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soul map ritual for the aries new moon

Soul Map Ritual for the Aries New Moon

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash

And so the cycle begins again and it all starts with planting the seed.

The New Moon in Aries is the first New Moon of the astrological year and it’s always a potent one! In fact, it’s my very favorite time of the year for creating a Soul Map (aka a vision board). Here’s why:

First, we have the New Moon which is a time that promotes all forms of growth and is the absolute best time for new beginnings, fresh starts, new ideas, new projects and planting seeds.

Second, we have Aries which is about new beginnings, innovation, initiation, awakening into your warrior self, paving the way, as well as authenticity, exploration and discovery of your true self, independence, & personal identity. Aries is all about ‘ME’!

Third, Aries is a fire element that enjoys going where angels fear to tread. It is a bold, active, risk-taking, spontaneous, fire element that is action-oriented, expressive, animated, and activating. 

Image by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

And since the New Moon is the time when we are most deeply submerged in our intuition and unconscious, this combo of Aries with the New Moon means it’s time to trust your intuition and put into action what it’s advising you to do.

The above is true for everyone, so let’s talk about the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.


In the northern hemisphere, we have just entered the season of spring. 
Spring is the awakening when we step out of slumber and into the next cycle of growth. The light returns and grows stronger. 

The yin is receding and the yang is ascending to a place of balance.

Seeds are planted and begin their journey to break through the soil and reach the sun, the opening of paths are discovered.

The atmosphere is fertile and the earth is bursting with birth and growth. 

Spring is a time of potent new beginnings and expansion.

Combined with the New Moon, Aries, and the fire element, can you feel all this awakening and ‘new beginnings’ energy we have going for us now? 

It’s powerful and the alignment of these energies is only available during a short window of time. 

So if you have dreamed of starting something new, or if you’ve been feeling the urge to step up, step out, get bigger, expand, or spread your wings, this New Moon is the time to set your intentions to do it.


The southern hemisphere is going into fall, or the waning time, which is when your energy will go inward and your inner journey will deepen. 

So, where the northern hemisphere is focusing on sending this fiery, new-beginnings energy outward into the world, you are focusing this same energy inward into the self.

Instead of working with the growth energy of spring to manifest things into your life, you’ll be working with the internal gathering, settling, resourceful energy of fall to manifest new ways of being.

That means that you get to use the Aries New Moon to work on new beginnings of who you are internally that will eventually spill out into the world around you (in the spring). 

So if you have dreamed of stepping into a new way of being and showing up in the world, this New Moon is the time to set your intentions to do it.


This short window of time where this intuitive initiation energy comes together is the BEST time of the year for creating your Soul Map (or vision board)! 

As you know, a vision board is filled with colorful, inspiring images of the things you most want to be, do, have, create, or attract within yourself or into your life. 

My 2015 Soul Map

Our brains work with images in deep ways. Our psyches connect with the shapes, colors, and symbols of the images and trigger our cellular memories of what those symbols mean. 

They get our subconscious working on manifesting those images in our physical realities. 

That’s why vision boards are so powerful for manifesting what you want (whether internal or external things). 

They combine calling our desires to the surface and setting intentions with the use of symbolic images to laser focus our energy toward manifestation.

So clear your calendar and schedule an appointment with yourself to play in your soul’s desires and create a Soul Map with this delicious New Moon in Aries!


You are making what is traditionally known as a vision board but when done in the way I’m about to share below, it’s much more than that. It becomes a Soul Map that’s guiding you to your best life.

My 2017 Soul Map

Here’s how to create your own Soul Map. Start by preparing yourself with steps 1 & 2:

1. GATHER your supplies.

You’ll need posterboard or foam board (or your preferred type of canvas), scissors, glue, magazines or pinterest images, and pictures of yourself, as well as optional markers, paints, or other “bling” to decorate your board if you want to.

IMPORTANT: You can gather your supplies before the New Moon, but don’t pick the specific images for your vision board until the New Moon begins (or you’re not working with the New Moon).

2. CREATE a creative container for yourself to play.

Clear your calendar, schedule an appointment with yourself, eliminate distractions, set up your creative space, nourish yourself, be present with yourself.

Once the New Moon begins (check the exact date & time here), you can start your Soul Map Ritual as follows:

3. SET your intention. 

Which hemisphere are you in and is the energy focusing on outward growth? Or inner states of being?

From that answer, what do you want in your life and/or business? 

Create an intention for your vision board as an “I am…” sentence to capture the essence of what you want — not the individual things you want (those go on your board), but the bigger picture, the soul desire, the long-term vision of what you want or who you want to be.

4. TRACE your body on your board. 

This connects the energy of what you desire (the invisible) to your physical reality (the visible). 

It also creates a bridge from where you are now to where you want to be. 

If your whole body will not fit on your board (and most often it won’t), do this: trace 2 separate body parts on your board — a part of you that you love, and a part of you that challenges you or that you dislike. 

Make sure the tracings of the 2 parts touch or overlap on your board. 

By including the whole range of you on your board, you are creating wholeness into which you can call in the changes your soul is asking for.

5. FIND your Images. 

Set a timer for 1-2 hours (or however long you’d like) and rapidly flip through your magazines. 

Don’t linger. Don’t think about it. 

Using your intuition and feelings cut or rip out any images that spark a positive feeling in your body. 

If an image sparks you but doesn’t make sense, trust your intuition that it supports your intention and represents something important that your soul wants to bring into your life. 

Don’t include images because you feel like you “should.” Only include images that you WANT to include in the moment. 

Just because you want to bring more money into your life does not mean that you have to include the only image of money that you found in your magazines when you dislike the image. 

Never add a “should” or confused vibe to your board. 

Trust yourself to only include images that evoke a powerful feeling!

6. CRAFT your vision board. 

Secure your images to your vision board however you’d like! 

You’ll be covering your body tracing and that’s ok. It is part of the foundation of your vision board. 

Be sure to include pictures of yourself on your vision board, and feel free to decorate your vision board with markers, paint, glitter, or anything else.

My Soul Map for Intuition School

7. IMPRINT your vision board. 

On the back of your board write your intention and sign your name and date. 

You can also write something like “this or something better” or say thank you to the Universe.

8. HANG it up. 

Put it somewhere you can see it and every time you look at it, smile and say thank you as if you already have everything you want! 

Some people say you don’t need to see your vision board ever again, and I agree that’s true, but I like to see my vision board so my subconscious is continually working with those images that evoke my emotions.

9. (optional) READ your vision board. 

Your vision board is like a giant oracle card. So read it like you would your cards. 

What are the patterns in your board? 

Is there a lot or a little white space? and what does that tell you about yourself?

Are your images crammed together? 

Are there people on your board? What are they doing? 

Does it feel balanced? 

What colors and shapes are on your board and what do they tell you? 

No need to ask a question to read your board either. Use your intention statement and see what your board wants to tell you about your intention. 

How does it support your intention? 

What is the path to your intention? 

There is a vast and wide amount of information to be gathered from your vision board so spend some time in communion with it and see what it wants to share with you!

Throughout the year, check in with your Soul Map and see what you’ve been attracting and how your board needs to be edited to stay aligned with your desires — it’s a living energy that is working on your behalf so you want to keep it updated.

Once you’ve crafted your Soul Map, share it with us on Facebook and let us know which part of your board is your favorite!

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