My Writing Process Blog Tour

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This blog post is part of the My Writing Process Blog Tour.

I am so excited to be participating in this blog tour so you can get to know me a bit better!

It hasn’t been long since I started blogging, but I think I’m starting to get into the swing of things – at least that’s my next goal. I like to keep in touch with you every other week or so to chat, teach and share with like-hearted people like you. I love the conversations that start up and all of the awesome people I get to meet through my blog.

I was passed the torch by my friend and Accountability Buddy, Nozomi Morgan, and you can read her story here. And now for my story…

What am I working on?

I’m personally working on something that’s very near and dear to my heart so I can bring it to my clients as well: connecting with my Soul to expand my creativity and find what fulfills me so that I can guide my clients through the same process to get the same results. I’m doing this in 2 ways: using mandalas and Soul Art.

I draw mandalas as my personal meditation practice, and teach workshops on how to draw them so that other people will use them as well. They provide a direct path to your Soul and speak to you about what’s going on in your life. It’s like they have their own personality that shows the truth of who and where you are at the time you draw them.

I’m also completing a Soul Art Certification now so that I can lead people through their own healing Soul Art journeys. Soul Art is a way to make your Soul tangible and physical. It’s another way to connect with and hear your own inner wisdom – and let yourself be guided by your intuition so that your life is rich and flowing the way it was intended to be.

Both practices are powerful and lead you back to a place of wholeness within yourself where you feel balanced, whole, and connected inside and out.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

One of the cool things about the work that I do, is that I am, by nature, very left-brained, and the work I’m doing is very right-brained so I’m able to bring both sides together to help teach people about the spiritual and metaphysical concepts in a clear way. Often in the spiritual or metaphysical realm, the message is “get out of your head!”, but I’m here to tell you that you can be in your heart and in your body AND you can think too. We need more spiritually guided people that are grounded and connected to “reality” (whatever that is). :)

Why do I write what I do?

I am fascinated by energy – how it works, how each type of energy influences other types of energy, how we humans can change our lives when we realize that everything is energy and we learn how to work with it. You may have heard it being referred to as “the field.” Imagine that you’re in a 3-D spider web made purely of energy. Every thought you have gets sent out into the field and attracts more of that energy back to you. Every person on Earth is in this massive web which means we are ALL connected.

So, everything I write is somehow related to energy whether that’s working with energy directly, or the spiritual aspect of awareness, or different practices of working with energy or even the different moods and scenarios we find ourselves in. It’s all about energy and it’s all related. I love everything about it and I want to share it with as many people as I can!

How does my writing process work?

Well, I wouldn’t say that I have a “process” for writing… although whenever I do write something whether that’s a blog post or an ebook I am very methodical about it. I like linear, going step-by-step and leading someone through something. Give people basic guidance and then let them free to have their own experience. When you don’t have to worry about “how” to do something because someone guides you through it, you can be free to be in the flow with it and let your experience unfold. That’s my goal in my writing. How that happens on my end of the pen? Intuitively… and that works for me!

And now, ladies & gentlemen, I would like to pass the torch on to 3 of my blogging buddies. Please let me introduce them!

Dale Anne Potter is a Textile Mixed Media Artist, Teacher, Coach, Speaker who lives in a small town in SW Saskatchewan. Her daily inspiration — nature, its textures, rhythms and colours, the materials at hand, fabrics, paper, found objects, and the movement of life — provide her with the ideas and enthusiasm to create new work. She quilts, paints, journals, stamps, collages, doodles, CREATES all while Spreading Positive Creativity worldwide! She is passionate about showing people that when they continually work on seeing the POSITIVE in their lives, more POSITIVE comes to them in abundance. You can find her blog here.

Pete Cossaboon is a writer and blogger focusing on spiritual journeys and life transformation stories. His current project is centered around individuals who have overcome adversities and are now living authentic lives. Through interviews with experts he discovers modalities for change and growth.

Denise Fountain is the Health, Wellness and Sanity Coach for Moms. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to juggle your kids, your partner, your job and your own health and happiness? Are you ready to find your own voice and get confident about health and nutrition for you and your family? Do you or your family have health challenges that you want to look at from a more holistic approach? Her mission is to guide moms through the ages and stages of parenting so that they can become confident role models for their children while becoming confident leaders in their own lives. Check out her blog here.

Check out my Who’s Jen page for some fun facts and other info.  Anything else you want to know about me? Ask me in the comments!