The most amazing full moon of the year + a cleansing ritual

amazing full moonThis Full Moon — the one in Scorpio that occurs this evening (5/10/17) at 4:42pm CT — may be the most potent and important Full Moon of the year. It’s certainly the most amazing Full Moon! So, if personal and spiritual development is important to you, take advantage of the powerful offering of Moon energy that will grace us this evening.

The Full Moon is a time of culmination. Whatever you started at the last New Moon (or the previous New Moon in the same sign as this Full Moon which happened 6 months earlier) may be coming to fruition. Or it could be bringing things to a head — especially emotions. The Full Moon tends to bring things to the surface and shine the light on them for you to deal with (whether you want to or not!).

In this case, the Moon opposes the Sun so you may feel a conflict between what’s happening in your inner world (the Moon) and what you’re experiencing in your outer world (the Sun). You might feel torn or pulled in different directions. Or, you might feel compelled to do a lot of double takes to make sense of what you feel vs what you see. (enter The Matrix…)

So let’s talk about the 2 reasons this Full Moon is such a big deal.

First, it’s in the sign of Scorpio and Scorpio is complex, focused, and intense. The Astro Twins call Scorpio the zodiac’s shaman and the ruler of extremes.

Scorpio sends us deep into transformation and connection — transformation of consciousness, self-mastery, transcending old baggage, embracing change, and forgiveness and restoration of relationships. Awakening, if you will. But the kind of awakening that can happen either by experiencing your darkest shadows or your most enlightened self.

And connection, as in sex. Not just casual sex, but deep, intense, intimate bonding with another human being. An intimacy that makes you really feel understood, known, heard, and seen.

Scorpio also intensifies underlying emotions, and this Moon could cause those emotions you’ve been holding onto under the surface to boil over in order to be released and healed.

Let them come up up and then let them go. Let yourself be cleansed and make space for something new to come in. With that space created, Scorpio will help you shape-shift and transform into the next version of yourself.

So, there’s that…

This amazing Full Moon (the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus) is also known as the Wesak Moon which is the celebration of Buddha Day, called Vesak, in Buddhist traditions. Alex Myles from Elephant Journal calls it “one of the most significant and auspicious festivals of the Buddhist year.”

It is believed that Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and passed away all on the Wesak Moon and that “the Buddha returns to the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas once a year to bring spiritual energy and a new wave of awakening light that glows the next 12 months,” says Alex.

The Moon represents pure consciousness, intuition, emotion, creativity, divine feminine, the yin, the element water. It literally controls the water that flows throughout the earth that sustains life, and has a similar effect on the water that flows through our bodies.

The Moon’s gravitational pull that creates the push and pull of the tides represents movement and fluidity. Just as water can overflow the land, so can it overflow within us.

Just like water can be tranquil, peaceful, and nurturing, so, too, can it influence us in the same way.

Just as water can cleanse, so, too, can we use the water (emotions) within us to cleanse and heal ourselves.

And that connection to water and all that water represents is something that makes this Moon so potent for transformation, releasing, healing, cleansing, forgiveness, and gratitude.

The Ritual

In order to be more in tune with the vibrations and the energy being offered through the Moon’s divine alignment, you can do a ritual.

Rituals are ceremonies that bring awareness and attention to your intention. They are a way to bring the invisible energies of intention into your physical reality and to embody the transformation that you ask for. They also help us gain clarity on our truth and gather the strength we need for letting go of the things that are no longer working for us.

Here’s a ritual you can try on this Wesak Full Moon. You can change any part of the ritual if it feels right for you.

You will need:

Sacred Space (cloth, crystals, sacred objects)
Candle & lighter
Glass or bowl of water

Part 1: Releasing

1. Create your Sacred Space. This might be at your altar, your desk, your garden, or if possible, out near a body of water (especially a moving one like a river or ocean). Set out a cloth and place your sacred items on it. Light a candle to symbolize your never-ending connection to the light.

2. Cleanse your Sacred Space. Call in your helping spirits if you so desire. Light some sage or incense and wave the smoke around your area to cleanse it of stagnant or negative energy.

3. Sit or stand comfortably. Ground yourself by taking a few slow, deep breaths and sending your roots down into the earth.

4. Tilt your head back and extend your arms out wide to the side so that you are open to this amazing Full Moon. Ask the Scorpio Moon to reveal and illuminate anything within you that doesn’t serve you or that is ready to be released and healed. Allow those things to bubble up, to rise up within you for as long as needed so they can be released.

5. Pick up the bowl of water and hold it between both hands. Visualize all those things that need to be released moving through your body, up into your shoulders, down your arms, and out your hands into the bowl of water, as if the water is a magnet pulling those things out of you.

6. When that feels complete, say an affirmation like “I fully and completely release everything that no longer serves me.” If you have specific things you want to release, your affirmation can be specific. Feel into what works best for you.

7. Pour the bowl of water into the earth, down the drain, or into the body of water you’re near so that all of the energies you released can be transmuted and healed. Put down the bowl.

8. Clap your hands and shake off any residual connections to the energy in the bowl. Wave your arms across the front, sides, and back of your body to cut any cords to what you have released. Declare those things released.

9. Now that you’re clear, scan your body and notice the feelings and emotions in your body. If you are still feeling that there’s more to release, repeat steps 4-8 as many times as necessary.

Part 2: Renewal

Now you have some clean, clear space! It’s normal throughout daily life and when doing releasing rituals to leave little parts of your energetic self all over the place. They get scattered and spread out. So, now we’ll recharge.

1. Continue standing or sitting comfortably. Close your eyes and relax your breathing. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Say out loud or in your mind: “I now invite all the parts of myself to return home.”

2. Visualize your parts returning. They might look like puzzle pieces, shooting stars, snowflakes, wisps of smoke, rays of light, or anything else. Allow yourself to see those parts as they return whatever they look like. To tune into them, you can give them color, shape, temperature, size, feeling, or anything else. They may come back in quickly or they may float in slowly. There’s no wrong way to do this. Continue seeing all of your parts returning to your body and your energy fields until you feel the process is complete.

3. Once it feels complete, raise your arms up in a “V” shape and tilt your face up to the amazing Full Moon. Ask the Moon to fill you up with new light, connect you to your innate wisdom, and infuse all your parts together into wholeness of your being. See yourself being filled up and your parts fusing together until you feel complete.

4. Lower your arms and sit quietly feeling the newness in your energy. Take a few deep breaths and circulate the breaths throughout your system to complete the renewal.

5. Express your gratitude to the Scorpio Wesak Full Moon, to the earth, to the water, to Spirit, to your guides, to yourself. Blow out your candle.

Engaging in rituals allows us to fully experience and embody our intentions by anchoring them in physical reality, and to remind us that we are connected to all living things.

May this special Full Moon ritual provide cleansing and healing, and help you feel empowered to create the change you want in your life!

Repeat this ritual with any Full Moon you’d like. It’s especially powerful when the Moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

How do you feel after your ritual? Share with us in the comments below.

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