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Spring Equinox Card Spread

spring equinox

And just like that – BOOM! – the balance shifts. 

Imagine yourself on a seesaw with someone who is of equal weight as you on the other end. 

Did you ever try to balance right in the middle when you were a kid? 
You both balance the seesaw with your feet on the ground, and then you both pick your feet up at the same time balancing magically in the in the air. 

Ok… I never actually tried that, but I could see it happening in my mind as if I was there. How about you? 🙂 

But that moment where the seesaw was balanced between people at opposite ends in a straight line above the ground is like the equinox, and the rise and falling of each side is like the extremes of each season.

The equinox is the moment when the power shifts from one polarity to the other. In the spring, the balance of power moves toward the yang. In the fall, it moves toward the yin. 

Today we experienced the yin (feminine) settling herself back in and taking a back seat while the yang (masculine) began stepping forward. In a perfect world, there is balance, love, and harmony between these two polarities. 

This doesn’t mean that one of the sexes becomes stronger while the other becomes weaker. It’s deeper than that. We’re talking about the yin and yang energy and activity in the Universe and within ourselves. 

I loooooove the time of spring equinox as that’s when the world is invited to wake up and come alive again! 

We start seeing new buds and flowers peeking their heads out of the soil and flickering on the trees enticing us to come out, get some sunshine, and play a while. 

We feel more active, ready to get out and move, clean out our musty old shut-up houses and open the windows to enjoy the fresh air. 

Life-force energy awakens. Our Souls light up. It’s like we’ve been given a brand new set of batteries so that we’re fully animated once again.

We have renewed interest and joy. We feel inspired and motivated. This is yang energy at its best. 

The Spring Equinox has so much spiritual significance that we can use to go deeper within ourselves and get to know who we really are. So let’s use the natural energy — both within ourselves and in the Universe — to our advantage. 

First, what does the Spring Equinox mean to us in terms of our spirituality and personal growth? If offers these 3 things: 

ONE. It symbolizes the shifting of power from yin (winter, cold, dark, quiet, still) to yang (bright, loud, summer, active, growth). That goes for our inner power too. If you have been in your winter hibernation, now’s the time to start waking yourself up and getting active again. If you’re feeling inspired and motivated, follow that flow.

TWO. It helps us to see who we are internally (our true self) and externally (the face we show to the world) and helps us balance those parts of ourselves. 

THREE. It encourages the birth of new things! There are unique things that we are each here to do. These things want to come through YOU — the one they have chosen as the vehicle for their arrival — not through someone else. It’s not always clear what these things are, but now is a great time to find out because the energy in the atmosphere is RIPE with fertilizer to help you birth the things that are here to be birthed through you. 
So how do we take advantage of this beautiful spring equinox energy? I thought you’d ask so I created a spread for you to connect with the Divine and find out! 

This card spread can be used with oracle, tarot or any other cards you’d like. 

The Spread

spring equinox soul birth spread

The spread that I created for the Spring Equinox focuses on point number 3 above and is all about the birth of new things that want to come through YOU! 

There are 6 positions in this spread and all of the cards you’ll pull are designed to help you find out what your Soul wants to birth through you now. 

Really, you already know what wants to come through you because of the little urges and hunches you’ve been getting, but the great thing about the cards is that they will validate those little hunches that we tend to ignore. 

So, get out your cards and work through this spread. It doesn’t matter if you read the cards intuitively or if you use the booklet that comes with your deck. 

The key is to trust that whatever cards you pull have the messages you need to work with right now. Always trust what you get. 

Here are the cards you’ll pull in this spread (and check out the image I created so you can see the layout of the cards):

#1: What wants to be birthed through me at this time?

This is the thing that your Soul is wanting to create in your physical reality. What is it?? 

#2: What else do I need to know about this?

What is important information that will help you understand what your Soul wants you to create. There is a reason your Soul wants to create this certain thing. Let this card help you with that. 

#3: How does it want to show up in the world?

The thing that your Soul wants to create wants to show up in the world in a certain way. Maybe it’s something that’s just for you, or maybe this thing is meant for a big audience. The thing might want to be presented as a poem, a mathematical equation, painted art, inspiration, or something else. You never know until you ask. 

#4: What do I need to learn to be its ambassador?

The thing that wants to be birthed through you AND by you, is something that you are innately and uniquely qualified to bring to life; however, there may be some skills or lessons you need to learn in order to have the resources finally available to you to bring it to life. 

#5: Who do I need to be to bring this to life?

We are always in development working toward reaching our next highest frequency. Each time we reach a new level of vibration, we begin working on our next level. Who you need to be will have a certain frequency to it and by asking this question you’ll need to learn what that frequency is and where you stand in relation to it.

#6: Is there anything I need to clear or complete so that I can get to work on this?

Sometimes we have all the skills we need and we are at the right frequency to bring something to life, but our energy is wrapped up in other things. Sometimes we need to get closure on open loops or clean up energy leaks in order to move forward. Sometimes we have a lot on our plates and just need to finish up our open tasks and projects to be available for what wants to come next. 

My students and I have found this to be a powerful and enlightening reading and I hope you will too! 

If there’s a card in your reading that you don’t understand, let me know and I can help you get the message. 

When you’re done with your spread, I’d love for you to share your results with me on Facebook or post your spread on Instagram using #soulbirthspread so I can find you. 


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