the language of your intuition

language of your intuition

What is your primary method of communication? What I mean is, when you want to express a message to someone else what is your primary tool, primary way, of delivering that message?

You might saying things like:
‘I call them.’
‘Face to face.’
‘Send a text.’
‘Write an email.’

But what does all of that have in common?


So your primary communication (at least consciously) is through words.

Words are formed by and stored in the left brain. It’s your super computer. Every word you hear, every experience you have becomes the data that your computer — your left brain — stores for you. When you need access to that data, your left brain retrieves it for you.

You also (often unconsciously) communicate in other ways. You’re probably aware that you communicate with body language. After all, there are books upon books written about body language. You might even consciously use your body language at times to add to your communication.

But what about your facial expressions, your eyes, your feelings + emotions, the pain that you feel in your body, sounds you make, or even your pheromones? Those are all part of your language as well.

And going beyond humans, think about how animals communicate — through sound, offered behaviors, and body language.

How about plants? They communicate through health, vibrancy, growth, and appearance. (and then there’s their telepathic communication which goes even deeper — animals too).

How do your spirit guides, angels, and higher self communicate? (This is a whole lesson in and of itself, and often the reason that people think they can’t hear their guides or their prayers don’t get answered.

These beings are different forms of energy so they don’t have voices or words (in the same way that we do) to communicate. They communicate with numbers, nature, repeating patterns, synchronicities, animals, signs, and symbols.

(HINT: When you say a prayer and want and answer or you ask for help from our guides, it’s these things you need to look for as clues, messages, & answers.)

The Universe — also called God, Spirit, Infinite Possibilities, Goddess, the Divine, and more — communicates in vibration. It matches your vibration and forms the experience around you based on that vibration. Cool, huh? (p.s. that’s manifesting in a nutshell)

And finally, what about your Soul? How does it communicate?

Your Soul’s unique language is made up of symbols, metaphors, mythology, & creativity. and it uses this language to create reactions, emotions, feelings, inner knowings, wisdom, hunches — it speaks to you as intuition.

So what does this all mean?

Well, if you want to give a speech, send an email, make a phone call, then you need words.

But if you want to communicate with anything else — plants, animals, Spirit, your Soul…
if you want to access your own innate wisdom…
if you want to open the door to healing…
if you want guidance & answers to prayers or questions…

Then you have to speak a whole different language — the language of your Soul and your intuition. It’s your personal portal — your entry into the depth of Spirit.

Words by themselves are limited and weak. In and of themselves they have no power. The power lies in the energy (the communication) behind the words or how the words make you feel.

So how do you learn the language of your Soul?

You enter through your right brain into the mystery and the unknown. You use creativity.

If the left brain is the computer, the data storage device, the right brain is the creator.

The left brain doesn’t create anything new, it only holds the things that you’ve learned. But the right brain doesn’t store anything. It’s your canvas.

Think of the right brain as your blank slate. It’s a blank white canvas and it has a bunch of markers, paints, glitter, and crayons nearby.

It accesses your Soul where you’re holding a belief, a feeling, an emotion, an experience and says ‘what does that look like?’ Then it takes its creative tools and starts creating something that represents that feeling.

So imagine you’re feeling angry and outraged. Your right brain might pick up red and black markers and start scribbling violently all over the page. There might be angles and lines that end abruptly with no rhythm or rhyme to what’s on the page.

But maybe you’re feeling relaxed and at peace. So your right brain paints a serene picture for you of a deserted beach with warm sunshine, your toes in the sand, a cold drink in your hand, and the seagulls singing sweetly overhead. (I feel more relaxed just imagining that scene!)

It can also work in reverse. It can show you an image of a dolphin and you immediately get the sensation of play (this is symbology at work).

The cool thing is that your Soul language is unique so instead of play, you might envision a dolphin and be whisked away to the portals of the cosmic realm instead.

But here’s the beauty of using your right brain as a whole and complete language: how many times have you had a feeling or emotion about something and you can’t figure out how to describe it?

It’s happened a thousand times to me. That’s because you’re trying to use words and words are limited.

If you don’t know how you’re feeling… If you can’t figure out how to describe it, but the feeling is driving you crazy, like it needs to find a way out…

You can pick up a paint brush or a marker and draw out how you feel through colors, shapes, patterns, and symbols. You don’t even need to know how to make art or what you’re doing. You just let the feelings guide you to create a visual representation of that thing that you’re feeling that you can’t find the words for.

And THEN you step back and look at what your brilliant right brain has guided you to create, and you see patterns and images you couldn’t have planned, and suddenly you understand yourself and your feelings at a deeper level than you ever could by trying to use words alone.

THAT, my friends, is MAGIC.

Instead of trying to find words, if you can draw, paint, scribble or doodle it out, you will (a) release it from being stuck by giving it this movement, and (b) get way more insight and understanding of what it’s trying to communicate to you.

Sometimes words don’t have the breadth or depth to express or heal what needs to come out, and creativity offers a different pathway to the heart of the matter.

Putting it all together

And now for the magic.

I’m gonna throw a wrench in here and say now that words are powerful (Wait, what??? But you said… !!??). Here’s why:

Words are our primary conscious method of communication.
Words are how we understand and describe things.
Words help us give clarity to our desires.
Words help the left brain store the message accurately.
We hear the voice in our head using words. Words provide structure.

When we access something deep within the Soul or in the psyche or in the subconscious through right-brain creativity, we can bring it up and express it in a deep, unstructured way. That’s part of the healing process.

We can then have a conversation with that creative expression. We can evaluate and examine it. We can listen to it. We can see it in a forest sort of way and then put words to it that help us make sense of it and integrate the lesson into our full being.

We then send the words that now have a broader picture to the left brain to fill our well of understanding.

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So, we use creativity to extract the true, core message. Then we use words to describe and understand the message so that we can integrate it.

What we’ve done is to bring the left and right brains together in a state of wholeness and working together.

Where there is wholeness, there can be healing. Where there is healing there is a clear space for your intuition (and YOU) to flourish.

Life begins when you open up to your Soul through creativity.

Want to try it?

Soul Art Day

International Soul Art Day is coming up on May 11th, 2016 (THIS Wednesday!).

Thousands of people across the globe gather each year to create art together for the day. Each year a powerful vortex of energy is created as the global community gathers through creative expression and I invite you to be a part of it.

I stepped into Soul Art one year ago and it changed my life. It can do the same for you.

International Soul Art Day is free and you do not need any experience or training to participate. All you need is the willingness to access your Soul’s unique language and to be open to the experience. You get to create your personal art in the safety and comfort of your own home.

For more details and to register, click here.

What will you create? How do you express your Soul’s language? Share with us in the comments below.

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