways you are asked to evolve so you can contribute to the whole.

So an initiation is an experience given to you by the Divine that causes you to grow and stretch into what you have asked for.

And it usually comes up when something is in the way of your bigger desire.

In my experience, initiations are not fun.

They are often difficult and painful, and can feel like you’re being dragged down to the underworld to never be seen again.

You have to go where you don’t want to go…

For example, I am in Shaman training, and a Shaman has to be able to go safely and confidently into the darkness to retrieve lost souls and restore wholeness.

A Shaman has to be able to hold her ground and not be pulled under the black lake by the inferi (bonus points for anyone who knows this reference!).

She has to go in, keep her wits about her, get what she came for, come back out, and restore what she retrieved in some way.

So, by default of enrolling in my Shaman training program, the Universe knows that I want the ability to be able to do this. I have asked for this.

So how do you get these skills?

You get put in situations where you have to do this for yourself to develop your skills, strength, courage, and resiliency.

And what that often looks like is a shit storm of something (or everything) breaking loose in your life.

This is your initiation in order to become who you have asked to become.

One way to work through your initiation is using a Soul Art Journey.

A Soul Art Journey is a 5-step creative spiritual journey.

You set an intention regarding the issue/initiation you’re working through and go on a focused journey to get more information and healing for your issue.

As you clear out the layers of that issue and heal it, you pass the initiation and move to your next level.

(I’m making this sound simple and straight forward, although it’s anything but that)

The key when working through an initiation is to know that that’s what it is.

You can look at your life circumstances as a bunch of shit happening to you and be a helpless victim about it…

OR, you can understand that you somehow asked for something new (new skills, new empowerment, new relationship, new gifts, new level of financial freedom, new level of business, etc) and this is your initiation for embodying what you have asked for.

If you can look at what you’re going through, no matter how difficult it is, as an initiation that is preparing you for something better (that you have asked for in some way)…

…you are much more able to work through it in an empowered way, and you’ll get much more from the experience to embody your next level.

AND, you can work through it much more swiftly than if you’re unaware and being a victim to your circumstances.

So if you are struggling right now:

(1) know that you are not alone!

(2) think about what in your life you have asked for (think big picture and think about the secret desires that have been hiding in your subconscious thoughts).

And then look at the struggle in your life.

How is it leading you toward that thing that you asked for?

When you find out, you can then use intention to work with your initiation to be empowered by it!

What initiation are you going through right now in your life?

Share it with us below. We’re here to support each other!

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