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I had a booth at an event last night where I was giving oracle card readings as I often do, and there are some things from that experience I want to share with you about how to reveal your Soul truth because the issues we all face are the same.

Maybe not exactly the same, but there are a handful of issues that show up over and over for women, and last night was no exception.

Because you’re reading this today, I imagine you’re someone who would love to reveal your Soul truth in your own life, shed some light on your Soul’s issues, and receive some guidance of your own.

The Set Up for How to Reveal Your Soul Truth

At my booth I wanted to offer a way for the women who are craving something better in their lives to receive some support and guidance from my oracle cards, and to give them tangible things they can do to break through the blocks they have and feel more empowered within themselves.

First, we needed to see what the issues are that are most important to them. And what I mean by that, is what issues their Souls are most concerned about. These issues aren’t necessarily the things that race around in our heads (that’s the ego talking), and the cards are perfect to reveal your Soul truth, which means the REAL issues.

So, I wrote out 4 questions:

{1} Where do you need support in your life?

{2} What does your Soul want to create?

{3} What’s blocking your intuition?

{4} What dormant gifts do you have to develop?

The complaint I hear from women the most is ‘I don’t trust my intuition’ so I put the women’s intuition to work right away by asking them to pick 3 of those 4 questions to pull cards on.

Once they picked the 3 questions they wanted guidance on, I placed 3 different decks of oracle cards in front of them with each deck representing one of the questions.

I had them shuffle the first deck and pick a card for their first question… shuffle the second deck and pick a card for their second question… and shuffle the third deck and pick a card for their third question.

This whole process, by the way, is working your intuition and I was surprised (not!) that every person questioned their intuition in the process.

When I said to them “pick a card from that deck”, every one of them said “any card?”

As you can probably imagine, they were asking for permission before they trusted what they heard me say or trusted that they could just pick any card in the deck.

Their automatic response was to second guess themselves.

How often do you second guess yourself and your intuition in every day situations?

How can you stand in your own power and be your authentic self and shine your light into the world that so desperately needs you to fully show up when your automatic reaction is to second guess yourself on a regular basis? Food for thought…

Anyway back to the story…

The Real Work Begins

So the healing work, the support, and the guidance — the empowerment — in each of these readings began with shuffling and picking cards long before the actual reading began.

Can you imagine having that kind of support in your life at your fingertips?

Because you’re reading this right now, you do have a level of support that you may not have realized, and because you have this support, you can be empowered to recognize and trust your intuition in your daily life too… as soon as you learn how to tap into it.

So now we’ve pulled cards — one from each deck — and we flip them over to reveal their messages. When you first look at the cards they can be overwhelming because they are so full of symbolism and energy, and it can be hard to know where to start.

And that’s why I’m there.

Because I have learned how to read cards and recognize the symbolism, and because I have learned to recognize when my intuition is communicating with me, and because my intuition is strong and definitive, I am able to home in pretty quickly on which message the cards want to convey.

So as we’re looking at the cards, first we have to bring up the issues and uncover what the Soul wants to discuss.

The amazing thing is that I don’t have to figure this out!

Because I had her pick the questions she wanted to pull cards for and because I had her shuffle and pick her own cards, her intuition does the job to reveal her Soul truth for us.

And as you can imagine, her Soul celebrates when someone finally listens to what it wants!!

Here’s the cool thing: every woman I read cards for, confirmed everything I told them were issues. Without question.

And they even elaborated on those issues confirming to me how important those issues are for them to solve.

The Soul Truth Issues Revealed

Remember above I said there are usually a handful of issues that come up over and over again for women? Last night was no exception to this. Here are the top 3 Soul truth issues as revealed by the oracle cards:

soul truth perfection{1} Perfection stops women from fully showing up in the ways we are here to serve the world.

We are afraid to be judged, afraid we’ll embarrass ourselves, ashamed of how we look, ashamed of an imperfect website or not-so-professional photos, so we hold ourselves back from showing anything that’s less than “perfect” to us, and because we rarely get to a point of perfection (because, let’s be honest, it doesn’t really exist), we don’t let ourselves be seen.

I’m guilty of it and I imagine you might be guilty of it to some degree as well.

Raise your hand if this is you!

soul truth abundance{2} Abundance is something we all want and it seems to be elusive to many of us, and that’s because our lives are created from our perspectives.

When you only see what you don’t have… when you only see what “she” has and you don’t… when you constantly wonder why you can’t get your shit together… when you stop yourself from being seen because you’re not ready… then you only attract back more of the same.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like which means you need to focus on the abundance you do have in order to get more of it.

What are you focused on in your life?

soul truth priority{3} What priority are you on your own list? One woman laughed nervously and said to me ‘can it be a negative number??’

Is that you too? We are women which means we are naturally care-takers and nurturers, and we make sure every one else has what they need when they need it, and we give and give and give.

The problems that come with this way of being are many: when you over-give of yourself without prioritizing your own self care, you run out of batteries, you become overwhelmed, you can feel hopeless that you’ll never achieve your dreams, and you can become resentful of those you care for.

Those are the more obvious problems, and there’s a bigger, more dangerous problem with this pattern of energy underneath.

When you over-give of yourself without prioritizing your self care, no one else is going to prioritize your needs either. As you put yourself last, you are telling everyone else around you to put you last as well.

Do you feel like no one listens to you? That no one cares about what you want in life?

That you’ll never achieve your dreams because you don’t have the support?

That people walk all over you? That you’re unappreciated? That you’re taken advantage of?

That no one values what you have to offer?

That you have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to fit in?

All of these are because you don’t prioritize yourself.

This is also the Law of Attraction in play, by the way.

You aren’t prioritizing or caring for yourself which means the vibration you’re sending out to those around you will only attract more of that behavior from others. (bummer!)

There’s more, but this is already a pretty long story so I’ll stop there for now.

Making Lemonade from Lemons

soul truth prayerThe really cool thing about doing oracle card readings for these women last night (and every time I do them) is that revealing the important Soul truth issues that they’re dealing with opened the door for them to healing, change, and empowerment.

Because we used oracle cards to reveal their issues, they saw the proof of those issues in the cards. They didn’t have to take my word for it.

And once those issues were revealed and confirmed, we could then move into the healing aspect of ‘how do I fix that?’ and provide them with the guidance and support they wanted in the first place.

That’s the beauty of oracle cards.

It’s so cool how it works and I am honored to be a chosen ambassador for passing on the wisdom of oracle cards to all of you who need to receive their sacred medicine or are being called to helping others heal using the cards’ magic.

Imagine yourself having a divine sacred tool at your fingertips to help you access your Soul truth (not just the noise in your head), and a trusted friend to offer the exact guidance you need right now.

What would it be like to do work in the world where you could shine your light and feel so good about helping others that you couldn’t wait to wake up and do it again tomorrow?

Sooner or later your Soul will get your attention about what it wants, and if you’re feeling the stirring of it now slowly pulling you toward the world of healing arts where you have the power to heal yourself and others, I can help.

I’m offering a free masterclass on How to Tap Into the Wisdom of Oracle Cards, and I would love for you to be my special guest.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn why reading for yourself is so hard and the 3 elements you MUST include to give great readings that actually answer your questions.

If you find yourself wondering what it would be like if you could actually help yourself and take back your power to shine your light and be who you are here to be, then invest the time in yourself to explore your Soul’s calling and join me for this free masterclass.

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