A Waning Moon Cleansing Ritual for Clearing Body, Mind, Spirit, Energy, + Environment

waning moon cleansing ritual
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According to the calendar, we’ve just started the second quarter, but did you know that the astrological new year starts in 2 weeks?

It does! The astrological new year happens when the New Moon is in Aries. In 2018, that happens on April 15th and it’s one of my favorite times of the year!

Why is it one of my favorites?

Because the Aries New Moon is the most powerful Moon of the year for new beginnings. So if you didn’t get things off to a bang in January or you feel like the energy is fizzling, you have another chance to bolt out of the starting gate again in 2 weeks.

I’ll be sharing the best way to work with the once-a-year Aries New Moon soon, but first things first.

Closure, cleansing, and letting go.

The best way to start something new and for it to have the best chance to blossom into its fullest expression is to start with a clean slate.

To clean your slate, you have to close your open loops, let go of things that no longer serve you, and clean up your energy so that you’re ready to start fresh and new again.

Luckily, for the next 2 weeks, we are under the influence of the Waning Moon which provides the best energy for closure, cleansing, and letting go.

What might you want to release, cleanse, or clear?

You may want to get rid of toxic people and relationships, leave a job, get rid of bad habits, reduce debt, get rid of clutter, clear away negative self-talk and self-doubt, apologize or forgive someone or something from the past, release a grudge, throw away broken items, give away old clothes, cancel outstanding project you no longer want to do, or clear illness from your energy fields. Anything that you don’t want is fair game.

To cleanse yourself of this excess baggage I have a Waning Moon cleansing ritual to share with you.

A Waning Moon Cleansing Ritual

The idea here is to cleanse and clear your body, mind, spirit, energy, and environment of anything you don’t want or need.

Technically, this is a single ritual, but it’s a big one, so if you can’t do it all at once, don’t let that stop you.

Break it up into separate smaller rituals, and do them once per day until April 15th.

And if you can’t do them every day during the Waning Moon, then any amount of this ritual that you can do will go a long way to cleaning your slate so you’re ready to start again.

Here’s your Waning Moon cleansing ritual for clearing body, mind, spirit, energy, + environment.

Before we begin the ritual, pour yourself a glass of water. Write a positive, loving word on a piece of paper, and tape the paper to the glass.

The word you write can be love, spacious, clear, amazing, ready, open, or any other positive, high-vibe word you want.

Set the water with the taped word aside. You will need this for step 9.


To ignite the spirit, begin by lighting a candle. Close your eyes, take a few breaths, and allow the flame of the candle to illuminate all that wants to be cleared.


Take some time to clear your mind by journaling (use loose leaf paper) about the things that you’d like to cleanse, clear, or release to make space for the new to come in.

Copy these questions onto your paper and write out your answers. Don’t censor yourself or think too hard about what to say. Just let yourself spill it all out.

Optionally, you may find having these crystals at your writing space useful while you journal. Aquamarine is great for closure and peridot cleanses and releases negative patterns, emotions, & stress.

Here are your journaling questions:

1. What do you no longer want or need in your life?
2. Where do you want closure?
3. What do you wish to release?
4. Who do you need to forgive (yourself or others)?

As an additional journaling step, you can ask to be shown any unknowns that want to be released FROM you, pull an oracle card for your answer, and journal on what comes up.


To release the energy of all that you want to cleanse, clear or release, take the candle, a fire-proof container, and your paper outside.

Using the flame from the candle, burn the paper down to ashes in the fire-proof container. Divide the ashes into 3 piles and blow out the candle.


Offer the ashes (and the released energy the ashes represent) to the elements to be transmuted and returned as love. You’ve already utilized the fire element by burning the paper.

To utilize the other elements, bury one pile of ashes in the earth, release 1 pile into running water (you can flush them down the sink), and blow the 3rd pile into the air.


For the final release from your personal energy fields, cut the cords 3 times between you and the things you have cleansed, cleared, and released. Imagine a 50-foot hole next to you, throw the cut cords into the hole (make sure you say ‘hole’ to direct the energy where you want it to go), cover the hole, and brush your hands together at least 3 times to shake the energy off of your hands.

This is an important step so don’t skip it!

Also, cutting your cords is something you can do multiple times per day to take your energy back.


Now to clear the rest of your energy fields, smudge yourself and your space. You can smudge with a sage or other herb stick, or with incense. I often like to smudge with incense because there’s less smoke and it smells good!

The smoke loosens and dissipates negative energy.


Sweep your space! The broom is associated with cleaning and purification. End near a door so you can sweep any negative energy outside.

You might wonder why you would need to sweep after you’ve smudged. The idea is to clear negative, old, heavy, unwanted energy in as many ways and from as many areas as possible.

The cleaner and clearer you and your environment are, the more you will raise your vibration and attract the things you do want.


Take a salt bath. This is another way to detox your energy, and at the same time, you are resting and resetting your body.

For an effective salt bath, you can use plain old table salt. Add 3 cups of salt to your bath and soak for a maximum of 15 minutes. Any longer and you’ll start to reabsorb the energetic toxins you’ve just released.


You know that glass of water you taped a word onto before we started? The word you taped to the glass infused the water with the vibration of that word.

Now that you are clear and clean in body, mind, spirit, and energy, you can drink the water to raise your vibration to that of the water infusion.

And enjoy the buzz!


Now that you’ve done all of the energetic work to clear, cleanse, and release the energy of what you no longer want or need, it’s time to make your external environment match.

So take some inspired action to release the physical things that have been holding you back.

This might include:

* Cleaning and decluttering your space
* Having conversations to end toxic relationships or make amends
* Taking steps to get a new job
* Making a specific plan to pay off debt
* Practicing new, positive habits to replace old, bad habits
* Saying positive affirmations to replace negative self-talk
* Focusing on what is necessary to heal illness

and whatever else you can think of. When your internal environment is clear with a higher vibration, you want to spend the time to make your external environment match so that you are fully ready for the new beginnings coming up with the New Moon.

The next New Moon will be in Aries (April 15th, 2018) and is a once-a-year special event. I’ll be telling you all about how to take advantage of this amazing energy very soon!

Whatever you do, take your time with this ritual. It’s long and involved and deserves your loving time and attention once per year.

Again, if you can’t do it all at once, break it up into separate pieces and do a piece per day until April 15th, or do as much of it as you can.

It’s powerful for preparing you for your next best thing.

Once completed, your energy will be sparkling, and you will be clear and ready to start your next phase with none of that old, stale energy to hold you back.

Did you try it? What was your experience? How did you feel before and after the ritual? Share your experience and stories with us in the comments below. ♥

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