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What is Intuition School?

Intuition School is part university, part community that guides you to develop your spiritual gifts so you can heal yourself and help others do the same. In Intuition School you’ll peel back the layers of who you thought you’ve been to reveal the highest frequency of who you are — your authentic self — with your spiritual gifts in full force and get the help you need to fully show up and shine your light.

Dear Soul Sister,

I invite you to step in and activate your magic to create a life that you love. A life where you put your gifts to daily use starting with healing yourself, embodying who you are here to be and using your gifts to help others heal too. 

That's what you're here for. And it's time to lean in. No more putting it off.

I know what it's like to be stuck, spinning your wheels, feeling the ache inside of wanting so badly to be doing what you are here for and not knowing how to get there... yet, you never give up because you know magic awaits and help will arrive to show you the way. 

That help is here now. It's Intuition School - your online home that helps you find the home within yourself - and I'm your Human Spirit Guide. This is the school, the classes, and the guidance I wish I had when I was where you are now. 

And that's why I created Intuition School - for you to have a path on your journey of becoming who you are here to be - your authentic, intuitive, highest vibrational Self.

Don't stay stuck where you are. Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Join Intuition School so you can learn to spread your wings and fly. It's time.


Sign up today for Intuition School and get access to all the courses, the community, the live classes, the monthly rituals, + the bonus content which are all designed to empower you to transform yourself and (re)create your life. Working with Jen and your tribe in Intuition School will give you the resources you need to take your power back, trust your intuition, and shine your light in the world in the way that your Soul desires you to step out and be seen. It's through this process that you find wholeness and healing and reconnect with your authentic self. 


The courses carve the pathway to give you the modern magic skills to heal yourself and then share your gifts by helping others along their own healing journeys. Learn how to give transformational, healing card readings, discover your inner landscape and your unique Soul's language using creativity, upgrade your belief system to more empowering beliefs, and clean up your energy to restore it to its full integrity. Not only will you learn practical skills and tools to use on your journey and in your work, but you'll also go deeper into your personal healing and discovery where your true self will be able to surface and shine.


Join your Soul Sisters in sacred community and get busy playing in our cosmic sandbox! You'll receive full support from Jen and your sisters, and will get to practice holding space and giving support in return. Plus, our community hosts weekly live classes, card reading parties, monthly rituals, yearly events, and special occasions that help you go deeper into exploration and become the sovereign master of your own life, your purpose, your money, your creativity, and your Self. 

Instead of jumping to the book immediately, I used the information I learned in the coursework to read my oracle cards intuitively and it is such a beautiful difference!

Ashlei J

I really love this course. It is very hands on. For me it is really about creating a deeper connection with the cards, my higher self and the Divine. I keep reflecting on the cards throughout the day, and the practice really infuses my world with more understanding and magic. Very powerful.

Judith G

soul map ritual for the aries new moon

I wouldn't be able to maneuver through all of this without your work and what you've helped me with. You’ve helped me more than anything else I’ve done this year… this is working on me on the insides.

Kim S


I have grown so much in a year of Intuition School! It's amazing! I went from relying on the guidebook to trusting what messages come through to me just by looking at my oracle cards. I no longer feel the need to even look at the book. The oracle course, my second time around, is amazeballs.

Cheri Hayashi  Founder of Sunnyside English School & Animal Communicator


I am so freaking grateful for you. You get me and I feel so supported. I knew what to do - just needed a reframe of energy and brain, and you helped me so much with that! You helped me KNOW that this is what I’m here to do and taking care of myself first is the path. I asked the cards what energy I needed to focus on this week for myself - and no surprise - they said 'nourish yourself'. YOU are magic.

Suzanne Armstrong ArtWear Evangelist & Personal Stylist

I know where you are...

You’re stuck reading the book with your oracle cards and you have a nagging feeling that’s not the complete message.

You second-guess your intuition and keep referring to outside sources for your answers…. only to find out they’re wrong and your intuition was right (but it’s too late).

You’d love to do readings for other people, but you’re scared of getting it “wrong” and giving a bad reading.

You’re dying to get out your creativity tools and make something, but you feel guilty wasting your time & not being productive.

You're stuck hiding your gifts in secret because you don’t have a place where you can just be yourself. How can you shine your light out in the world when you can’t even shine it in your own backyard?

You aren’t confident in your intuitive skills so you get readings from other readers (against your better judgment) that turn out to be unhelpful and a waste of your time & money.

Don’t waste another moment feeling like you can’t trust your INTUITION.

I'm just like you...

I used to be completely dependent on reading the book, instead of using my intuitive talents...

Many years ago when I first started reading oracle cards, my process was this: pull a card > immediately read the book. Every time. No matter what. 

I did that when reading cards for myself and was still doing that the first time I worked at a booth in a psychic fair reading oracle cards for other people. 

And I felt like a total fake & a big loser doing that. Why on earth would people pay me at my booth to get a reading from the book? Anyone can do that. I was terrified. 

But, when I would pull a card, I’d look at it and fear would instantly fill me ‘I don’t know what this means… what if I guess and I get it wrong? I’m going to look like an idiot. I have no business doing this. What is wrong with me? Why isn’t my intuition working for this?’

And with that kind of fear running my mind, I had no choice but to read the book and so I did… until my psychic teacher sat down at my booth. 

She could see that I wasn’t busy with any readings, so she sat down at my booth and enthusiastically said "pretend like you’re pulling cards for me. It will make it look like you’re busy!”(she was so sweet)

So I pulled some oracle cards for her and, of course, took out my book to “read” them. She put her hand on my book and said "Don’t use the book” and when I looked at her dumbstruck with fear, she smiled and said “Make it up. Just tell me what you see on the card.” 

So I did and the rest is history… 

That moment was the gentle, loving encouragement I needed to start learning how to trust myself. To give my intuition a chance to “speak” and trust that I really *was* getting messages from my cards, and the messages were real! 

I ended up having a few reading clients at my booth that day and I think I even helped some of them. 

And by the end of that day, I KNEW that I was here to make a difference in other people’s lives - to really help them overcome their blocks and challenges and step into their purpose.

Who am I?

Everything you desire is inside of you. The more you look to the outside world for answers, the further from your desires - and your authentic Truth - you go. Are you ready to shift from “want” to “have”? Then let’s take a journey, shall we?

Hi, I’m Jen Blumenthal, Founder of Intuition School + Human Spirit Guide for awakening women craving more meaning, connection with Spirit and the invisible realms, and heart-full joy in their lives with flow and ease. The secret lies in shedding the old layers of who you have been, to find the diamond, the highest frequency that you really are. This is your authentic self and she's been doing everything she can to get your attention because she's ready to lead. When you start tapping into her, the magic and the gifts that are lying dormant inside of your begin to activate.

I've done hundreds of readings for individuals, group events, and parties. I've guided over a thousand women to discover just how powerful (and active!) their intuition is and to get real and deep intuitive messages they trust from doing their own transformational oracle card readings. Those who courageously step forward into the unknown with me are transforming their lives from being stuck and spinning their wheels wondering 'is this all there is?', to discovering their purposes, bursting open their creativity, and taking their power back in lives they love. 

I'm on this journey with you too and from the moment my journey began (which wasn't until my late 30s), I have dedicated my life to finding my authentic self, taking my power back, exploring my inner landscape, learning my Soul's unique language, mastering my intuition, connecting with my galactic ancestors, reawakening my creativity, and returning ancient Light technology to earth. 

I am dedicated to a life led by my intuition that is full of creativity, spiritual connection, and magic, and my purpose in this lifetime is take you with me. To share what I have learned and help you unlock your full potential, your highest frequency, and your intuitive magic. 

 If you choose to walk this path with me, I’ll teach you how to go deep into communication with oracle cards, share the magic of the moon, help you unlock your creativity and your life's art, use the healing process of Soul Art to discover your Soul self, clean up your energy, blow out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, teach you how to navigate the unknown (and love it!), and help you make friends with your (very talkative) intuition as we explore the unique landscape of your Soul and empower you to free your awakening Spirit.

I'm standing at the foot of the path, holding the lantern, waiting for you. Will you step onto the path that is yours to take? 

The Official Stuff...

+ Usui Reiki Master Teacher

+ Karuna Reiki Master

+ Certified Soul Art Guide

+ Soul Art Assignment Guide

+ Certified Competent Coach

+ Psychic training with Alexandra + Bonni McCliss

+ Tarot training with Alexandra

+ Lightbody Attuned

+ Certified Energy Mastery Practitioner

+ Light Language Artist

+ Human Spirit Guide

+ Awakening Woman returning to myself...




Here are some of the courses you'll have instant access to when you join Intuition School

In Awakening Your Inner Oracle Level 1:

You’ll establish a sacred connection for the Divine to work through your oracle cards directly with you to help you access your own inner wisdom. 

You'll build a rock-solid foundation for your readings, develop a relationship with your cards, and burst open your intuition so you start seeing INTO the cards for deeper, more meaningful, personal messages all from your intuition WITHOUT USING THE BOOK!

In Awakening Your Inner Oracle Level 2:

You’ll go deeper in your readings with more symbols and bigger spreads. You’ll start sharing your intuitive card readings with others, but this is not just how to give someone else a reading. You’ll learn how to use your oracle cards to facilitate a transformation for your client.

Moon Wishing: The Art of Manifesting Transformation:

In Moon Wishing, you’ll learn to work with the cycles of the Moon, the zodiac, the elements, + the cosmos to shift into your natural feminine energy for allowing, receiving, and manifesting the life you desire. 

Grow Your Own Mandala:

Ever want to learn how to draw your own beautiful mandala? This course makes it easy! Absolutely anyone can draw mandalas with this easy, step-by-step process (even if you’ve never taken an art class in your life). The side benefit? Drawing mandalas are a form of moving meditation. You’ll get the combined benefits of meditation and creativity, while you create something beautiful. 

Awakening the Whole Self:

a Creative Spiritual Journey:

Using a guided, intuitive art process called Soul Art you’ll take a spiritual journey into yourself to unlock your creative expression and learn your Soul’s unique language to find out what it is communicating to you about your life. Through this journey your Soul will guide you through a transformation. No art experience necessary. 

Beginner's Guide to Manifesting with the Moon:

Also known as the Moon Planner, this guide has dates for both hemispheres for:

  • the New and Full Moons
  • Equinoxes and Solstices
  • Mercury Retrogrades
  • Eclipses

as well as descriptions for each moon phase, and a worksheet to guide you through the manifestation process for a full moon cycle. It also includes a mini course delivered via email to walk you through each item, as well as a bonus tracker to track your personal moon cycle.

the keys to the kingdom...

When you join IntuitionSchool, you don't just get left on your own to go through the courses alone... join a sisterhood of spiritual seekers who learns together, and the support of a community who "gets" you and has your back.

You are welcome to go through any of the courses at your own pace, and you also have the opportunity to go through them with us when they are taught live. 

What sets intuitionschool apart?


Between the Intuition School courses and our Inner Circle community, we practice creative and experiential rituals, practices, and exercises to learn to embody the spiritual skills we need to evolve in our own lives and fill our toolboxes with the tools that we can use to help others.


In Intuition School and the Inner Circle, we don't just learn theory and gain knowledge. We practice what we learn, we implement it into our lives, and we watch ourselves and our lives change. You will become more intuitive, give better card readings, open up your creativity, restore your power, and discover who you are at a Soul level so that you can show up in the world in an authentic way that allows you to feel and be your best.


You don't just get a bunch of awesome classes to take; you become part of a conscious community of your Soul sisters who are on the journey with you. They get you and will support you the whole way. Not only do you get them, but I'm here with you the whole way. I'll help you learn how to shine your light and have your back. Always. We will collaborate and work together to get you to where you want to be in your life.


BONUS 1: Big Book of Spreads (value $27)

Over 75 card custom spread layouts for examining every question you have and every facet of your life.

BONUS 2: Lifetime membership to The Intuition School Inner Circle (value $3960)

The circle is the ONLY way to be in community with me. The Inner Circle is our intimate community of passionate and compassionate Soul Sisters consciously and collectively bringing light and healing to ourselves and the world. 

We come together in this sacred circle to collaborate, support each other, keep each other on track, deepen our intuitive channels, develop our spiritual gifts, heal + grow ourselves, and amplify our light together. 

The Inner Circle includes it's own benefits:

*Monthly Membership (value $396/yr)

*Weekly Wisdom from the Cards FB Live class 

*a new Monthly Card Spread

*a Monthly Medicine Circle live, creative ritual

*Additional mini workshops, challenges, instruction, & support

BONUS 3: Pick your Founding Member Star in the Intuition School Galaxy (value priceless)

This is your chance to own who you are here to be and claim your place as a healer, lightworker, visionary, luminary, change-maker, or spiritual rebel leader. This star map is the result of what happens when you follow the guidance no matter how strange it is. In a creative spiritual journey I was guided to create a sacred galaxy containing 108 stars to be claimed by other rising human spirit guides. To be a rising human spirit guide means that you have a calling to bring healing in some way or help people tap into the magic that exists throughout the Universe and guide them to their fullest potential. Do you know you're here for something bigger? Can you feel it in your bones? Then one of these stars is for you. Only 62 Founding Member Stars remain. When all the stars are claimed, all courses in Intuition School will be priced separately at their retail value. The current value of Intuition School is over $8000 with 9 more courses in development at this time.

BONUS 4: Private Activation Call with Me (value $250)

You will receive a 1-on-1, 30-minute call with me to talk about where you are in your journey, what's keeping you stuck, and activate you to move forward. With clear vision, you'll be able to see where you're in your own way, and will understand how to begin the process of creating real change that you desire. 

Pay-In-Full BONUS 5: Custom 1-on-1 Metamorphosis Oracle Reading (value $500)

My specialty reading and healing session where we work with the power of the oracle cards, our intuition, and your spirit team to bring through the clarity, the message, and the truth that is waiting to be claimed by you so that you can rise to your next level frequency, activate your abundance, and become who you are here to be. This is 60-90 minutes where we go deep. Bring your most important questions and issues so we can unlock your inner wisdom. 

What our current students have to say about intuitionschool...




Total Value $10,947

What's Included:

What's Included:

  • Immediate access to 7 courses
  • 2+ courses added in the next year
  • 9 more courses, an intuitive planner, + a certification program in development
  • Private FB groups + live feedback in all live courses
  • Enrollment in the LIVEAwakening Your Inner Oracle - Level 1’ course (beginning March 27th)
  • Live support from Jen in the Inner Circle


  • Intuition School Inner Circle lifetime membership, including:
    • Weekly Wisdom from the Cards (Live Class)
    • Monthly Medicine Circle (Live Creative Ritual)
    • A New Monthly Card Spread
    • Bonus content, activities, + surprises
  • The Big Book of Spreads
  • Claim your star in the Intuition School Galaxy
  • 30-minute Activation Call with Jen
  • (PAY IN FULL) Custom 1-on-1 Metamorphosis Reading

Total Value = $13,676

Your Investment only $1997



(save $283)








We offer a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee. 

Here's how it works: 

Sign up today and complete the first 3 modules, and if you're not happy with what you're learning, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of the program. 

All we ask is that you login to the online classroom at least 3 times, complete the required homework assignments and demonstrate your participation in the FB community (twice per week). If you do this and find the material doesn't support you in any way, we'll gladly refund your investment in the program.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I really get lifetime access?

YES! For as long as there is a school, you have access to whatever level you sign up for. Once you join you become an official part of my Soul Family and that connection will last forever... with that said, will you be inviting me over for holiday dinner?? :)

Do I really get access to EVERY course you ever make?

YES! If it goes into the public Intuition School online classroom, you get it!

I really want it but I can't afford it.

Ok, not really a question, but something that comes up a lot. I can't tell you what to spend your money on or make you a budget to determine if you really have the money or not, but if you feel that this is something that your Soul needs, then you will find a way to prioritize your money to invest in this for yourself. Investing in things that you KNOW are positive for your growth is self-care. When you fill your own cup, you restore your resources and enlarge your inner light so that you can become who you are here to be. The more you do that, the more magnetic you become for increased abundance to flow to you. So are you on this planet to serve other people as a healer, teacher, lightworker, starseed, visionary, luminary, or anything else? 

The best way to increase your income is to work on your inner world and that's exactly what we do in Intuition School, so the real question is: can you afford NOT to sign up if you KNOW you're here to serve in some way? It's time for you to get to work. If you have fears around money or need help figuring out payments, please contact me and we can walk through it. Sometimes it's just fear. Sometimes it's really about focusing your money elsewhere than here. We can help you figure out what's best for you... by the way, manifesting and money mindset are 2 things that we work on in Intuition School.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, we offer a 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee in the first 30 days. Here's how it works: Sign up today and complete the first 3 modules, and if you're not happy with what you're learning, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of the program. All we ask is that you login to the online classroom at least 3 times, complete the required homework assignments and demonstrate your participation in the FB community (twice per week). If you do this and find the material doesn't support you in any way, we'll gladly refund your investment in the program. If you don't plan to start Intuition School right away, you are still welcome to join us. Just make sure this is the right investment for you, because our refund policy does have a firm deadline.

Is this a monthly membership program?

No. You are making a purchase for lifetime access to Intuition School. If you choose a payment plan, once your 30-day guarantee period expires, you are obligated to pay your remaining payments no matter what. 

Will this offer be available at a later date?

No. Intuition School is in its infancy now and I'm working to grow it and share its light. My goal is to enroll 108 founding members at an all-for-one lifetime enrollment price (ALL courses in Intuition School as a package for one low price). Once those 108 founding members are enrolled, each course will be priced separately at their full price. The value of Intuition School now is over $8000 (plus bonuses) and will continue to go up with each new course that I add (there will be at least 2 more courses added over the next 12 months), and the enrollment price will rise accordingly. So, if this is something that is calling to you and you don't want to miss out on the chance to become a founding member or don't want to pay full price later, now is your best chance to get the best deal. Do not wait or you'll miss your chance.

When do I get access to all of the courses in Intuition School?

If you enroll in Intuition School you will get immediate access to all of the courses currently in Intuition School in Teachable. You'll get access to new courses as soon as I upload them to Teachable. The courses currently in Teachable are: Awakening Your Inner Oracle - Level 1, Awakening the Whole Self: a creative spiritual journey, Moon Wishing: The Art of Manifesting Transformation (DIY version), Intuition School Inner Circle, Energetic Vision Board, Magical Moon Creative Life Guidebook, and Awakening Your Inner Oracle - Level 2.

Any other courses that I listed in the description on the sales page are courses I will be building and uploading to Teachable over time. Some of the courses I have already created and taught live in person, but need to be reformatted to an online format before I can upload them. Other courses and products I still have to create. I will be uploading things to Teachable on a regular basis and you will get access to them as soon as I upload them.

When does the course start and end?

You are enrolling in the entire Intuition School curriculum so you will instantly have access to multiple courses as well as the Inner Circle classroom. You may begin going through the courses at your own pace immediately. Some of the courses also run live with a group at certain times of the year. You may participate with the group anytime the course runs live. Live course start and end dates vary. The next live course is Awakening Your Inner Oracle - Level 1 which begins on March 27th, 2020. 

What guarantee do I have that you'll add more courses once I enroll in Intuition School?

I am offering you a money-back guarantee. If I don't upload at least 2 more classes to Teachable within the next year, you’ll be able to request a full refund. This is my life's work and my passion. It's my mission to surprise and delight you with courses, resources, products, and support along your journey so I am confident that you'll be completely delighted by your experience.

Can I cancel my membership later on?

No. You are purchasing a product and/or services. This is NOT an ongoing monthly subscription plan. If you have chosen to pay for your enrollment using a payment plan, you are obligated by law to pay the entire amount in full (unless you request a refund within the 30-day guarantee window). By enrolling and entering your payment information, you are agreeing to pay the full amount. If you have any questions about this, please ask before purchasing. I'm happy to chat about it and help you decide if enrolling is right for you.

Why should I enroll in Intuition School now before you have fully built it out?

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and become a Founding Member at a price that I won't be offering for long. When you enroll now, you will already have forever access to 7 courses plus the Inner Circle valued at over $8000. And you'll get automatic access to every course I add from there. I am so passionate about teaching women how to use their intuition to empower themselves and become who they are here to be, that I'm confident that I'll upload at least 2 more courses (maybe more) within the year. If, for some reason, I do not add at least 2 courses in the next year you can ask for your money back. So you have nothing to lose (except the frustration of taking a spiritual journey alone).

I have more questions...

If you have more questions or want to know if Intuition School is right for you, shoot me a Facebook message (friend me at or send me an email at and we can chat about it. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

See you on the inside! I can't wait to get started with you.

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