A psychic spring cleaning ritual for the Full Moon

psychic spring cleaning ritual

If you’re like most people, you’re starting to feel weighed down by the winter blahs. The indoors are dusty, the air feels stagnant around you, and life is feeling slow and heavy. You long to feel the spring breeze on your face and the warm sun on your skin bringing you back to life.

Winter hibernation — our yin time to slow down, go inward, and rejuvenate — feels good for a time, but before you know it, spring fever starts creeping in.

A surefire way to combat the winter blahs, even if you have a good deal of winter left where you live, is to start spring cleaning.

After all, long before plants show their curly little tendrils above ground, they start waking up, stretching, and spreading out way below the surface. They rebelliously wiggle and climb their way to the top, and by the time they emerge from the dark, they are well on their way to being healthy and strong. The warm, active, yang energy — the love and support they seek from the sun — will help their little voices come out and be heard loud and clear.

So, it’s time to be like those little free spirits breaking out of their seed below the ground and start waking the force up within you, preparing to make yourself known in the spring so that you feel connected and alive!

I know. Spring cleaning doesn’t sound like some magical activity that will make you want to shout ‘I am woman. Hear me roar!’ but hear me out. I’m not talking about scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees or dusting all of the nicknacks on that top shelf (yet).

I’m talking about a psychic spring cleaning ritual using the Full Moon.

Now THAT sounds intriguing! Let me explain…

Psychic Spring Cleaning

A psychic spring cleaning ritual is a cleaning and clearing of your psyche and your energy fields. The thing that drains your energy, your mood, your intuitive abilities, your creativity, and your inspiration the most is psychic clutter.

Psychic clutter means that your personal energy fields are full, clogged up, bottlenecked, stagnant, and dirty. Ewww.

There’s no room for energy to circulate or for new energy to come in. You feel down, like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. You’re uninspired and tired.

The slower your energy moves, the more stagnant it becomes, and the worse you feel.

The only solution to this problem is to get your energy moving again, so that’s why it’s time to start your psychic spring cleaning now.

The Power of the Full Moon

Just because you need to do some work to get your energy moving again doesn’t mean it has to be hard or boring or laborious. It can be fun, enchanting, and a little magical too.

In fact, it will be more productive for you if you tap into the magic that the Universe has to offer you.

We live our lives in cycles. A day repeats every 24 hours. The year cycles through the 4 seasons. Plants grow in cycles — birth, growth, bloom, death, rebirth. And the Moon cycles through its phases about every 29.5 days.

The Moon has a powerful, but subtle, effect on us. Just like the magnetic pull of the Moon causes the rising and falling of the tides, so does it affect our bodies that are made up of mostly water.

While the Sun represents yang energy — warm, active, dry, loud, extroverted, masculine, light, conscious — that which you can see; The Moon represents our yin energy — cool, damp, passive, quiet, introverted, feminine, nurturing, dark, subconscious — the secrets, the magic, what’s hidden behind the veil. The Moon rules our emotions and guides us on when to create, when to harvest, and when to let go.

There are 8 phases in each Moon cycle, but for now, just focus on the 2 main phases: the New Moon (when the Moon is completely dark to us) and the Full Moon.

The first 4 phases of the Moon, starting with the dark New Moon, are the waxing cycle when the light of the Moon grows larger and brighter. The Full Moon begins the waning cycle when the light of the Moon goes from full to back to darkness again.

The New Moon and the waxing cycle are good for new beginnings and drawing things to you.

The Full Moon and the waning cycle are great to help you release what no longer serves you. This is the potent energy we want to tap into for our psychic spring cleaning.

What is Psychic Clutter?

So back to psychic clutter. What is it?

Psychic clutter is the energetic debris caused by physical, mental, and emotional clutter that takes up unnecessary space in your energy fields and psyche, and causes a hinderance in some way.

Physical Clutter

Physical clutter is your physical “stuff.” If you have a closet full of craft supplies, you don’t have room for fresh, new craft supplies to come in. You have so many craft supplies that they’re disorganized. Or your amount of craft supplies overwhelms you to the point where you have trouble even deciding on which project to start. Your craft closet is full. Your workspace is full, and things are overflowing into other rooms on onto the floor.

Everything — Every. Single. Thing. — is energy and that means all of those overflowing craft supplies are tangled up, stagnant, overwhelming energy that’s creating psychic clutter for you and causing your energy fields to become worn out, tired, stressed, depressed, unheard, confused, and spinning your wheels.

It may not be craft supplies. It might be your shoes or clothes in your closet (Be honest. How many pairs of shoes do you have and how many do you actually love or wear?). It could be junk mail and catalogs, hair products, or antiques and nicknacks that started out as awesome flea market finds, but are now dust collectors on your shelves or attic filler.

If your physical stuff doesn’t have a home where it can be organized, it doesn’t get used, or it isn’t loved, it’s clutter and it’s causing you energetic distress. Period.

Mental Clutter

What if you have a bunch of craft projects started and not finished. You have knitting in the living room, a half-designed beaded necklace in a box. Old wood you collected to hand-make those cool distressed signs you saw on Pinterest.

Projects that you started but haven’t finished. Or, projects you started in your mind, but haven’t yet worked on in reality are mental clutter and therefore, psychic clutter. Mental clutter takes up brain space. Every time you start something — whether it’s a creative project, an email, your taxes, or reading a book — you create an open mental file in your psyche.

The more of these open files you have, the more clogged and slow your energy is, and the less room you have for inspiration or joy to come in.

Emotional Clutter

Do you have an ex that still haunts your memory or that you still have bad feelings about? Do you have a challenged relationship with a parent or sibling?

Do you have toxic people in your life — you know, the friends who are downers and complainers and never have anything nice or positive to say?

Do you still have newspaper clippings and old photos of your high school sweetheart who didn’t turn out to be so sweet? (ummm, guilty)

Or, do you have physical things that you don’t like because a friend or relative gave them to you and you feel guilty giving them away? (guilt clutter — the worst!)

This is all psychic emotional clutter that’s sucking the life out of you. Seriously. Why do you hang on to the stuff that causes you pain? You deserve better.

What To Do About It?

Here’s the fun part. You get to clear all of this out once and for all!

So, your job right now is to do your psychic spring cleaning ritual. Get rid of the physical, mental, and emotional clutter that’s clogging up and slowing down your personal energy fields. You can really do this at any time (and I suggest you get on it ASAP).

But if you want to enhance your psychic spring cleaning ritual, do it during the Full Moon. Call on the energy of the Full Moon goddess and ask for her help in releasing anything that causes you pain and suffering. She is more than happy to help.

Don’t worry about tackling everything at once. Pick a small area and clear it. One step at a time. You will notice a difference.

A Psychic Spring Cleaning Ritual

Here’s a little 6-step psychic spring cleaning ritual to make it easy for you:

ONE. Mark the next Full Moon and schedule yourself some psychic spring cleaning time on your calendar. (You still have time to use the Full Moon that started on 2/22/16).

TWO. Before you begin clearing the area you have chosen, take a minute to center yourself and tune in to your energy fields. What do they feel like? How do you feel regarding the area you’re about to clear?

THREE. Connect with the Full Moon goddess and ask to be filled with the cleansing, clearing light of the Full Moon to help you release what no longer serves you.

FOUR. Clear out that area of clutter. If you don’t love it, or it doesn’t get used regularly, it goes. Don’t keep things out of guilt. If something makes you feel bad or negative in any way, it goes. Decide on what unfinished business you are going to release, then discard it and wipe your hands of it. Separate yourself from toxic people. You can write down what and who you energetically want to release on a piece of paper, then burn the paper to release the energy.

Be brutal with this process. Do it in small, bite-sized chunks, but only keep something (physically or energetically) if you love it or you use it.

FIVE. Once you’ve cleared an area, declare your separation from the clutter and release it. You can say ‘I now release all energetic ties to these items and offer the energy back to the earth to be transmuted into something beautiful.’ Brush the residual energy from your hands and close your energy fields to it.

SIX. Now tune in to your energy fields again. How do you feel? Does it feel different? Do you feel lighter, clearer, freer? It may take some time for your energy fields to recalibrate so if you feel funky, emotional, or shaky, don’t worry. Let yourself settle and check in again later.

Rinse and repeat.

You’ll find that the more psychic garbage you can release from your fields, the freer and more joyful you’ll feel. Plus you’ll have made space for new energy to come in so you’ll start feeling inspired again and maybe even a little frisky which is always a good thing! Enjoy the feeling!

Now, that was big! I want to hear from you on how you feel before and after you do your clearing. Let me know in the comments below what your experience was like. Have questions? Ask those below too so I can help you come alive again for spring!

Much love,