Receiving Ashwe’s gift

receiving ashwe's gift
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This is a year of big change for me.

My Moon Wishing guided program ended unexpectedly. I stopped working at part-time jobs for other people.

I was invited to join the Soul Art team as an Assignment Guide for the new class that started in July, and to work more deeply and personally with my Soul Art coach.

When I was invited to work more deeply in the Soul Art work starting in July (something I desired sooooo much), I suddenly knew why those other things had fallen away — to make space for this deeper work that I would be doing. And so I gladly prepared myself and waited for July to roll around…

Meanwhile, it was the beginning of June and I wanted a book to read so I went to my bookshelves and picked out a book I’ve had for a couple of years but had never touched: The Lotus and the Lily by Janet Conner.

I expected an interesting read and a self-exploratory journey. What I didn’t expect was receiving  Ashwe’s gift.

The book is ah-maaaazing! It guides the reader through a 30-day life-expanding process that culminates in the making of an Intention Mandala to help you create the conditions in your life that will attract the desires you want. (I seriously need to write a whole post to describe this incredible roller coaster of a journey)

The 29 days leading up to your Soul Day, as Janet calls it, are a journaling ride speaking with your Voice as you travel through your past to learn about yourself, cultivate the lessons you’ve learned, and let go of the things that are weighing you down, and then into the future to dream into what you want and decide on the conditions that will bring those things to life.

The daily journaling, while it doesn’t have to be long, can be deep. Very exploratory.

And that’s a gift in and of itself because it can reveal the very things buried deeply within yourself that need to come out and be healed so that you can get unstuck.

It also gently opens you up even wider for messages from Spirit. I loved every minute of this journey.

Anyway, it happened early in the process — on day 2 — when Ashwē delivered his gift.

Day 2 was all about your spirit team — getting to know them, acknowledging them, recognizing them, understanding when they are sending you clues and messages, opening up to their presence.

For some people this is a challenge because they don’t know their spirit team or haven’t yet learned how to recognize the clues.

For me, it was easy. I’m in pretty close contact with my spirit team (my council as I like to call them) and so I expected to breeze right through my journaling for the day.

It turned out to be quite a long journaling experience as I named and acknowledged all of my human guides, spirit guides, and animal guides.

My heart swelled with love as I wrote each of their names and visions of them danced through my memories.

And suddenly toward the end, Ashwē, the newest guide on my council, stepped up and spoke. He said:

Study the way of the shaman and take what you need from that path to incorporate into your own brand of shaman. An earth shaman, a spirit shaman, a creative shaman, an art shaman. You are already in your cellular memory. Remember and then BE. We are with you in spirit… Ashwē is not only my name but a greeting and a state of being that means I recognize the spirit in you. The spirit of wholeness and purity. The spirit of completion and eternity. Find the words for this and help your clients find their Ashwē.


I suddenly knew why Ashwē had joined my council. He’s here to help me develop my brand of healing in the world. My voice. My contribution. To live my purpose.

And at the same time to help my clients heal by teaching me to recognize the spirit in them. The whole, complete, pure, eternal spirit.

And to teach them the same thing like a ripple in the water carrying the healing to the ends of the earth.

Magical. Deep. Inspiring. Big.

There are a thousand more things I want to say, but right now I’ll leave you with this: The spirit in me recognizes the whole, complete, pure, eternal spirit in you.

Drink that in and let yourself receive it. Then pass it on.


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