Say YES! to the magic of the Moon {doors closing soon}

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m reaching out more than usual these past 2 weeks to make sure you are aware of a big, magical cosmic event and opportunity to maximize it. My annual Moon Wishing program is now open for registration and the program starts with the powerful New Moon in Aries on April 7th.

You are invited to join us in the Moon Wishing program to learn how to use the magic of the Moon, but here’s the catch: You only have 4 days (counting today) before I lock the doors for the year.

The New Moon in Aries is a cosmic event that only lasts for 2 days out of the whole year, so act now or it will leave you behind.

How it all started

I first started Moon Wishing as a free course in 2014 when there was a very rare New Moon on January 1st – the New Moon aligned with the calendar New Year. But I quickly learned that the REAL new year that mattered most, as far as manifesting the life I most longed for, was in April — the astrological new year when the New Moon is in Aries — because of three divine sources of creation energy that merge during that time and work in harmony together to give us the biggest potential for creating, manifesting, and embodying our true, authentic selves.

I learned that the April New Moon in Aries was the BEST and most POWERFUL time to create a vision board. I got better results when I made my vision board using that special energy than when I created it in January.

I then learned a better way to make a vision board (which you learn in Moon Wishing). A way that bridges your visible, physical world and body with the invisible energies of your Soul (your personal secret keeper) because it’s your Soul, after all, that knows what you REALLY want and what will truly serve you to enjoy the best life possible.

I learned that your Soul is your all-seeing, most loving, master guide, guardian, shaman healer, and teacher who will help you to get on your authentic path to your genuine happiness, and so I spent a lot of time learning to speak her unique language so that I could get the guidance I knew I needed.

magic of the moon vision board april 2015

Many people had signed up for my Moon Wishing course. They loved it and were seeing some results from it, but they wanted more. They asked many questions and wanted to know more about using the Moon cycles to change their lives, including:

  • What rituals they could do to go deeper into the Moon Wishing process
  • How to draw mandalas to expand the energy of the intentions they were sending out into the Universe (because they saw me doing it)
  • How to align the Moon cycles with astrology to manifest changes more quickly and easier
  • What’s holding them back from reaching their goals and how to work with the Moon cycles to get unblocked
  • How to use other tools like crystals, essential oils, and oracle cards to connect more strongly with their Moon Wishing intentions
  • In-depth information on the best language to use to make new wishes (and whether or not using the word “wish” is ok)
  • How and when to release unwanted, old, clutter-y energy using the Moon cycles
  • How to bring in more divine feminine goddess energy when working with the Moon
  • What other tools they could work with to increase their manifesting abilities
  • How to live more intuitively
  • Why being creative is important when Moon Wishing
  • When the Moon energy is most powerful throughout the year for each individual person

So, my Moon Wishing course grew and expanded to include these lessons and other tools that made manifesting happen easier and faster. It provided a way for the women who took the course to tap into their feminine power and merge with the feminine divine. It helped them to start bypassing the ego voice and access their Soul’s wisdom to tune into what they really want.

And I invite you to allow it to empower you in the same way.

magic of the moon

The Course

Moon Wishing: Harvesting the Power of the Moon to Create the Life of your Dreams is a year-long, interactive, DIY ecourse where you’ll learn how to align with the energies of the New and Full Moons to set meaningful intentions and embody the authentic you that’s patiently awaiting to emerge.

In other words,

You take control and become a conscious and deliberate creator of your life instead of being a reactor to it.

You take the power and make life what you want it to be rather than letting life drag you along by your heels.

Because here’s what you really want and what this course will open you up to:

  • Your priorities are shifting. Sure, it’s still nice to have things and manifest items for fun and comfort, but deep down, what you’re feeling most called to is connecting to the divine powers of the Universe that you can somehow sense — to the ‘something bigger’ that you feel and know is out there and calling you to something bigger in your life. A way to contribute in some way and make a difference to something that’s important to you.
  • You are more sensitive to energy at this time in your life (although you may not realize that’s what it is). But you are feeling a need to connect to Spirit in an expanded way and to be supported by the Earth.
  • Your intuition is awakening and asking for your attention. You know that. You sense it. But you don’t trust it. You want to trust it, to live intuitively, but you aren’t sure how.
  • Your spirit doesn’t want to be held back any longer. It’s feeling restless and wants freedom. Whether you experienced some sort of reprimand or trauma as a child, or you became stuck in the ordinary, mundane world as time went on, you’re feeling a need to expand your personal boundaries and express yourself in a bigger way. You have a voice inside that needs to be heard and a longing to be creative.
  • What is feeling more important to you these days is creative, magical, intuitive energy that’s attracting you to investigate it. You may be attracted to angel cards, oracle cards, psychic readings, crystals, art, or other things like that that contain the mystery you are so curious about.
  • You aren’t feeling as connected or supported as you want to be. Your relationship feels a little blah — like you each have different priorities that don’t mesh and your mate isn’t interested in what you’re doing. You want and need support from someone who understands and encourages your interests and your newer priorities.

I could go on… but I think you get the point. I hear you. I feel you. I SEE you. And I can help you.

I have the perfect solution to all of that. It’s called Moon Wishing and it teaches you how to change your life by:

  1. Working with the powerful Moon cycles
  2. Manifesting your Soul’s deepest desires
  3. Releasing your inner power to be, do, have, and create whatever you want.

Moon Wishing is a class on manifesting unlike any other you’ve ever experienced because you learn not only how to manifest ‘things’, but to manifest change — embody transformation — according to your priorities and what you want life to be like (instead of what it’s like now).

Your journey starts here with Moon Wishing to tap into the power of natural cycles, to connect with the Divine, to access your Soul’s wisdom and free your restless spirit to create. And, to connect with a network of like-hearted women who understand and will support you on your journey… and it’s a powerful, personal, transformational one.

When you sign up for the Moon Wishing course, you get:

Moon Wishing features for magic of the moonA library of ebooks, tools, techniques, rituals, + worksheets to help you align your energy with the life you want and manifest it — embody it — call it in to yourself while releasing the things you don’t want or need…

  • 4 ebooks on Moon Wishing
  • A newly redesigned Moon Wishing workbook to keep you on track the whole year
  • A Moon Calendar quick reference guide with the important cosmic dates: New + Full Moons, Mercury Retrograde, Eclipses, Solstices, Equinoxes, and Meteor Showers.
  • Moon Mail + Ritual Videos. 24 fun ritual videos — one for each New + Full Moon — to help you amplify your wishing energy in the right way. Some sample rituals include: creating a wishing tree, drawing down the Moon, psychic spring cleaning, using healing stones, calling in a Moon guide, and more.
  • Plus, special bonuses: membership in the Master Manifesting Crystal Grid, a Full-Moon-of-the-Month Poster, Mandala Coloring page, Manifesting Magic eCourse, Secret Club of the Universe Facebook Mastermind, and special things I add throughout the year.

This is your chance to learn how to truly “manifest” — that is, embody the change you want to bring into your life. You and you alone have the power to change your life so let’s make it happen for you.

The doors are only open for 4 days.

If this is drawing you in, click any of the links above or visit for more information. You only have 4 days…

Love You to the Moon + Back!