GirlfriendsGirlfriends. God love ‘em.

We all need them no matter what our age. They are a vital part of our lives providing nurturing and support that we don’t get elsewhere.

Your best girlfriend is the one you can trust, the one you can tell (almost) anything to, the one who’s shoulder you can cry on, the one who will pick you up when you’re down. Right?


In your 30s, you tell her you’ve been dumped by the guy you thought was finally “the one” and she tells you “he wasn’t right for you anyway. It’s his loss. He’s not worthy of you.”…

In your 40s, you tell her that you’re feeling called to do something bigger in the world. You’re thinking of starting a business to help other people. And you wonder am I too old to do something like that? She says “Not at all. You can do it. You’re not too old – just go for it!” Or worse, she says “Not at all, but you’d better do it before it’s too late.”

In your 50s, you tell her about being adopted, finding your birth parents and how meeting them ended up breaking your heart. She tells you that “it wasn’t meant to be”, that “you were adopted out for a reason” and that “you’re better off without them. You need to let it go.”

LaughingAt any age, you tell her you’re feeling so fat, tired and out of shape and she says “oh girl, you’re crazy! There’s not an ounce of fat on you. You’re perfect! I wish I looked as good as you! Quit worrying about it.” (or worse, she says “oh me too” and carries on with her story)…

Or maybe you want to confide in her that you’ve been… seeing things… experiencing things… You want to develop your intuition and learn about your spirit guides… You feel there’s something more at work here than the eye can see. And she says “oh yeah, me too” and changes the subject.


She’s got your back, right?

Support(with all due respect) WRONG!

Well, she thinks she does and she has the best of intentions for what she says and does for you.

But the problem is, she might be helping you stay stuck right where you are.

She’s helping you push the emotions of your situations down into your heart where they get stuck forever and then get triggered on a regular basis to bring up more pain.

Or, she’s giving you a pat on the back, a little cheerleading and encouraging you to rush forward without helping you create a plan and realistically see the bumps, curves and detours in the road ahead.


Trust me, I am NOT knocking your girlfriends. They are fun. They are loving. They are supportive. They will be there when no one else is.

They are VITAL to our survival as women!

I have plenty of women who I absolutely love and adore in my life that fall into this category.

But here’s the problem…

Your girlfriend LOVES you and she’s ALWAYS on your side… but she’s not helping you as much as you want to think she is.

We sometimes feel that we have to take what life throws at us. Or that we have to settle for what we find.

But, let me tell you something – YOU DON’T. I don’t care how old or young you are. You don’t need to mask pain, hide it away or pretend it isn’t there.

You don’t have to ‘live with it’ and stay stuck where you are… You don’t have to ‘settle’ with what you’ve been dealt… You don’t have to run forward blindly without a plan before it’s ‘too late’.

In fact, you are a very powerful woman.
A force not to be reckoned with.
A bad ass.
A totally fierce chick (yep, even in your 50s and beyond).


You are the embodiment of the Goddess Moon whose force is so strong,
she creates the tides and causes erratic behavior in all living things.

CoachYou are the ultimate power – the Divine Feminine… once you know how to tap into it.

And all you need to unlock that amazing feminine presence of yours is a little help.

And that’s where I come in.

The Soul Sessions are just like working with your best girlfriend on your life… but better!

The Soul Sessions are a psychic smorgasbord of reading, coaching, healing & teaching like you’ve never experienced before.

You have 5 major Life Essences that make up your whole being: Mind, Body, Spirit, Heart & Soul.

You’ve probably heard the Mind/Body/Spirit connection before, but nowhere else will you find Heart & Soul included as their own separate items in your spiritual make-up. Most people lump them together with Spirit, but I think that each of these essences is important enough to deserve its own attention because each one governs its own areas and aspects of your life.

When one of your Essences is out of balance, then you’re out of balance and you’ll notice it somewhere in your life. The interesting thing is that each Essence is interwoven with the others in a web, or matrix – just like the field of energy we’re plugged into – and when one is out of balance, many times the others are too. This imbalance can make us feel like we’re standing in a row boat in the middle of the ocean during 20 foot swells trying desperately not to tip over!

Feel like you’re about to take a dive off the deep end? Or maybe you just need a push to get you out of the choppy water.

Whatever the case may be, let’s chat over coffee or tea (or wine – I’m always up for a glass of wine!) on a Skype date. Tell me what’s up, what’s bothering you, what’s been happening in your life lately.

Tell me what you want to create, who you want to be, how you want to grow… and whatever else you want.

*Are you questioning your long-time relationship (and that scares you)?

*Do you feel alone (even with people around you)?

*Do you want to reach a goal (but have no support at home)?

*Do you feel like parts of your soul are incomplete (but have no idea how to feel whole + fulfilled)?

*Do you feel unsupported by your spouse (or anyone in your life for that matter), and saying something about it won’t change anything?

*Do you long for a special “connection” that you can’t describe (and you haven’t been able to find it)?

*Do you want to change something about yourself (but don’t know how to break an old pattern)?

*Do you wish you were happier (but don’t think it’s in the cards for you)?

*Do you want to be more spiritual in your life (without people thinking you’re “weird”)?

*Are you feeling called to serve at a bigger level in your life (but haven’t found your purpose yet)?

*Do you crave better health and a kick-ass body (but don’t have a plan or accountability)?

Tell me about it. Tell me EVERYTHING you want.

I’m your new best friend – your BFF, babe.

But the difference between your best girlfriend and me (your new BFF!) is that you won’t hear soothing words that help you stay stuck where you are.

You won’t hear me tell you to forget what’s-his-name because you’re better than he is. (You’ll learn how to release and heal the hurt once and for all, then raise your vibration to find a better match.)

You won’t hear me tell you how skinny I think you are to make you feel better about yourself when you’re complaining about your weight and you want to improve how you look and feel. (You’ll get compassionate help with planning and accountability so you can look and feel the way you’ve always wanted to, as the best version of yourself.)

You’ll never hear ‘you’re good enough like you are’ when you’re telling me you want to grow. (You’ll learn how to get better, reach farther and be awesome-r AND feel like enough.)

No fluff. No unhelpful sweet words. No brushing over the stuff that matters to your heart. You’ll get a powerful ally who listens, understands what’s REALLY important to you, and who can help you create the transformation you want in a compassionate, healing way.

With compassion and love (and a little tough love if you need it) from your new BFF, you’ll move on, serve bigger, be more spiritual, discover true happiness, heal your heart (and maybe your wallet too), attract more abundance, become a conscious creator, get in alignment with your true desires, become more of your true self, learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition, and whatever else you want.

You will learn to BE, DO, HAVE, CREATE and ATTRACT whatever your heart desires! And if making changes – even the ones you want to make – scares you, you’ll have someone there holding your hand and guiding you forward every step of the way.

You are a powerful, wise woman who already has all the answers. You just need help getting them out of yourself and into the world.

With the right nudges, you’ll find that the strength you’ve wanted all along is already inside of you. You just need someone to show her the way out of the dark.

With the right mix of encouragement and planning, you’ll find that you can do anything! You just need someone to help you create that plan and hold you accountable!

So, what are you waiting for, BFF? We’ve got work to do!

Let’s grab a drink and chat about your dreams, desires, wishes and heartaches, and make a plan to build YOU 2.0.

Soul Sessions Coaching is a fun, refreshing mix of customized

…life coaching
…intuitive guidance
…spiritual techniques and tools for personal growth
…hand-holding and cheerleading
…lots of accountability
…creativity + art coaching
…Law of Attraction work
…energy healing
…Angel + spirit guide work
…mindset and belief do-overs
…co-creating your future
…playing with the Moon, crystals, and oracle cards
…visualizing your success
…healing of your 5 essences
…stretching out of your comfort zone
…deep connection with your Soul
…becoming who you are here to be
…and psychic readings to get an inside glimpse of what the Universe has in store for you.

You get a mix of practical and magical, creative and constructive, being and doing, left-brain and right-brain.

Here’s an example of practical vs magical that you might experience in your Soul Sessions:

Practical (left-brain)

Action plan
Next steps
Brain dump
Gift registry

Magical (right-brain)

“The List”
Manifesto of Me
Visualizing your success
Mandala drawing
Manifesting box
Red purse with gold charm (oh, wouldn’t you like to know about this little gem?!)

We’ll customize a plan just for you based on what you want and need in your life. And then we’ll make it happen – step by step.

All Soul Sessions include:

  • Customized, 1:1, 60-minute sessions to help you dive deep into your plans and dreams so we can make them happen.
  • Customized Soul homework after each session to help you expand, transform and create the changes you desire.
  • One Oracle card with insight into your personal state of energy picked for you by you in each session, and information on how to enhance or diminish that energy.
  • Hand-holding! I offer something that other coaches don’t: doing projects or tasks that have kept you stuck TOGETHER. That means, if you’ve been procrastinating on doing a task because of fear, overwhelm, being unsure, or any other reason, we will schedule time to do the task together. You don’t have to do it or figure it out alone anymore.

Longer packages may also include:

  • A crystal intuitively chosen for you with a lesson on how to clear and use it.
  • A quarterly Deep Dive Journal Challenge to help you exercise and engage your creative right brain and expand your idea of self-expression to bring the magic of the Universe into your every day life.
  • A gift of divine chocolate to welcome you into the yin, the self-nurturing, the self. (ok, and because I like chocolate!). Seriously, we spend so much time taking care of everyone else and every thing else, sometimes an invitation to slow down, even for a moment, can cause a dramatic shift in how we respond to the world and how it responds to us.
  • A quarterly Soul Sister Goodie Box of treats and gifts chosen for you and mailed via snail mail including tools and tokens meant to spark new thinking, encourage your soul searching, challenge your beliefs and increase your learning and growth.
  • Access to all of my digital ecourses and programs throughout your coaching engagement.

All Soul Sessions come with a few bonuses as well:

  • The Wise Woman Digital Kit of worksheets, prompts and journal pages to challenge and inspire your thinking.
  • Audio and/or video recordings of all your sessions to play back whenever you want them (barring Mercury Retrograde and/or technical glitches).
  • A private DropBox folder for all of your materials. You never have to spend time looking for your stuff because it’s all organized and kept for you in DropBox.
  • A guided meditation mp3 to renew your energy and refresh your spirit.
  • Images of your cards throughout the year.
  • Full email access to me throughout your program for questions and support.

If you’re tired of being held back right where you are…
If you’re heart’s beating a little bit faster at the thought of a customized plan that’s a mix of some life coaching and healing with a whole lotta magic added in…
If you’re ready to create your life instead of reacting to it…

Let’s chat, girlfriend.

Single sessions, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month packages available.

Click below to schedule a free SoulTalk Session to see if I’m the BFF you need to help you make your life exactly what you want it to be. Your first session is on me – absolutely free!