5 powerful tools for accessing the divine Self within

divine self withinHave you heard of the Akashic records? They are said to be a library of all events, thoughts, words, deeds, intentions, and possibilities of all time past, present, and future.

In other words, a record of everything that ever was or is or is possible.

Did you know that you have your own record keeper within yourself? You do.

In addition to the Akashic records, your history and all your possibilities are lovingly kept in the divine part of you: your Soul.

Your Soul has knowledge of everything you have ever done, said, or thought, as well as every bit of potential and possibility you have going forward.

That’s why you can do a visualization to meet your future self and get actual, real help from that experience.

That’s also how a Shaman can do a journey into spirit world and retrieve a part of a person’s Soul, and that person can experience physical healing of some sort.

Or how you can ask your guides to help you find a lost item and be led right to it.

We all have a divine being within us (plus a hotline with direct access), and all divine beings are connected to THE Divine which means we’re all connected to everything else and have access to anything we want.

Basically, we’re all one big blob of energy that knows everything. 😃

With this logic, we should be able to manifest or access anything we want in the blink of an eye, so why can’t we?

Well we have to work through our human bodies — the brain, specifically — and the physical plane to access the “magic”, and that comes with some limitations (vibration, language, and emotions to name a few) that we have to overcome.

Luckily there are processes and tools that can help us bypass the busyness of the mind, ascend the physical plane, and tap into the higher vibrational spiritual nature where the divine exists without interruption.

So, I wanted to share with you 5 of my favorite (and most used) tools and processes that you can use to connect with the divine Self within when you want access to divine wisdom; deep, Soul-cleansing, self-healing powers; profound answers to your most mysterious questions; transformative spiritual guidance; the fountain of eternal knowledge; or anything else you desire.

Using these tools will help you unlock access to your most powerful connections with Spirit where you truly do have access to anything you want.

My 5 favorite tools to access the divine Self within

I really struggled to decide which of these tools is my favorite or most used, and the truth is I use them all frequently and they each provide me with unique connections, so I tend to use them in specific ways. You can try using them as I suggest below, or mix it up and experiment with how they work best for you.

Tool #1: Oracle cards

Ok, this is probably my favorite of all, and it’s definitely my most used tool.

I absolutely loooooove my oracle cards. Each deck that I have speaks to me in different and important ways.

They also work in levels and I know which deck to use based on what I want to know for myself or at what level my client is when I’m doing a reading for someone else.

They are great at showing patterns of energy with their colors, numbers, images, and words.

Sometimes the image on a card will tell a story; other times, the numbers, colors, or words will tap into an emotion which then triggers intuitive information to come through.

How oracle cards work is that they work with your subconscious to pull out the messages that resonate with your personal frequency at the time.

The cards that have information for you will match the vibration of what you want to know and where you’re at (energetically speaking).

I use oracle cards mostly when I have ‘how’ or ‘what’ questions and I need help making progress on an issue.

For example, if I have a simple question like:
* ‘what is blocking me?’
* ‘what’s the best action to take to _______?’
* ‘how do I clear this?’
* ‘what do I need to know about ______?’
* ‘what is the root issue here and which chakra is holding it?’

acceptanceI’ll use my Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman. These cards are wonderful!

They have simple messages that are easy to understand with beautiful, colorful artwork, and it’s easy to tap into their wisdom.

These cards are especially friendly to newer readers or clients who don’t have much experience with readings or those who have any sort of hesitation with being comfortable getting a card reading.




bring it into formIf I want to go deeper into those questions above, or I have a more experienced client who wants to dive into more of a Soul-truth message, I’ll use my Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild (and gorgeous artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison).

These cards have layers of images that are highly symbolic and contain thought-provoking, Soul-stirring phrases to get the intuitive juices really flowing.




power of soundWhen I want to have a back-and-forth conversation with my cards, I’ll use my Galactic Heritage Cards by Lyssa Royal Holt.

These cards use the trials, tribulations, and learnings of other species of galactic beings as lessons for humans, and they help us work with karmic issues.

So, when I need help working through a lesson, and I’m stuck and don’t know how to proceed, I’ll have a conversation with these cards… and it’s like having a conversation with my coach!

It goes like this:

what is blocking me?’ — the cards will give me answer that really applies to my life… and cause another question.
ok, well how do I move past that?’ — the cards will give me an answer….
that sounds hard. what kind of resources would best help me to do what you’re suggesting?’ — the cards give me an answer…
so, once I move past that, then what will that open up for me?’ — the cards give me an answer…
that seems like a diversion from my path. how does this relate to my purpose?’ — the cards give me an answer… again, I can see how it applies to my life.

Do you have questions? Do you need guidance? The cards speak. Learn how to read oracle cards and get your own help. (Or book a reading)

Tool #2: Pendulum

Sometimes I want a more clear answer than the poetic answers the cards can give. I want to know YES or NO. So, I’ll pull out my pendulum and have a conversation with it for a while.

(… Spirit really loves to have conversations in whatever ways you want to connect!)

The thing about a pendulum is that it really connects with what you already know. So why would you use it if you already know the answer?

Because where you know the answer is in your Soul. Unfortunately, as I talked about above, the mind can get in the way.

The ego causes confusion, doubt, fear, and makes us question what we think we know.

A pendulum bypasses the ego and goes right for the Soul truth.

Often when I work with my pendulum and it gives me an answer, I’ll say ‘I already knew that.’ That’s the beauty of the pendulum.

soul wisdomWhat is a pendulum?

In it’s simplest form, it’s a charm of some sort hanging on a string.

The charm can be metal, crystal, stone or anything in between. The “string” can be string, yarn, chain, cord, etc.

You can make one or buy one already made.

Learning how to use a pendulum is simple but comes with its own set of instructions and that’s for another post.

But basically, to use a pendulum, you hold the string, still the pendulum and ask it a question. It will begin moving.

My pendulum circles clockwise for ‘yes’, counterclockwise for ‘no’, and swings in a diagonal line for ‘I don’t know’ and ‘maybe’.

Before using a pendulum for answers, you’ll want to work with it to figure out how it moves to answer your questions as it may be different than how mine moves for me.

Tool #3: Soul Art

Ok, I said that oracle cards were my favorite tool, but I think Soul Art is my favorite tool! Oh, I can’t decide — they’re all so good!

Soul Art is a creative practice to help you express and release the deep wellspring of knowledge within you. It heals you. It releases you from your inner restraints. It expands your courage and curiosity. It invites inspiration into your life. It fertilizes the garden of your inner landscape and heightens your intuition.

soul art journeyIt is a shamanic journey using intuitive art as the medium to travel to the different worlds and reclaim your rich, fertile, divine, feminine nature and come home to yourself.

Soul Art is so many things. Mostly it’s a deeply nourishing, deeply healing 5-step process using art and your body to heal your life.

The best part is that you don’t have to have ANY art training or skill whatsoever to make Soul Art.

You can use it on many levels from a simple 5-minute energetic sketch on a piece of scrap paper to an all-day intensive Soul retreat creating life-sized art — and anything in between.

To try out the basic Soul Art process, you first want to set a powerful intention for your journey.

What do you want to heal, reclaim, expand, express, find, create? Create an intention around that.

Next you want to trace your body on a canvas in a pose you choose and create intuitive art on the canvas.

You can create your art in a way that your body shape remains visible, or create art on top of your body shape so that it’s hidden underneath (or a combination of both). Neither way is better than the other.

So use your intuition to decide in the moment what wants to be expressed through colors and shapes.

Once you’ve created your art, it’s time to have a conversation with your finished piece.

What is it telling you? What does it want you to know? What does it reveal about your intention? What is your reaction to it? How do you feel about it? What emotions does it make you feel?

And a thousand other questions so that you can reveal its most important messages for you.

From these messages, you will want to cull out the most important insights.

These are your teachings from your Soul Art journey.

This is the fruit of what you brought back from your shamanic journey to find yourself so you want to recognize what these are.

These teachings help to create a (re)connection between your mind, body, and spirit which brings you back to wholeness within yourself.

And last, you want to take a spirit action to embody the insights — the teachings — you received.

A spirit action is a tangible action in the physical world with a specific number of repetitions and a clear start and end.

A true spirit action is such that someone else could look at you and clearly know if you did the action or not.

This process is a deep dive into the things that hold you back and will help to reveal your true authentic self.

Want to take a guided journey? Private journeys or group journeys available. Contact me and let’s chat!

Tool #4: Deep Soul writing

This is the tool that’s the most accessible to anyone and everyone, and can be the easiest to get into.

You could call this journaling, but deep Soul writing happens on a deeper level because you’re accessing your “Voice”, your Soul, through writing.

love mercury retrogradeWhen you journal, you start with the mind.

What’s on your mind? What thoughts are going through your head? What did you do today? What was good about today? What challenged you today? How can you make tomorrow better? …things like that.

And as you keep writing and clearing out the surface-level stuff in your mind, a path starts being caved through which your Soul can speak.

When your mind wants to know ‘what was good about today?’, your Soul wants to talk about why it was good.

How did the good stuff nourish you, what does that nourishment allow you to do in your life, and how can you bring that level of nourishment into other areas of your life?

When your mind wants to know ‘what challenged you today?’, your Soul wants to talk about the deeper issues that are causing the challenges.

What needs to be healed at a Soul level to release the challenges? Where did these challenges stem from and what kind of healing do you need to work through them? Is this linked to your childhood? Past life? Trauma? Past life trauma? And what healing do you need that will not only heal you, but also all those before you and all those to come after you?

See the difference? Deep Soul writing goes deep into the mysteries that are buried within.

And do you want to know what’s so healing about that?

Sometimes your Soul will give you specific rituals, ceremonies, or clean up to do for your healing and you WILL feel changed once you take the actions recommended by your Soul.

But sometimes just the mere expression of those challenges and traumas that get so buried inside us heals them. Sometimes they just need a voice in order to be released.

Sometimes you just need to speak something that you’ve been holding onto for eons in order to heal it.

And sometimes the simple act of writing something down will illuminate the healing needed.

Maybe you just need a different perspective.

Maybe you can make another choice.

Writing things down that are swirling around inside of you without words can be very healing in and of itself.

That, my friends, is accessing your Truth and it’s a powerful way to come into alignment with your authentic self.

Tool #5: Daily Reset

This is a simple grounding, cutting, clearing ritual that only takes a few minutes.

It seems like it would be too simple to cause much difference, but my clients will tell you that they can tell a difference between doing it and not doing it. (and so can I!)

The reset helps you connect with your divine Self by detaching you from all of the outer noise and distractions so you can hear the voice of your true self.

And practicing this reset gets you centered and clears your energy in such a way that you can handle what life throws at you with ease.

And when you do get knocked off center (because you’re human and that’s life), being grounded and centered helps you easily and quickly recover.

I like to do this ritual before I start working each day. This sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. It takes me about 5 minutes. Try this:

  1. First I do some movement — twisting, rocking from side to side, easy side bends, light dancing, arm stretches — just a little movement to loosen my spine up.
  2. Then I reach down to the ground and scoop up some energy and, as I stand up, I fluff up my aura all the way up. I fluff it up on my arms, my sides, around the back the best I can, and over my head too. This exposes the areas that need to be cleaned and repaired.
  3. I cut my cords. All cords that I don’t need, that drain me, that aren’t for my highest and best good, go. I make cutting motions around my body from top to bottom with the intention of cutting the cords.
  4. I then smooth my aura back down and feel my energy fields as I smooth. I want to make sure my aura is sealed to be a first line of defense for me as I do “life.”
  5. Next, I smudge myself with white sage making sure to smudge each chakra (including my hand and foot chakras). I want everything I think, say, feel, do, touch, and walk on to be infused with love.
  6. Then, I send a golden thread down into the earth to ground me. I let the cord sink down for as long as I feel it moving, until it plops into the core of the earth (which looks like lava to me). When it plops into the earth, the earth hardens around it to hold me.
  7. Finally, I call up nourishing earth energy through my grounding cord and up into my body. I let it circulate and fill my entire body. I usually see it as bright orange fire. Then I call down diamond white light from the heavens into my crown chakra and let it fill my entire body. I see the 2 energies swirling around inside my body cleansing me, connecting me, holding me, powering me, and loving me.

I’m ready to go for the day!

I highly suggest you try a Daily Reset and see what difference it makes in your energy and in your life. You’ll be surprised at the subtle and powerful support it provides.

What about you? What are your favorite tools for connecting to your divine Self? Share your practices with us below!

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