Spirit says… where’s your inspiration?

spirit says... where's your inspiration?

Spirit says you need a reading. Just something simple to help light a spark, a flare, for you to remember yourself. To find yourself. To hug yourself.

To realign you with your why, your what, and your who… and to let go of everything else. At least just for a moment.

So your card today, from the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck* by Alana Fairchild with artwork by the amazing, glorious, enlightened, gifted Autumn Skye Morrison, is #3 – Inspiration.

where's your inspiration

Do you need some inspiration today? You must.

Guess what. There is inspiration all around you if you will just open your eyes and look. Forget that. Open your ears. Open your heart. Open your hands. Open your nose.

Open your mind to it.

What inspires you? No, I mean what really, really inspires you?

Sometimes I haven’t clearly been able to answer that question because nothing that I could think of moved me enough to call it inspiration.

So, think of it this way. What moves you? What moves you out of yourself and into yourSELF?

What is so beautiful it brings you to tears?

What sounds — music or otherwise — do you hear that make you get up and move? Where do you find a beat that won’t allow you to sit still because you are a part of it?

What feels exquisite on your skin? Silky fabric? The warmth of the sun? Your lover’s kiss? A cool breeze? Sand and water?

What makes you curious? Where do you find little strings to pull, little threads to unravel, little trails to follow into the depths of your curiosity?

Where do you find connection? Soul-deep connection? Where speech is not necessary, but understanding is there?

I find my connection like that with trees and animals. There is an entire conversation that can happen between me and a tree or even a branch that accelerates my heartbeat and floods me with emotion without ever speaking a sound because I understand the tree and it understands me.

I did a crystal healing session on myself today. I lay down on the deck under the canopy of trees with sunlight softly filtering through and surrounded myself with crystals I had chosen both intuitively and for their specific healing properties.

As I drifted off and let myself sink in to the healing energies, I realized I was seeing an image of a Native American man in my mind’s eye who was handing me something and saying ‘Puetanga. Puetanga. Understanding one. Puetanga.

‘Puetanga’ was his word to guide me toward ‘the Understanding One’. HE was guiding me toward ‘the One Who Understands’. And guess who that is… the One Who Understands. It’s me — my core essence, my Soul, my inner wisdom. Very powerful.

I always pay attention to visions like that, especially when there are made up words or words that I couldn’t possibly know otherwise. Whether that’s a real word or not, doesn’t matter.

What matters is that my vision inspired me to keep going. To seek ‘the One who Understands’. To ask for the help that I need in my life. To find my own path… my own way.

To continue to evolve into exactly who I am and who I am meant to be.

And I wish the same for you.

So take a few minutes out of your busy day to shut out the noise and let your insides settle into stillness where you can be led by inspiration to find your messages and be guided toward Puetanga.

Blessings + Love,

Soul Liberator

image from Sacred Rebels Oracle deck* by Alana Fairchild. Inspiring, breathtaking, Soul-nourishing artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison.  *affiliate link