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How to Receive Messages from Spirit

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NOTE: The following is not an exact transcript of the video. This is what I wrote for the video lesson, and then did lots of ad libbing and channeling during the live video. So watch the video for the complete lesson.

Our lesson tonight is #108 Emptiness (Orion Light / Future) from the Galactic Heritage Cards* by Lyssa Royal Holt.

someone commented on one of my pick-a-card posts the other day that she had chosen card #1 which was telling her to open for contact from her cosmic guides,

and she said that she had tried everything she could think of to communicate and nothing worked, and that she got very depressed seeing how everyone was else was having experiences with their guides and angels and she wasn’t getting any guidance from them. 

and that’s because there’s this expectation that you are going to hear someone talking to you in your head or that a being is going to suddenly appear in front of you that you can see. 

and that’s not how it works. 

humans are the only ones who exist in and communicate in the third dimension using the 5 senses. speech, language, sight, etc - these are 3D things. 

guides, spirits, cosmic beings, God, angels — all exist in higher vibrational planes where communication happens in a different way.

so you have 5 physical senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and 6 “clairs”: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairalience.

but you also have synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) as well as signs and symbols. 

these are how you get communication from your guides. 

yes, there are people who can see and hear spirits with their physical senses, but they are rare. 

there are more people who can see them in their mind’s eye or hear them in their inner ear -- but it’s because those are the "clair" senses that those people use for receiving information. and even those who can do this are less common than the rest of us.

because there are other "clair" senses that aren’t as obvious where you may be receiving your communication. but since it doesn’t look or sound like human 3D communication, you miss it. 

for instance, i get a bodily feeling of fear, panic, or anxiety and i was reminded just a couple of nights ago that that is my body’s response to a spirit being near me. 

this has happened 4 times that i can think of. 

3 times in my house in TN. 

the first 2 times it happened “to” me randomly and i just got really scared for no reason. 

the third time i was doing a mediumship reading and the spirit thought it was funny to come up behind me and scare me. 

it was then that i realized that feeling of fear was just my body’s response to having a spirit near me. 

the 4th time was just a few nights ago -- i saw movement out of the corner of my eye out my window as i often do when it's dark outside, but this time was different. i got a wave of panic over my body. 

and i suddenly remembered that that’s just my body’s response to a spirit being near. 

when i realized that, the fear went away in like 30 seconds. 

so that’s a method of communication for me -- my body spiking fear, panic, or anxiety for no apparent reason. 

there are no words, no visions - just that feeling (which is a clairsentient feeling). 

this is why we work on body scans in this group, so you can tune in to the messages that come in through your clairsentient sense. 

that’s why we work on finding the way YOUR intuition communicates with YOU through your physical body.

your body is like a very sensitive antenna and it picks up so much stuff and communicates it to you through sensation. there’s so much communication in that. 

and it’s the same with the spirit world -- you have to find the way that the spirits are trying to communicate with you in their way and your unique way of receiving it.

in what way can they influence your 3D reality?  

using nature is one way, influencing energy is a way, seeing repeating numbers is a way. 

and it’s not that spirit manipulates the numbers. 

it’s that spirit signals YOU and gets you to look up at the precise moment those numbers are appearing because spirit knows that numbers mean something to you.

so if they can get you to look up and see the numbers, then you’ll pay attention to the meaning of those numbers and that's the communication.

here’s another example of spirit communicating that you’re only going to get if you’re tuned in. 

i’m gonna tell a story about Lily* (I changed her name for anonymity) -- she told me i could share this story. 

last year right about this time she was walking in the woods and she fell on a tree branch.

part of the branch that was sticking up cut into her leg and gave her a cut that was about 4" long and 3” wide. 

she needed a tourniquet and had to have lots of stitches. 

after that she stopped going out in the woods much because she was afraid of falling and getting hurt. 

totally understandable. 

today, she messaged me that she took her dog out to do his business, then turned around to come back into the house like usual, but he wasn’t behind her. 

he had taken off into the woods and she had to go chase him down - all the way into and to the other side of the woods (that she was now uncomfortable being in). 

she said he had never done this before, and when she was telling me about it, she brought up the accident from almost 1 year ago. 

that sent my antenna quivering. 

so why did the dog suddenly run off TODAY? 

i wondered if that was really a message for Lily -- that she may have healed the wound on her leg, but she still has some fear about going into the woods and having another “accident.”

think of the energy of those words “having an accident” -- what feeling does that give you in your body right now? 

not a good one i bet. 

but that kind of fear feeling of "having an accident" is what has been stuck inside her body for the past year -- this is what we humans do and we do it all the time without realizing it. 

so spirit sent the dog running off into the woods so that Lily would have to fearlessly go into the woods after him. 

Lily asked me what are they telling me with this?

i said that it’s time to heal the inner wound that the accident caused… maybe they’re saying your “mourning” time is over’

she said i think so.

so the communication from spirit came from this really weird experience that happened today, with an event that seemingly had nothing to do with her accident.

but when you put the pieces together, it has everything to do with it, and when we hit on the message, it resonated with her. 

and now that she has the message, she can do what she needs to do to move on and let go of the fear of "having an accident" 

so if you are only looking to see visions or hear someone speaking to you, then you’re missing out on all the beautiful communication you’re getting in a thousand different ways. 

so what does this have to do with our card #108 Emptiness?

well think of yourself as an electrical cord with currents of electricity flowing through you.

if the switch is off, that creates a blockage so the electricity can’t get through, and the thing that needs the juice can’t work. 

in order for the thing to get electricity, the switch has to be on so that the path all the way through is clear. 

it’s the same thing for you to get messages from spirit, from your spirit guides, your ancestors, your higher self, your cards, etc. 

you need an open, clear channel for the communication to come through AND for you to recognize it when it does come through.

if your channel isn’t clear — meaning your channel is too narrow because you have limiting beliefs...

or your channel is clogged with wounds or with clutter or with expectations or "comparisonitis"...

or your channel is flimsy because you operate from the shadow archetypes that we’ve talked about before...

then you either

  • spend time distracted and looking elsewhere for your messages (and not finding them), or
  • setting expectations that aren’t accurate for you, or
  • only looking for the obvious

and you end up missing what’s really happening. 

you miss the animal messengers that are communicating.

you miss the signs and symbols that have meaning. 

you miss out on most of spirit’s communication with you. 

so clear yourself of all expectation about how spirit “should” communicate.

clear yourself of what everyone else says about how it should work and how it works for them. 

work on clearing the blockages out of your channel -- limiting beliefs and wounds and clutter and comparison. 

and learn about the different ways you can receive communication so that you can figure out how it works for you. 

and THEN trust that it works just fine for you. because it does. 


so what has happened in your life that feels like a message?

trust that that’s a message. 

and then you can explore what that message means (because deciphering the message is a whole different story). 

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