Spirit says… Action is the way out

Do you ever feel like there’s no hope… no way out… to change your situation? Spirit says… action is the way out!

spirit says... action is the way out

I’ve felt like that many times. It’s a feeling that multi-passionate entrepreneurs face when dealing with the multitude of things to do, things they want to do, and the (supposed) lack of time to do them all.

This cycle of spinning in your chair looking at all the piles of “to-do’s” around you leaves you nowhere but spinning and dizzy, but not actually getting anything done.

This can leave you feeling despondent and like there’s no end in site. Without motivation (because it never ends) and not knowing what to do.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I know this feeling well and I know the healing that’s required to change this pattern.

So I pulled a card today for you — for us — the multi-passionate entrepreneurs that enjoy focusing in multiple directions, but sometimes get stuck spinning our wheels because of doing just that.

In today’s card, Spirit gives us a clue to break the cycle of despondence.spirit says... action is the way out

The key is this: in order to change this cycle, you need to move the energy around you.

Stagnation happens when the energy around you stops moving, which causes further stagnation, which slows the energy down even more. It’s a downward spiral that leads to being completely stuck.

So what do you do when you start feeling yourself stuck like this?

Take action — any action!

Pick one thing on your list of hundreds of things and take action on that one thing. You don’t have to focus on this one thing forever. But, for now, put your blinders on and focus your heart on taking action on this one thing.

Then — BAM! — you are in motion again.

The secret to getting out of stagnation is actually doing something.

This sounds easy, and it really is, but here’s the hard part. Taking action means doing something specific that is measurable. It has a beginning and an end. You can count how many times you’ve done it. Someone else can look at what you’ve done and recognize that you’ve done it.

This is called a ‘Spirit Action’. It’s a physical, tangible action that moves your Spirit.

What makes this challenging, is that when you get overwhelmed, it can be easy to say your Spirit Action is going to be something like journaling, meditating, sitting in nature, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, self-care activities like these are SUPER important and you should be gifting yourself with some type of self-care daily, but in the case of jump-starting your energy, your mojo, you want to step out of being and jump into doing.

So, when you find yourself spinning your wheels and slipping into despondence because your many passions are pulling you in many different directions, Spirit advises you to spring into ACTION and DO SOMETHING.

Here are 3 suggestions of actions you can take:

1) Pick a project that’s almost finished, turn off ALL distractions, and finish it. The feeling of accomplishment when it is done is a HUGE relief on your energy fields and stress.

2) De-clutter! Get rid of all the shit that does not serve you. Let me say that again: get rid of all the shit that DOES NOT SERVE YOU. Take one area where you work and get rid of all the distractions. A clear space breeds a clear mind and frees up all kinds of energy that you can use toward your projects (psychic clutter is REAL and POWERFUL, y’all).

3) Create a plan for the week of exactly what you will do and when you will do it, then STICK TO IT! When you make a plan for yourself, your energy is then freed up from having to figure out what to do on the fly. You energy is free to actually focus on the thing you’ve scheduled yourself to do.

If you want your life to change, you have to change yourself, and taking action — a divinely guided Spirit Action — is a way to let your intuition lead you to the life you actually want.

Can you do it? (Of course you can!)

Want some accountability? Let me know if you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur who suffers from this problem and what Spirit Action you’re going to take to get unstuck. The multi-passionate people are the pollinators of the world and we need to stick together and support each other to move toward our dreams.

Let’s do this!

Soul Liberator



*Image from Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck by Tori Hartman (affiliate link)