In the Cards: What is one thing blocking you from creating your dream life?

In the cardsIt’s becoming more clear to me that using oracle cards is a consistent, positive way to receive guidance and help from your Higher Power whenever you want or need it so I want to start sharing with you how to work with your intuition to connect with the Divine through the cards.

Here’s what I want you to do: Ask the question below in your mind (you can say it out loud if you want to). Really let yourself feel the question and be open to receiving some guidance, a message, or a clue as your answer.

Then, pick one of the cards below and scroll down for the reveal.

Now, when you look at the cards to pick from, go with your gut instinct. Go with the first card you’re attracted to and trust that it has a message for you.

How do you know which card you’re attracted to? You can sense it or feel it in your body or mind. Something will draw you to one card over the other and that’s your card.

The trick is that the sensations and feelings you get about which card is the one for you might be very subtle so it takes some practice tuning in to those subtle feelings. For now, look at the cards and quickly decide which one is calling to you.

This isn’t a thinking exercise. It’s an intuition exercise so look, pick, and scroll down for your answer. Trust that the message you receive is the right one. Ok?

Now, focus on this question for 3 or 4 breaths and then pick a card: “What is one thing that’s blocking me from creating my dream life?”

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The Reveal


And now for the reveal… Make sure to read my notes after the reveal, ok?

Here’s your message:

1. Vanity – You’re too worried about what other people think to be your true, authentic self. It’s tiring isn’t it? Always putting on a certain face in this crowd, and another one in that crowd. You fear that people won’t accept you or like you if you show up as your normal self. You feel like you won’t fit in if you’re just you.

Well guess what. You might not fit in. They might not like you or accept you. And if that’s the case, are they true friends anyway? Are they really the people you want to hanging out with or do business with? Let those fakers go to make room for your real peeps. I can promise you that being yourself — your true, authentic, real, vulnerable self — will fit you so much better. Only when you are true to who you are will you find the place you REALLY fit in, will your business grow, will you make true-heart friends. And even more, that’s the only way you will truly feel at home in your own skin.

If you picked this card, think about where you are not being true to yourself. What’s one thing you can do to express your Truth?

2. Destiny – Is it your destiny to live this life you’ve been given? Is it fate to suffer a certain way. Do you have to settle for the hand you’ve been dealt? After all, the spiritual folks say you asked for this. Your Soul signed a contract to experience certain things here in your body on this earth. That’s true, but that’s not the end of the story.

The truth is that you are, your Soul is, a co-creator with the Divine and you get to co-create your life — whatever you want your life to be.  Yes, you signed a contract to have certain experiences in this lifetime. But you also came here to learn, expand, and grow. You were given the abilities to learn the lessons presented to you and move up to the next level.

You were given the ability to change your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions (which are the core ingredients that create your reality). So you have the power to change and the power to create the life you want.

If you picked this card, check in and see if you feel like a victim of your circumstances or you have settled (begrudgingly) for the hand you’ve been dealt. What’s one action you can take to start to change your life for the better?

3. Passion – Where’s your passion? Have you discovered it yet? Do you know what your purpose is? You either haven’t figured it out yet (which is totally ok), or you are following a false passion — something you think you “should” be doing.

What does your Soul really want to do? What does it want for you? What longings do you have (If I could just…)? What do you wish you could do if money was no object?

Or, and this is a big one, how do you feel about money? This is totally a money card in the sense that you either don’t feel like you can make money/make a living following your passion, or that money is in some way bad/evil and so you should just give your passion away. You go to a “real” job to earn a living, but the thing that you love to do, the thing that lights your Soul on fire, well, you have to give that away. It’s a gift you have, right? And gifts you have to give away for free (or very cheap).

Guess what. That mindset hurts your Soul. This is worthy of a whole other post, but briefly, money is what we chose to use to circulate in the world as currency in exchange for goods and services. Nobody ever (truthfully) said that money can only be exchanged for things that aren’t fun or don’t fulfill you. The truth is that the things that fulfill you are highly valuable. You put a LOT into the things that fulfill you and they are very worthy of money — giving and receiving it.

So if you pulled this card, it’s time to dig into your beliefs about what you *want* to do vs what you *should* be doing, and how you feel about money in your life — giving AND receiving it for your or someone else’s passion. What is one thing you can do to find out the truth about your beliefs about following your passion?

So, what did you pick?

Does the message resonate with you in any way?

Here’s the thing: there can be many things blocking you from creating your dream life. There are layers and layers of things that we must clear, and as we clear them, life gets better and better.

So, if your message resonates, great! This is something that’s in your upper levels and ready to be worked on, acknowledged, or healed in some way.

If the message doesn’t resonate, great! Maybe this issue for you is down in deeper layers and there are other things that need to be worked on first before this one surfaces.

Maybe you’ve recently dealt with this and thought it was healed but there is still some residual energy lingering that needs to be cleaned up. You know, loose ends tied up or some final closure that wants to happen.

Maybe you just don’t feel this AT ALL and you’re in denial that this is an issue for you. That’s totally cool.

Whatever your response to the message you received, trust that YOUR INTUITION showed you truth whether it applies now or not.

You don’t have to adjust your life because of what the cards say. Just be open to the possibility that this issue might actually be showing up now or in the future.

Thank your intuition, your Higher Self, and Spirit for working with you today and give a smile in gratitude, then go on your merry way!

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Sending you lots of love and magic in your life!

love, jen