The spirit guide that changed my life

Everyone has a spirit guide — actually, we each have many spirit guides. Some are with you for your whole life. Some come in to help with a specific time or lesson in your life and then move on. Do you know any of your guides?

I have met several of mine in different meditations and scenarios. But there’s one who was really significant for me and meeting her changed my life.

The interesting thing about this guide is that I don’t know her name (I know the rest of their names), I’ve never had a conversation with her (I’ve talked to all the others), and I don’t have any details about her appearance (although I’ve seen the rest of them).

Yet, she came to me at a time when I most needed her and gave me such a profound message that it literally changed my life.

This is her:

spirit guide

I said that I haven’t seen her (even though you can see that I painted her), but what I mean is that I’ve never seen her in my mind’s eye. I’ve never had a vision of her. I have no idea what she looks like in a body (and that’s how I have related to my spirit guides so far).

Yet, I created her… by accident.

She first showed herself to me on that piece of posterboard in May of 2015 when I did my first ever Soul Art journey. Here’s how it happened.

I was in some sort of a group program and in the Facebook group for that program, someone randomly posted:

Hey, want to try something different? Check out International Soul Art Day.

I was immediately drawn to the post and I knew I had to know more, so I clicked on the link in the post and I was taken to a website — rather, transported into a virtual, magical world of creativity for the intuitive Soul — for International Soul Art Day.

In the brief description on the page, I could immediately feel that this would be an opportunity to explore myself — my needs, my desires, my fears, my wounds, my scars — more deeply, so I signed up.

When the day came, I eagerly checked my email that morning looking for my Soul Art workbook, and when I opened it up, I cringed.

In the workbook, before getting to the ‘creating art’ part of the day, I had to do work, inner work, setting an intention, journaling, answering questions, finding magazine images and playing a silly game to get my “creative juices” flowing.

I didn’t want to do all that crap! I just wanted to make art for the day!

Annoyed, I almost skipped the work part, and then I heard the voice: “You can ‘just do art’ any day. You want something different in your life so do the work!” the voice scolded.

OK!” I said. “Fine. I’ll do the stupid process.” And I began.

I’m so glad I did or I would have missed out on the magic that is Soul Art.

The process is meant to help you get clear about what you want, get the messages and information you need to create a transformation in your life, and embody the changes or healing you asked for.

Whether you need healing in some area, you want divine guidance in your life, you want to sharpen your intuition, or you want to make changes, Soul Art can help you do that. 

So, several hours later, after following the process from start to finish, I stepped back and looked at the art I had created.

I scrunched my nose. “Yuck. I don’t even like that.” I thought and walked out of the room in disgust…

The next morning, having forgotten about my Soul Art failure from the night before, I opened the door to my office and stepped inside. Right where I left it was the art I had created. I saw it with new eyes and that’s when it hit me, “That’s my spirit guide!” I squealed in delight!!

I was sooooooo excited. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t having to brave my journey and carry the burdens on my back alone. She was with me. I had help. I had support.

And I could do it — WE could do it. Together.

I had new hope and from that moment on, I have loved that piece of art I created. After all, she’s me, traced from my body, created by my hands, coming from my spirit to support and guide me. I couldn’t have asked for a better message at that time. 

That was 2 years ago…

The Soul Art process had such a profound effect on me that I immediately signed up for the certification program and became a Certified Soul Art Guide in Bodymapping (level 1). I’ve been doing Soul Art work and creative rituals in coaching sessions with my clients ever since, and I’ve been on many of my own journeys.

This year I’ll be peeling back the next layer and going deeper into my own journey and career to become certified in level 2 — Chakras. I plan on going all the way to the master level and becoming a Soul Art Shaman in the next couple of years.

If you have anything to heal… 
If you want spiritual guidance from your own Soul…
If you want to connect with your spirit guides…
If you want answers to questions…
If you want to strengthen your intuition…
If you want to know more about who you are and why you’re here…
or if you just want to bring more creativity into your life…

check out International Soul Art Day on Thursday, May 25th (tomorrow). It’s free. When you sign up, you’ll receive your Soul Art journey workbook in your email on Thursday morning and you can follow along with Soul Art Studio where the creator of Soul Art, Laura Hollick, and her guest artists will be broadcasting their day of creativity on the web.

No art training is necessary (I don’t have any). Just bring a willing heart and be open to receiving the messages from your own Soul.

Although the main event takes place on May 25th, people will be creating Soul Art for the following 4 or 5 days (at least), and the very active Facebook group will remain open and alive for a few weeks. 

I hope you’ll join me in expressing your creative spirit.

Get more info and sign up here:

love, jen

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Jennifer Blumenthal is the Human Spirit Guide + Soul Healer of Seduction of Soul Studio where she teaches women to trust their intuition and helps them {re}connect with their true selves so they can live happy, spirited, fulfilled lives.

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