Journaling with the Gibbous Moon

The Moon is a powerful energy to have on your side. She is intuitive, quiet, still, internal. She shines the light on our inner landscape so we can traverse our way through our inner jungles and come out whole and healed on the other side.

You can work with the Moon to heighten your intuitive senses, to get information, to heal yourself, to reveal the shadows and the hidden stuff going on inside your subconscious mind. Shed some light on that sucker and you can change your limiting beliefs.

The Moon is the very representation of the cycles that exist in the Universe, and it provides a very clear, very distinct energetic road map to follow that will gently nudge you into the flow.

By learning about the Moon phases, you can learn about yourself, your energy, your emotions, your needs. And then you can work with the energy of the Moon — and yourself — to change your life. It’s powerful stuff.

You are a sacred creator and the Moon is at your beck and call to help you create.

The more you get to know her, the deeper you can go within yourself. As you shine a brighter light onto your inner landscape, your outer world gets brighter as well.

About the Moon

The Moon repeats its cycle about every 29.5 days. Within that cycle are 8 very distinct Moon phases, each with their own energies and strengths that can help you with everything from manifesting the car you want to getting the perfect job to transforming your life to discovering exactly who you are.

When you know how each phase works, you can adjust how you work to match that energy.

Beginner's Guide To Journaling with the Gibbous Moon


Here are the 8 Moon phases and a little bit about each of their energies:

moon phasesNew Moon – New beginnings, fresh start, blank page, plant a seed. Action: Set an intention

Crescent Moon – The gathering of energy, birthing something into the world, the seed breaks open and the baby shoot enters the world. Action: Allow your plans to start forming around bringing your intention to fruition. Gather information.

First Quarter Moon – Start taking action on your plans. Move forward. As obstacles and challenges start to pop up, use body movement such as dancing, exercising, stretching to generate energy that can be channeled into creative expression that will clear the obstacles away. The shoot struggles through the dirt and finally breaks ground. Action: Take joyful action to bring your dreams into reality.

Gibbous Moon – Leave behind all judgment, worry, and self-criticism. Trust that it’s all coming together. Focus on your vision. The shoot is beginning to bud. Action: Take what you’ve learned on your journey and make adjustments to your plan.

Full Moon – Your sapling blossoms into full outward expression. Time to celebrate the progress so far and to let outside resources assist you to further create your intention. Action: Allow the shadows to be fully revealed so that you can tweak your plans and move forward, or decide to complete the cycle as-is and release it from your energy fields.

Disseminating Moon – Time to harvest your bounty. This is the peak of your journey and the birth/death cycle. When you connect with others and share your abundance, you’ll gain more clarity. Action: Share your vision generously with the world.

Third Quarter Moon – The energy of the cycle starts to wind down. Anything left after harvest begins to decompose and conserve energy for the next cycle. Action: Make a final push toward completion. Review what worked and let go of what didn’t.

Balsamic Moon – Remaining seeds have fallen and buried themselves in the ground to gather energy for a new cycle. This is the time to rest and go inward to recharge. If you ask, you’ll be shown what needs to fall away. Action: Allow what’s left to be released. Rest. Prepare your inner self for another cycle.

Today (through Saturday) we’re in a Gibbous Moon phase which means it’s time to adjust our plans based on what we’ve learned so far and the obstacles that have popped up.

Before we do that… 

In addition to the energy the Moon phase brings, there are other energies involved as well — specifically, the zodiac sign the Moon is in at the time. Today our Gibbous Moon happens to be in Cancer.

Cancer is a watery, emotional, intuitive, empathic, highly sensitive energy! So this is a great time to look at your emotions, sensitivities, and perceptions in relation to your intention and the obstacles that are popping up.

…Are your emotions running on high making it difficult to concentrate?

…Is your intuition making things so clear that you’re speeding along toward your intention?

…Are you overwhelmed and tired from the emotional energy in the atmosphere?

…Are you feeling extra sensitive to stimulation in your environment?

So, now we’re going to journal to see what obstacles we’re coming up against and how we can adjust to move our plans forward.

You can do this journaling exercise at any Gibbous Moon regardless of what sign the Moon is in. Each zodiac sign has specific energy so just look up the sign and do your journaling based on the energy of that sign.

Before You Start Journaling

journaling me timeOne quick note about journaling. You can take your time journaling and think about the right answers, OR…

you can do automatic writing (which tends to be more insightful).

To do automatic writing, get quiet, get yourself in your body, set a timer, ask a question, and go.

Start moving your pen(cil) and don’t stop until that timer goes off — no matter what. Even if you have to write ‘I don’t know what to write. This is dumb anyway. Why am I writing if I don’t have anything to say?’, keep writing NON-STOP.

Once you get through the first couple minutes of your brain trying to control the situation, you’ll slip into a flow where words just start to come because your subconscious is getting to come out and play (and that’s what you want).

Most of what you write might be nonsense, but when you do automatic, stream-of-consciousness writing, you will most likely get little nuggets of gold — highly valuable information that you can use to change course going forward.

That’s what you’re looking for — those little nuggets of gold. Ok? Let’s do it.

Oh, by the way, I made you a simple journaling worksheet you can use if you’d like. You can download it here. No email signup necessary. 

Or, here are the prompts you can write in your journal:

{1} What are you noticing that’s getting in your way of bringing your intention to fruition? Regarding the Cancer Moon, what obstacles are you experiencing regarding your emotions, your sensitivity, and your extrasensory perception?

{2} Knowing that those obstacles are getting in your way, how can you adjust your plans to compensate or get around the obstacles and challenges?

Of course, we always want to include gratitude in any journey that we’re on whether it’s going well or not, so…

{3} What are you grateful for on this journey to bring your intention to life? You can be grateful for both things that are going well, and lessons you’re learning.

Even if no nuggets of gold came, you still gave yourself a few minutes of focused attention and released what’s in your subconscious, and that, in itself, is highly valuable.

With practice over time, automatic writing gets better and the little nuggets of gold turn into full blown healing energy, so keep practicing. Keep working with the Moon, the Sun, the seasons and cycles so you can fully step into yourself and who you are here to be.

This stuff works. I promise.

So, what did you get in your journaling? I would love for you to share your nuggets of gold in the comments.

Soul Liberator

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