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the $5 reading on Etsy??

Have you ever looked at readings on Etsy? The competition must be fierce because there are tons of readings available for $5 or LESS. I saw a couple of them for $1.36 and literally a yes/no reading for $.70. You would have to do 143 readings at $.70 each just to make $100. And how much time do you think it would take you to receive the order, do the reading, and email the results? Let’s say it took 5 minutes. 

So, 143 readings * 5 minutes each = 715 minutes or 11.9 hours… just to make $100. 

The $5 reading is a little bit better. Let’s say it takes 15 minutes for you to receive the order, do the reading, and email the results. You would need to do 20 readings to make $100. 

So, 20 readings * 15 minutes each = 300 minutes or 5 hours — seems better, right? 

But how good do you think these cheap-o readings actually are? How much time do you think those readers spend with you and your question? And what kind of response do you think you’re going to get? 

Here’s the answer you’ll get to the $.70 reading: 

“No” (or “Yes”) 

That’s it. No other information for you to feel into whether that’s the right answer or not. Nothing about why that’s the answer. 

And the $5 reading? You’ll get back a sentence or two. Maybe even a short paragraph. But that’s it. Not a lot of info there either. 

Those readers don’t have the time to go deeper and they are just trying to churn out readings one after the other (because it takes them a loooooong time to just make $100… and that’s before Etsy and the credit card companies take their fees and the government takes their taxes). 

So, I would venture to say that these are not high quality readings and DEFINITELY NOT transformational or life-changing. They are going to leave you with more questions and uncertainty than you started with.

I would also say that most of these readers who are price competing with each other, have not done much of their own spiritual work or they would be valuing themselves and their work MUCH differently, and offering their services in different ways… so you’re going to get a reading back that comes through their dirty channel. 

That’s certainly not a reading I would want. 

Now, imagine you’re the one offering a $5 (or less) reading and having to do 20 of them just to make $100 (pre-fees and pre-tax). 

Twenty readings is a LOT of readings to have to do. You would have to just churn them out one after the other to actually make ANY money, and still find separate time to do your spiritual work, because these assembly line readings are NOT it. You won’t find your alignment or your truth this way because you would just stay on the surface the whole time without ever having the time to go deep. (soooo unfulfilling) 

Honestly, it would be easier (and more lucrative) to get a job where you worked your set hours, collected your paycheck, and got to spend the rest of your time as you wanted. 

Ok… now let’s look at the flip side of this. 

Would you actually want to pay $5 and have to wait for a 1-paragraph answer given to you by some random reader who didn’t take time to be present or go deep? What if you didn’t resonate with the answer? What if they didn’t quite answer the question the way you had intended it? What if you had follow up questions? 

Would it be worth your $5 and your time to get an unhelpful response and then still not have a clear answer? 

Because, seriously, even if you have no experience at all, you could just get out your cards and get a better answer yourself. 

But now imagine that you DO have a full education on how to connect with your cards and get great information, AND you are doing the spiritual growth work so that your channel is clear and strong. You’d have the best of both worlds: amazing readings AND alignment with the truth of who you are. 

Imagine the unshakable CONFIDENCE and the TRUST in yourself that comes with that. Imagine how fulfilling that would be and how much joy you’d get in your life by having a partner with the spirit guides in your cards to help you on your own path, and also to guide you to help other people. 

And imagine you could make money — good money! — doing healing work alongside Spirit that absolutely lights you up! 

I know it’s possible because this is what I now get to do every day. It’s my career and I LOVE IT! 

So… today we draw the line and say NO MORE. 

NO MORE to cheap-o readings just to compete. 

NO MORE to comparing ourselves to those kinds of readers who just churn our readings for ratings (and peanuts). 

NO MORE to reducing ourselves to do what everyone else is doing. 

There’s no good reason that you can’t build the confidence to give amazing, life-changing readings that help people change their lives AND get paid to do work that you love.

According to IBISWORLD the psychic services industry (which includes readers) has grown to $2.2B per year (in 2019) and is projected to reach $2.4B by 2024. And according to YouGov, 22% of people (one in 5) in the US have consulted a psychic (as of 2017, the latest stats). 

So the reality is, for every 5 people you come across, at least one of them needs your intuitive help and why shouldn’t you be a part of that? 

So here’s what’s going down… 

I’m over crappy, one-sided readers who haven’t done their work and are cheapening the value of really good readings. And I can’t stand seeing good, gifted people standing on the sidelines not having the confidence to share your magic (we really, really need you!). I’m want to put a stop to this once and for all. 

#overit and gonna do something about it — are you with me?? 

Are you ready to elevate your connection and blow your readings (& your confidence) out of the water? 

I’ve been working on a brand new course to connect with your cards at the deepest level to give deep, clear, effortless readings that are nourishing to you to give and transformational to receive — life-changing for both parties! 

I’m opening the doors to the public on Nov 27th (Black Friday), but I’m offering some extra special bonuses exclusively to those who are on the waitlist before Nov 26th (Thursday). 

I am known to over-give so don’t miss out on this if you enjoy being showered with gifts (and you want an amazing oracle experience)!! If you haven’t joined the waitlist yet, don’t waste another minute — go sign up now! If you’re on the list you get access before anyone else and a chance for the super secret goodies. 

All the fun of being in this secret club that’s going to change the card reading industry starts super soon & you won’t want to miss it. 


p.s. I’m all for starting out doing free and super cheap readings as you learn to get comfortable receiving money in exchange for your gifts, so DO start there if you need to (I did), but don’t get stuck there and become an unfulfilled reading factory. Get on the waitlist to elevate yourself, your trust in yourself, and your readings to the next level. 

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