Tell me if this sounds like you.

You’re at that point in your life where you’re really feeling the urge for your own growth and expression. And it feels very personal.

It’s not more education that you need.

It’s not about learning new skills.

It’s a deep longing to really get to know yourself, heal old wounds, find and express who you really are, live life in a fuller way… And to learn about some of that “magic” in the universe you hear people talk about.

You’ve started dabbling in some metaphysical stuff like learning about angels or your spirit guides. Maybe you’re journaling and meditating, and you’ve heard about those adult coloring books and wonder what they’re about. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to get a reading and were a little nervous of that in the past, but now you’re ready!

You might even be saying ‘there has to be more to life than this.’

This is all FANTASTIC and it’s my pleasure to be your Soul Teacher throughout your journey.

So… you’re interested in this stuff, but you don’t have a community and you can’t talk to your friends about it (because they’ll think you’re absolutely nuts).

There’s an overwhelming amount of material that you can research online, but nobody to ask questions to.

And you don’t even know where to begin! That’s why you’re here.

Start your journey right this very minute by believing that you’ve been guided here for a reason.

And that reason is that your soul is talking to you because SHE is really your guide.

It’s my job to help you meet her and get to know her so that she can guide you into your true life where happiness, peace, and fulfillment are waiting for you.

If you’re ready to take a step toward filling that strange empty feeling in your belly, here are some of the ways we can help you get to know and love your Soul:

Get a Reading – Did you know that you have your own personal Oracle? Yes, and she and her infinite wisdom can be accessed quickly and easily by knowing the route inward to reach her. In the “Consult Your Oracle” Reading package, you’ll learn how to activate your own energy in order to access your Oracle. Using the energy you’ve activated, you’ll connect to the cards that contain the messages you need right now. I’ll translate the cards you pull and then help you integrate the messages into your life.


Soul Sessions
Soul Sessions – This is practical and experiential coaching for life, spirituality, and soul – a spiritual awakening journey for wise women seeking deeper connections, life meaning, true heart happiness, and soul-level fulfillment. If you know there must be a better way and are ready to step into the full expression of yourself and your gifts, then let’s take a journey inward to find you so we can bring you to the surface to shine!


Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression – Used for awakening, healing, and spiritual renewal, a past life regression is a tool that helps uncover the cellular memory that you may have carried forward into this lifetime. This cellular memory may be showing up as seemingly unexplainable fears and phobias in your life, or distant dreams or memories you have experienced. When the patterns or experiences from past incarnations are discovered and recognized, healing can begin in this lifetime. Besides that, it’s pretty cool seeing where you’ve been before!

Women Wine Wisdom
Women, Wine + Wisdom Party – What do you get when you gather a group of women with wine and a psychic reader? You get a Women, Wine + Wisdom party, and you get a whole lotta FUN! Gather your best girlfriends for a night of bonding, socializing, and psychic reading. The intuitive force in the room goes way up when a group of women are gathered and the insights, coaching, and support that happen in the group are amazing. You have to experience this for yourself to truly appreciate the magic of a Women, Wine + Wisdom Party.