8 Mistakes That Might Be Sabotaging Your Intentions

Intentions vs Goals

I think of goals and intentions in energetic ways. The way goals are described makes them feel in line with masculine energy which is all about the “yang” — achieving, pushing, reaching, taking steps toward them.

Intentions, however, feel very different. They are a more gentle energy associated with “yin” feminine energy which feels like allowing, being, receiving, and inviting them into play with you.

I don’t know about you, but in a world full of masculine energy, bringing in the feminine energy feels restful and sooooo good!

But both goals and intentions, when used together, are super powerful in creating the life you want because you are activating both the yin and the yang together to manifest.

You’re probably already going after your goals (so practicing the masculine energy), but are you balancing that with the other side? Time to add in some yin.

Only, intentions work a little bit differently so I want to make sure you’re not making the mistakes that a lot of people make with intentions (and then wonder why they aren’t working).

So here are some mistakes that might be sabotaging your intentions.

ONE. Asking for other people.

Unfortunately, no matter how much you love and care for someone, you can’t manifest for him or her. Setting intentions for someone else doesn’t work.

When you set an intention for yourself, the Universe responds to your energy. If you set an intention for someone else, the Universe is responding to that person’s energy, and if it’s not in line with your intention for them, it doesn’t work.

You can, of course, send someone good vibes, healing energy, love, and support with their intentions. They may not and don’t have to accept what you’re sending, but you can send it with good intentions.

TWO. Not sticking with it.

When you set an intention, the Universe has to move and realign. You exist in the 3rd dimension in a human body, and the Universe has to move things in a third dimensional way in order for you to manifest what you have asked for.

It has to move humans and reality to meet you where you are and in the path down which you’re traveling. This can sometimes take a while depending on where you’re at and what you’ve asked for.

So, don’t get discouraged if something hasn’t come to fruition. Stick with your request and keep moving forward as if you have manifested it.

THREE. Not working with all the available energies.

energy of the universeThis is less of a mistake, and more of a learning opportunity. Not doing this won’t sabotage your intentions, but it certainly won’t help them either.

There are MANY energies available in the magical Universe that will work with you to manifest what you have asked for:

  • The Moon
  • Astrology
  • Law of Attraction
  • Affirmations, positive thinking, & mindset
  • Rituals
  • Crystals
  • Feng Shui
  • Chakra work
  • Yoga
  • Healing
  • Meditation

Check out the video above for some tips on how each of these energies will help you to bring your intentions to life.

FOUR. Not receiving.
receivingThis is a big one for sabotaging your intentions! You may have asked for something, but are you receiving it when it arrives? Are you even recognizing it when it comes? Are you paying attention?

What if it looks a little bit different than you expected? You have to be able to recognize your intention when it comes — no matter what form it shows up in — and receive it.

So many people have issues receiving because we’re taught ‘it’s better to give than receive’ but that’s a bunch of crap! (there I said it)

It’s awesome to give, but it’s also awesome to receive. There’s a whole separate blog post around this, but for now, know this: you’ll sabotage your intentions from arriving if you don’t receive them when they get here.

Tip: You can judge your ability to receive by noticing how you accept small gifts. Can you take a compliment without getting embarrassed, brushing it off, complimenting back, redirecting attention elsewhere, or self-deprecating humor?

How do you react when someone waits on you (other than a server in a restaurant)? ‘Here let me get that for you… Oh, that’s ok, I’ll get it myself.

FIVE. Not keeping your thoughts pure.

pure thoughtsAnother way to think of this is not keeping your thoughts consistent. If you have a thought about how much you want abundance, for example, then the following thought is how you don’ t have any money (lack), then the next thought is how wonderful your life is (abundance), then the next thought is ‘crap, my credit card bill is so high this month‘ (lack)… then you have a problem.

With every thought you have, you send out energy into the Universe. You are either sending out a high vibrational energy (abundance) or a low vibrational energy (lack).

Remember, the Universe starts rearranging reality based on your energy, so if you change the energy you’re sending out with every other thought, the Universe just shifts things back and forth and you never give it time to deliver to you what you asked.

Keep your thoughts pure, high vibrational, and consistent or risk sabotaging your intentions.

SIX. Not adjusting when you need to adjust.

Course correction is a good thing. I have a friend who made a vision board one year. By the middle of the year, the things she had asked for on her vision board were all happening — except everything she was doing was alone.

When she went back and looked at her vision board, all of the images of a person on her board were of a single women. There were no images of relationships or community. So, the Universe was delivering EXACTLY what she asked for.

Because that wasn’t exactly what she wanted, she adjusted her vision board to add other people onto her board in order to change the energy. Once she did that, things started shifting for her.

So, don’t be afraid to say ‘no, Universe, that’s not exactly what I meant. Try again.’ And give the Universe more details and more instructions. The Universe wants you to have the abundance, happiness, and life you love

BONUS ONE. Limiting the Universe.

This one’s not in the video. It’s your bonus tip.

If you set an intention and you don’t add ‘or something better‘ then you’re setting limits on the Universe.

Sometimes the Universe knows better and can deliver you something even more extraordinary than what you requested, but you have to give the Universe permission to do so.

So, when you set an intention, make sure you add ‘or something better’ onto your request so that you get the very best that’s out there for you.

BONUS TWO. Not being specific.

You can set general intentions like ‘be more present’ or ‘make more money’, but if you started bringing in $.25 more pay each week, would you feel like you your intention of ‘make more money’ had come to fruition?

Technically, with this raise in pay, it has come to fruition, but this isn’t really what you meant, so say what you mean. Set intentions as you want them to show up in your life (or something better).

The Universe will deliver no matter what so you might as well be specific about what you want.

What tough lessons have you learned from sabotaging your intentions? Share with us in the comments so that others don’t have to make the same mistakes as we have!

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