I did a ritual every day for 2 weeks. Here’s what happened…

ritual every dayI decided to follow my own advice from this Waning Moon Cleansing Ritual post.

Instead of doing the whole ritual at once, I’m doing a smaller part of the ritual every day throughout the waning moon so I can get my energy as clear as possible for the upcoming astrological new year (New Moon in Aries).

Want to follow along with my 2 week journey? Here it is below. I’ll update this post with my notes from my ritual every day so you can see just how powerful daily rituals can be.

DAY 1: April 2, 2018

Today was a tough day. I wasn’t in a great mood. I was feeling a little defeated actually, comparing myself to others’ success I see online, feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list, and I had a moment of wanting to just give up my business and go get a job. (ewwwww…)

I knew that this would be the perfect time to stop what I was doing and do a ritual to clear my energy.

So I did the beginning of the ritual (slightly altered to suit me):

I started by lighting a candle and getting out my journal. I then grounded myself and cut my cords so I could start fresh. Cutting cords is an easy way to detach from heavy energy.

Then I decided to pet my dog for a few minutes. Loving on any of my dogs gives me an instant feeling of calm and purpose so it immediately raised my vibration.

Then I journaled about the 5 questions. I wrote down everything I could think of to release — physical stuff, emotional stuff, mental stuff, bodily stuff, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, self doubt, etc.

The longer I wrote, the more I could think of. I actually chuckled a few times about different things I was remembering to release.

As I was writing, I started feeling lighter and happier because of getting things off my chest. I could see how some things were holding me back, and I was amused. It was a fun process!

The oracle card I pulled for journaling question #5 was exactly right which never ceases to amaze me.

Even though I was feeling lighter, I still felt a little bit heavy at the end, so I cut my cords again, tucked the dogs into their beds and went to bed myself.

RESULT: It was a great first ritual and I woke up feeling in better spirits.

DAY 2: April 3, 2018

Today was a very long day. I was feeling poopy-minded tonight. I had a case of the ‘woe-is-me’ energy today. I didn’t feel much like doing ritual, but knew that I especially needed something to help me shift the negative energy so I decided to meditate just for 5 minutes and then cut my cords.

When all else fails, cut your cords!! It’s amazing how that simple process can help you disconnect from whatever’s weighing you down.

RESULT: I cleared the anger energy I was from my body and felt much more grounded.

DAY 3: April 4, 2018

Interestingly, today I woke up in a much better mood (could it have been my meditation at the end of the day before??).

However, I decided to meditate again in the morning at the start of my day so that I could release any residual poopy energy before starting to work.

I wanted to have a good, productive, and positive day so I made it so! (Did you know you could DECIDE what kind of day you want to have and make it happen?)

I also wanted to make sure my energy was positive because that was the energy I wanted infused into my work.

Throughout the day to stay clear and aligned I grounded and cut cords 3 different times —  once for myself and twice with clients. I love starting all of my sessions and classes by grounding. It settles the energy and sets the whole tone of the work we do together in a really nice way.

RESULT: When I jumped into work after my morning meditation and ritual, it was easy and flowed nicely. My energy felt light and happy. Grounding throughout the day was a nice way to get reset.

DAY 4: April 5, 2018

It’s day 4 and I already fell off the wagon… Such is life. I had a super busy day today and was gone from 9am – 6:30pm. When I got home, I watched the hockey game with my husband (playoffs start next week and we are the top team!!) and ate dinner.

By the time I even got down to my office it was 9:30pm and I did a few things and then went to bed.

Even though I didn’t DO a ritual today, I did prep for tomorrow’s. I have a glass of water on my desk and I taped some words to it and surrounded it with crystals to infuse overnight.

The words: amazing, clear, prosperous, magnetic.

The crystals: amethyst, quartz, pyrite, nuumite.

RESULT: Tired but feeling good from having a good day. My mouth is already watering for the super-charged water I will be drinking tomorrow morning to start my day!

DAY 5: April 6, 2018

I’ve been noticing a higher level of anxiety in my body and energy than normal the past few days. So this morning my glass of water charged with words and crystals was waiting for me when I sat down at my desk. I started to drink it and realized that it was cucumber water from the day before. I wasn’t sure it was still good and I was a little grossed out by it not being plain water. It tasted fine, but I was grossed out. And guess what. I drank it anyways. I had charged it with positive words and crystals so it must be high vibrational, right?

Well, as it turns out… if it feels gross (even if it’s really fine), it’s not high vibrational water. Gross does not equal high vibes. So, I drank water that was supposed to be super charged and instead it probably brought my vibration down a little bit. That’s how powerful your thoughts, emotions, and energy are. They WILL create or destroy what you tell them to!!

So after my normal morning ritual (stretching, lighting incense in my space, smudging), I sat down to work. I’ve been doing things that I need to do, but I’m not doing the work I need to be doing. I have been procrastinating on my work all day and letting myself do other things. And I’ve been feeling extra anxious today.

So in the middle of the day, I decided to sweep. Sweep out the space AND the negative energy. I swept my office, the front and back porch, and the carport with the intention of sweeping out negative energy. The movement of my body plus the intention helped me feel more settled (and things were a lot cleaner!).

Then I checked the mail and had received the most amazing birthday gift — a new deck of mantra oracle cards from my friend and the creator of the cards!! This was the PERFECT thing I needed today to continue working on my anxious, nervous energy. So I took 15 minutes to chant a mantra.

I asked the oracle deck ‘what mantra would best help me release my nervous energy?’ and the “Peace” card popped out of the deck as I was shuffling. It was perfect. When I finished chanting, I felt calmer and clearer.

The last part of the ritual I did today was to get a clean glass of water and charge it with new words. I’ve been sipping on it this afternoon, and I even eventually got around to doing my work. 😃

RESULT: With my anxiety amping up these past few days, it’s been necessary to do multiple rituals to keep releasing the energy. I don’t want to hold onto it and let it get built up in my body.

Each ritual today has helped me relax and calm my energy. I think I might be a basket case if I was just letting this build up with a release!

UPDATE: After I updated this post with today’s ritual, I ended up taking a salt bath. That turned out to be THE BEST release for my anxiety and worked better than all the other things combined!

DAY 6: April 7, 2018

Can I be honest? Today is my birthday and I didn’t do any rituals today! Today is the do-whatever-I-want day so I did…

I went out to breakfast with my hubby, worked on the fun things in my business I wanted to work on (my new Magical Moon Guidebook!), and watched a Predators hockey game (it’s playoff time!!!). It was a great day – very relaxing… especially from that salt bath yesterday.

Why don’t I do more of those?

RESULT: Total relaxation and a worry-free day.

DAY 7: April 8, 2018

intuitive awakening artToday was ART day. Every now and then I need a day to make art. It’s a great way to release energy and get things moving, and I’m always surprised by what wants to come out.

Today’s art ritual is about further awakening my intuition and included collecting sticks and leaves from my yard to create a nature portal around my canvas while I prepped it.

Then letting my intuition fully guide the creative process.

The piece is only half done right now but I’m excited and thrilled with what has shown up so far. Here’s a sneak peek for you. I’ll be revealing the whole process and all my findings soon.

RESULT: A release of and creative outlet for pent-up energy from working so much. I felt freer in my spirit and more relaxed after my art day.

DAY 8: April 9, 2018

I kept it simple today. First of all, I felt like I needed a nap in the late afternoon. I’m not much of a napper because it often makes me feel guilty that I’m not accomplishing something.

But, the reality is, if I’m sitting at my computer trying to work, tired, getting distracted, not able to concentrate on what I’m doing and not wanting to do it… then a nap is going to be way more productive for me anyway.

And the love I show myself by taking a nap when it’s needed helps me more in the long run than trying to push through my work.

So I took a long nap. It was great and I highly recommend it!

Other than that, I grounded, cut cords, and lit incense — which I do almost daily.

And later that evening I journaled. I’m having some sort of hormone problem that’s causing me to shed excessive hair (which is worrisome) and I couldn’t get it off my mind.

So I journaled about some realizations I’ve had about the whole situation and worked on getting some closure where I could. (and right now it’s Mercury Retrograde which is a great time for getting closure! Try this.)

RESULT: I felt rested and cared for after my nap so I had more energy to do the work I was trying to do earlier in the day. In fact, I had enough energy to completely finish my project. YAY! And the journaling helped me to solidify my closure. So all in all a good day with rituals.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s ritual and result…

DAY 9: April 10, 2018


DAY 10: April 11, 2018

DAY 11: April 12, 2018

DAY 12: April 13, 2018

DAY 13: April 14, 2018

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