I never wanted a tattoo

I never wanted a tattoo

I never wanted a tattoo. They didn’t impress me and why would I want to permanently mark my body up like that?

I never “got it.”

I’ve have a friend who wanted a tattoo soooo bad many years ago. She talked about it all the time. She wanted a 4-leaf clover with a ladybug on her ankle. She talked about it a lot.

She FINALLY got it (many years ago) and was sooooooo happy about. She loved that thing.

I was like ‘eh. Yeah it’s nice. I guess.’  I didn’t get it.

Over the years she’s continued getting more tattoos. A sleeve on her arm of the Confidence Angel with roses and zinnias… A raven on the right side of her chest and a hawk on the left… A script of her family motto in Latin on her arm.

And she continues wanting more.

Every time she told me about getting a tattoo I would think ‘why would you want to spend your money on that??’ (In my head, of course. I’m not a jerk! And really, I’m in total support of someone investing in something they desire)

But I never wanted a tattoo.

Today a couple came into a store at the beach where I was. They were both tatted up big time. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She was wearing a bikini and a very small wrap around her waist. So her tattoos were very noticeable.

I was mesmerized by the woman.

I thought ‘how cool it is that someone can so freely express herself and show off that expression of who she is with no hesitation.

There is so much freedom she has in that expression. I wonder if she realizes it.

I’m going through a whole redefining of who I am. No. It’s more of a rediscovery. Maybe it’s even a discovery for the first time of parts of me that I’ve never experienced before (which is challenging and fun at the same time!).

In the process, I’m noticing more about personal expression and being who I am… bringing my unique medicine out into the world (because we all have a unique gift to give to the world), and in the process I am developing a program for others to do the same.

We need more of who we are and less of who we think the world wants us to be.

We need more alignment…
More harmony…
More feeling at home in our skin…
More authenticity…
More spirit medicine…
More women finding their empowerment to share their medicine and bring healing to the world.

Start thinking seriously about who you are, what triggers you, where you are holding yourself back, what your unique gifts, talents, and strengths are, and what you truly, truly desire from a Soul-deep and heartful level.

Let’s bring the authentic, aligned, unencumbered, magical YOU out into the world for your own fulfillment AND the healing of the world.

People need us to do that. So let’s do that.

Like I said, I never wanted a tattoo… but things are shifting. I’m changing. I want to experience the freedom of fully expressing myself in the world without hesitation.

Do I need a tattoo to do that? Of course not. But I’m finding so much beauty and joy in the thought of expressing myself with a tattoo, some day I might just do it.

What about you? Tell me about what you truly desire to be, do, have, or create in this world in the comments below. The more we talk about it, the easier it is to bring your unique medicine to life!

Much love,

Soul Liberator