Love from above… Messages from Spirit

Love from spirit

Love is in the air, isn’t it? Of course it is!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day — time to share love with your friends, family, and of course, your special someone.

And don’t forget the most important person to share love with: YOURSELF!

How will you practice self-love and self-care this Valentine’s Day?

I think I’ll treat myself to a pedicure and some downtime with a nice magazine that I can dive into. Oh, and some yummy tea. That sounds awesome!

I feel inspired to share with you some of the magical ways you might get information about love and relationships in a spiritual sense. It feels like the loving thing to do.

So, how might you get messages of love from above? Let me count the ways.

1. from nature: feel the love

Nature loves you! Your spirit guides love you! Your angels love you! And they all love to send you messages using the things around you.

nature expresses her love
the heart shaped tree stump at our new house.

The Tree Stump

When my husband and I were looking at a house to buy, I was standing on the deck looking at the back yard which is almost completely shaded over with trees.

I looked down. My eyes focused directly on a tree stump below me barely sticking out of the ground.

A very small stream of sunlight was shining through the trees directly onto this tree stump illuminating it as if it was in a spotlight. The tree stump is in the shape of a heart.

I knew, at that moment, my spirit team was telling me Yes! You will love this house! So we bought it.

love from nature
feathers from my turkey friends…


Have you ever found feathers on the ground or in odd places? I have found them in the strangest places!

I find them on the ground a lot, but once I had gotten out of the shower and towel dried myself off. When I looked in the mirror, I had a tiny feather stuck to my face!

How in the world??? But I needed the message badly at the time so I giggled a little and said thank you.

Feathers are a sign that your angels are around. They love you and support you. They want you to know they are with you always so that you ask for their help.

angel pennies express love
Image courtesy of Pixabay


Did you know that pennies found on the ground are called “angel pennies”? Yeah, your angels really want you to know they’re around!

So, next time you find a penny on the ground, send up your gratitude and soak in the love that you’re being sent.


2. Using crystals: affect your love

crystal love
Image by Nikkized at

Crystals are magical little rocks that hold all different kinds of energy.

You can affect and direct love in numerous ways with crystals.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rose Quartz as a stone of love and compassion, but there are so many more!

Here are some crystals you can use in your crystal grids, under your bed, in the love and relationships area of your house (if you’re into Feng Shui), or wear on your body.


Open channels of love

  • opens channels of communication
  • helps to speak without anger in difficult situations (so you can kiss and make up!)
  • encourages a lover to return
  • helps two people live together harmoniously (great for newlyweds)
  • strengthens commitment and fidelity
  • releases patterns of overreaction and manipulation for better relationships, love, and compassion


Attract love

  • stone of successful love that attracts romantic, passionate, unconditional love and domestic bliss
  • poet’s stone (to help you whisper sweet nothings in your love’s ear)
  • classic stone of love and romance
  • balances relationships and friendships
  • heals heartbreak


enjoy love

  • stone of love and passion
  • helps you enjoy earthly pleasures of sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy in a balanced way


Connect for love

  • crystal of connection
  • helps heal disagreements and disputes
  • can aid in repairing damaged relationships


bring in love energy

  • brings in love energy
  • promotes truth and loyalty


romantic love

  • increases passion and romantic love
  • brings integrity, devotion, and happiness to romance
  • brings sensuality
  • stone of great courage, inner strength, self-confidence, and self-love


stone of love

  • stone of truth and honest
  • promotes honesty in relationships
  • stone of love
  • helps maintain a loving relationship comfortably and with ease
  • brings harmony and inner peace which helps to act in a loving manner

3. In a reading: examine your love

My favorite way to explore love, of course, is through a reading.

Spirit is more than happy to share all sorts of interesting information about love based on the questions you ask or the way the reading is conducted.

Even without asking questions, I will pick up on the energy that is needing to be addressed at the moment. If love is weighing heavily on your heart, it will show in the cards.

Here are several ways that Spirit will help you with love in a reading.

self worth for love
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck by Tori Hartman

Self-Worth: Remember who I said was most important to love? Yourself, of course! The cards will show you if the love you need to express needs to be directed inward.

Or it might be that your lack of self-worth is blocking you from experiencing the loving relationship you most desire. No one else can love you if you don’t love yourself.





Find your love soulmate
Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck by Tori Hartman

Soulmate: Are you thinking that your current love might be your soulmate, but you aren’t sure? Ask the cards — they’ll tell you.

This card can mean many things. It can relate, again, to needing to discover yourself first.

It can signify that you have found your soulmate.

It could mean that finding your soulmate is the most important thing on your heart, or that your soulmate is on the way to you.



broken heart from love
Energy Oracle deck by Sandra Anne Taylor
grief from love
Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck by Tori Hartman

 Broken heart or Grief: These cards can tell me if you have a broken heart. It could be new or it could have been broken in the past and was never repaired.

These cards are great for healing your broken heart because they help me guide you to the healing activities you need to feel whole and ready for love again.


Love feels so amazing, but not when you have a heart that has been programmed with hurt. We can let go of that hurt and help you to move on.

angel of love
Energy Oracle deck by Sandra Anne Taylor

Angel of Love: Are you looking for love? Tired of waiting for it? Looking it in the eyes and don’t realize it?

The Angel of Love may appear when love is there waiting for you to recognize it.

She can help you look at what and who is around you with different eyes so that you recognize love in the many hidden and quirky forms it comes in.

Or let you know that it’s on its way so that you can keep your eyes (and heart) open for its arrival.


attraction and love
Sacred Rebels deck by Alana Fairchild

Power of Attraction: Are you attracted to someone and want to know more about that person? Is he or she attracted to you as well? Does the relationship have the potential to go anywhere? Are you compatible?

This card can help reveal what’s happening in the background of your spirits and what to do going forward to grow the relationship into something lasting and fulfilling.

It can also reveal a potential love interest that gives merit to exploring. How fun is that?!


She feels, she knows love
Sacred Rebels deck by Alana Fairchild

She Feels, She Knows: One of the biggest problems I see with women today is that you don’t trust your intuition to some degree (completely or at all), or you don’t know how to recognize it.

When love is lurking, your emotions (and your ego) get all up in your face and in the way making it really hard to know what is — and isn’t — your intuition guiding you forward in a relationship.

This card helps to uncover your uncertainties about yourself, about love, about your future, and helps me guide you to whatever it is that empowers you.


receive love
Sacred Rebels deck by Alana Fairchild

Receiving: Sometimes love is there, but it’s not as deep as you would like and you can’t figure out why.

Maybe you aren’t open to receiving it. Maybe receiving seems selfish and icky. Maybe you were always told it’s better to give than to receive.

Whatever the case may be, this card will help us uncover the blockage that’s stopping you from deepening your relationship so that I can help you find the best ways for you to open your receiving channels.


By the way, these cards can mean many other things and there are many other cards in my decks that can talk about love!

Love, Love, Love

Message of love. Guidance for love. Ways to strengthen love. Finding hidden love. Unblocking love from arriving. Accepting and receiving love.

Spirit has so many ways to talk to you about love. Are you listening?

So, this Valentine’s Day, look for love, recognize it, be grateful for it, give it freely, and soak up all you can. Love it what makes the world go round!

Plus, love is the highest vibration there is so if you want to manifest other things in your life — no matter what it is — holding the vibration of love will help you attract exactly what you want.

In which of the ways listed above do you receive messages of love from Spirit? How do you know? Share with us in the comments below.

With Much Love!